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CJMB-FM201390.550My Broadcasting Corporation
CJMB-FM200990.550Andy McNabb
CKKK-FM200790.550King’s Kids Promotions Outreach Ministries Inc
CKKK-FM200499.550King’s Kids Promotions Outreach Ministries Inc.


On June 9, King’s Kids Promotions Outreach Ministries Incorporated was awarded a licence for a specialty FM station at Peterborough, operating with a Christian music format. The new station would broadcast on a frequency of 99.5 MHz with an effective radiated power of 50 watts.

King’s Kids indicated that the station would not broadcast any religious programming as defined in the Religious Broadcasting Policy.  The applicant stated that the station would broadcast 126 hours per week of local, station-produced programming. News, weather and sports programming would be broadcast at regular intervals on weekdays between 6:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m., and at midnight. 

CKKK “Kaos FM” began testing in October. 

The station began official broadcasting on November 25.

King’s Kids, a registered charity, allowed students to work at the station, bringing a teen voice to the community. Despite being licenced as a Christian station, Kaos played a mix of music…what it called “hopeful music”.

Studios and offices were located at 80 Hunter Street East in Peterborough. The Kaos Radio tower was located at 2578 Marsdale Drive.


CKKK-FM moved to new studios and offices located on the second floor of the Kingswood Life Centre at 993 Talwood Drive.

On July 9, Kaos FM received permission to move from 99.5 MHz to 90.5 MHz, increase effective radiated power from 50 watts to 230 watts, increase antenna height and to relocate the transmitter. The changes were needed in order for CHUM Limited’s CKPT-AM to move to the FM band, using the adjacent frequency of 99.3 MHz. CHUM made a commitment in its CKPT application to assist CKKK-FM in making the transition to a new frequency. The new power and technical contours would also improve the service that CKKK provides to Peterborough. 

CKKK “Kaos FM” moved to it’s new frequency of 90.5 MHz on August 20.  CKPT made its move to the FM dial the following day.


Kaos Radio 90.5 FM left the air on March 31. The station was being blocked from its new tower site at 1001 Talwood Drive, despite the fact the project was approved by the CRTC and Industry Canada. The station hoped the shut down would only be temporary and continued to stream online. 


On June 26 the CRTC approved the application by Andy McNabb (OBCI) to acquire CKKK-FM from King’s Kids Promotions Outreach Ministries Incorporated. McNabb accepted to continue the Christian music format on CKKK-FM despite an intervention from Trust Communications Ministries (CJLF-FM Barrie). Trust supported the application provided McNabb commit to offer a format other than Christian music. 

CKKK-FM changed its call sign to CJMB-FM. 

On December 3, the CRTC approved the application by 4352416 Canada Inc. (Andy McNabb) to change the authorized contours of CJMB-FM Peterborough by increasing the effective radiated power from 50 to 206 watts, by increasing the effective height of the antenna above average terrain from 12.9 to 69 metres and by relocating the antenna. In CKKK-FM Peterborough – Technical change, Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2007-224, 9 July 2007, the Commission approved an application by the licensee to change the frequency and the authorized contours of its low-power station such that the station’s status would change to that of a regular station with protected status. The frequency on which the station was operating had been granted to another radio programming undertaking. The licensee stated that an agreement had been reached to locate the new tower on a building but that the property had been sold and that the new owner had refused to honour the agreement. The licensee indicated that it had therefore been unable to implement the changes to the authorized contours approved in the decision but that it did operate on 90.5 MHz before being forced off the air. 


On November 30, the CRTC renewed CJMB’s licence to August 31, 2014. This short-term renewal would enable the Commission to review, at an earlier date, the licensee’s compliance with the Radio Regulations, 1986 and its conditions of licence. The Commission also approved the licensee’s request relating to the type of music programming that may be broadcast on CJMB-FM during the Christmas period, beginning 1 December and ending 5 January of the same broadcast year.

CJMB-FM began on-air testing and then returned to the air. It replaced CKKK which had left the air in 2008.


It was announced that CJMB would be the new play by play voice of Peterborough Petes hockey.


Brian Armstrong was the new General Manager/General Sales Manager at CJMB-FM.

The CRTC approved the application for temporary management and control of CJMB, by My Broadcasting Corporation. 4352416 Canada Inc. remained the licensee. 

In September, CJMB changed format from Christian to Sports-Talk.

The CRTC approved the change to the effective control of CJMB-FM to Doyle Saleski Inc., trustee in bankruptcy for 4352416 Canada Inc., and temporary delegation of the management of CJMB-FM to My Broadcasting Corporation.

On December 13, the CRTC approved an application by My Broadcasting Corporation for authority to acquire from 4352416 Canada Inc. the assets of CJMB-FM. MBC was jointly controlled by John Pole and Andrew Dickson.


In his 80th year, John Badham passed away on December 8. It was only on November 10 that John was awarded Sports Media Canada’s Career Achievement Award. Badham called CFL games (various teams) for 22 years. He worked at a number or Canadian radio stations over the years, including CFTR and CBC. He joined CKRU/CKWF/CHEX Peterborough in 1988. After a brief retirement he joined Extra 90.5 in 2013.


On August 17, the CRTC renewed CJMB’s licence on a short-term basis, to August 31, 2023. During the broadcast week of October 16-22, 2016, the licensee broadcast four musical selections, none of which were drawn from content subcategory 35. The licensee was also found to have broadcast 25 hours and 34 minutes of local programming on CJMB. The station was required to maintain a local programming level of at least 42 hours in order to solicit or accept local advertising. The Commission noted that this was the third consecutive licence term in which CJMB had been in non-compliance.

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