CJYE-AM, Christian – Joy 1250, Oakville

Trafalgar Broadcasting Ltd.

CJYE-AM2001125010,000Trafalgar Broadcasting Ltd.


On February 5 at 6:00 a.m., CJYE “Joy 1250” began broadcasting as the market’s first full-time religious station. Sister station CHWO formerly used the 1250 frequency but earlier moved to 740 kHz, the former home of CBL, now CBLA at 99.1 FM. Most of the Christian contemporary music moved to 1250 from sister station CJMR Mississauga which adopted a full-time multilingual format. Studios and offices are at The Broadcast Centre, 284 Church Street in Oakville. The transmitter and six 200′ foot towers, shared with CJMR 1320, are located near Palermo, on the north side of Highway 5, just east of Highway 25. Power is 10,000 watts full-time (two directional patterns). 


In the summer, CJYE began broadcasting its digital signal. CJYE had been granted digital operation while still known as CHWO, January 18, 2000. The digital signal is broadcast on 1,466.768 MHz with an effective isotropic radiated power of 5,084 watts.


On November 6, as part of a corporate reorganization, approval was given for Trafalgar Broadcasting Ltd. to purchase CJYE from Whiteoaks Communications Group Ltd., the parent company of Trafalgar.


CHWO 740 was sold to Moses Znaimer and the call letters were changed to CFZM. The Caine family retained CJYE Oakville and CJMR Mississauga.


On August 28, the CRTC renewed the transitional digital radio licence of CJYE-DR-2.


On August 31, the CRTC administratively renewed the licence for CJYE-DR-2 to April 30, 2012.

Harry McDonald died at age 71. The 25-year veteran of Whiteoaks Communications was with a tour group when he died. McDonald was given credit for taking CHWO Oakville into Toronto when, at his behest, the company went after the discarded CBC 740 frequency. He was Vice President/General Sales Manager of the two stations but described by CEO Michael Caine as “my right arm, my mentor, my brother”.


On April 23, the CRTC administratively renewed the broadcasting licence for digital radio programming undertaking CJYE-DR-2 until August 31, 2012.


Jean Caine passed away at age 90 in January. She and husband Howard founded CHWO. When Howard died in 1967, Jean became President/GM. She and son Michael went on to found CJMR and then CJYE.

On December 16, the CRTC approved the applications by Trafalgar Broadcasting Limited to change the authorized contours of CJMR and CJYE by modifying the stations’ facilities from a night and day pattern operation to a single pattern operation. As a result, CJMR’s daytime transmitter power would decrease from 20,000 to 10,000 watts, and both stations would broadcast at 10,000 watts in a single-pattern transmission operation. The two applications were non-severable given that the stations shared the same transmission site. Trafalgar indicated that the loss of daytime coverage for CJMR would be offset by improved night-time coverage, which would be more consistent with its daytime service. It added that the changes would remove both stations’ need for electromechanical pattern switching, thereby greatly improving the reliability of their services and minimizing maintenance costs. 


Jim Leek (58) passed away. Before joining as a full-time employee, Leek was host of a Christian music program which aired on CJYE.

In November, the CRTC approved the change of effective control of Trafalgar Broadcasting Limited (CJMR/CJYE) from the late Jean Elizabeth Caine to her son Michael Caine.

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