CJBQ-AM, CJBQ 800, Belleville

Quinte Broadcasting Co. Ltd.

CJBQ-AM197080010,000Quinte Broadcasting Co. Ltd.
CJBQ-AM19578001,000Quinte Broadcasting Co. Ltd.
CJBQ-AM19461230250Quinte Broadcasting Co. Ltd. (A.M. Haig)


A new Belleville station was licensed to Group Captain McLean Haig, on active service with the R.C.A.F. He was also a defeated Liberal candidate. His partner in the company was H.B. (Bert) Cowan. The station was expected to go on the air as soon as equipment was available. There was still a government freeze on transmitters and equipment. All equipment (including transmitter) would be from Northern Electric. Haig was a former newspaper man and Cowan worked in that business (with the Peterborough Examiner).


W.H. “Bill” Stovin was named manager of CJBQ, scheduled to open in the spring. Tom Wilkinson was commercial manager.

It was announced that CJBQ’s transmitter would be on the air August 6 with the formal opening of the station set for August 15.

CJBQ had its formal opening on August 15. The station had been broadcasting a regular schedule since the 12th though. The opening ceremonies, performed by Mayor Frank Folwel, were held in the auditorium of Belleville Collegiate. There were also spoken messages from the mayors of Trenton, Picton, Campbellford and Napanee, and the wardens of Hastings and Prince Edward Counties. Musical entertainment was provided by local bands and artists. Later in the evening of the 15th, another special broadcast was aired, featuring transcribed greetings with a special recording from the Town of Hastings, England, to the County of Hastings, Ontario. A. McLean Haig, president of CJBQ, presided over the opening ceremonies. 

Owned by Quinte Broadcasting Co., the station broadcast on a frequency of 1230 kHz with a power of 250 watts full-time (non-directional). Studios were at 11 Victoria Avenue. The transmitter site was on part of Lot 3, Concession 3, Thurlow Township. CJBQ was on the air daily from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. and Sundays from 8:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. The “BQ” in the call sign: Bay of Quinte or Broadcasting to Quinte. The shareholders of Quinte Broadcasting were Gerald A. Morton, Mac Haig (President), H. B. Cowan, Jr., and W. H. “Bill” Stovin, who was the station’s manager. The Morton family would eventually buy out the other partners. 


“Hammie” MacDonald was CJBQ’s staff pianist. Thomas Wilkinson was commercial manager.

CJBQ became a CBC Dominion supplementary station.


J.H. MacDonald was commercial manager.


CJBQ opened studios in Trenton. 

Slogan: The Voice of the Bay of Quinte.


Russ Thompson began his career at CJBQ.

Slogan: “In full round voice – in the midst of things” in the Quinte market. CJBQ Belleville. 

CJBQ celebrated its 5th anniversary August 19-25 with special broadcasts, promotions, retail sales courses, and radio meetings for merchants.

Phil Flagler was farm director.


Frank Murray joined CJBQ as Bill Stovin’s assistant manager. He was Montreal manager for Horrace N. Stovin & Co.


Slogan: You can’t miss it (or with it) – CJBQ Belleville-Trenton.


January Ad: Coming soon! Now tune to CJBQ 800 on your radio dial!

On March 12, CJBQ moved to 800 kHz with 1,000 watts (full-time, one directional antenna pattern). The transmitter site was about five and a half miles south of Belleville at the corner of Huff Island Road and Highway 14, near Mountain View, Prince Edward County. Three 209 foot towers were used.

A. MacLean Haig was president of the company. William H. Stovin was CJBQ’s manager. Frank C. Murray was assistant manager. Phil R. Flagler was program, production and farm director. Jack Devine was sports director. 


CJBQ had a high school radio club which allowed high school students to air their own program every Saturday from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. Grads of the club included Colin Parker (CBC) and Douglas McIlrath (CKOV).


CJBQ-FM signed on the air in August.

CJBQ was a CBC Dominion affiliate. The Trans-Canada and Dominion networks consolidated. CJBQ remained affiliated with the now consolidated CBC radio network. 


Print Ad: Reach your sales objectives in 1963 with the Compelling Voice of the Bay of Quinte – CJBQ Radio Belleville and Trenton, Ontario.


CJBQ moved from 11 Victoria Avenue to the Intelligencer Building at 45 Bridge Street East.

Dr. G. A. Morton was president of the company. Frank C. Murray was manager (also music director) for Belleville while Ted Snider was the Trenton manager. Lee Jourard was program, production and women’s director. Jack Devine was sports director and Phil Flagler was farm director. 


Slogan: Lively Active Community Radio.


Peter Thompson (PM Drive) joined CJBQ in May from CJRN Niagara Falls.

CJBQ began airing Montreal Expos baseball broadcasts.


On November 4, CJBQ was authorized to increase power from 1,000 watts (same directional patern, day and night) to 10,000 watts (different day and night directional patterns). A new transmitter site would be located just west of Niles Corners, in Hillier Township, Prince Edward County, using six 297 foot towers. 

Slogan: CJBQ Radio is twenty-eight talented Canadian broadcasters providing local listeners with inspiration, information and involvement. 


Al Pooley was doing evenings at CJBQ. 


Peter Thompson (PM Drive) left in July for CKSL London.


CJBQ opened semi-satellite CJNH Bancroft on March 1.


CJBQ-FM became CIGL, February 15. 

Peter Thompson returned to CJBQ in June. He had been with CFTR in Toronto.


Quinte Broadcasting opened CJTN Trenton on January 22. 

Peter Thompson was morning host. John Ferguson joined the news department. He had been working in Bermuda. 


Morning man and program director Peter Thompson left in March for CKLW in Windsor. He was replaced by John Henderson who joined CJBQ from CKWW in Windsor. Ron Sinclair was also on the air at CJBQ at this time.


Dr. Gerald Alexander Morton, president of Quinte Broadcasting and former publisher of the Belleville Intelligencer died at the age of 82.

Peter Jaycock (announcer and music director) joined from CKOC Hamilton and then left for Burlington’s CING-FM. Jack Devine was doing sports.


Milt Johnston hosted the mid-day talk show. Paul Laing and Neil Young were on the air staff. CJBQ also aired As It Happens from the CBC at 10 p.m. and John Gilbert’s overnight talk show from CKEY Toronto. Newscasters included Bill Holland and Pat Conlon.


John Henderson (program director) was on-air from 5:30 to 9:30. He was followed by Milt Johnston (talk). Peter Thompson was back and doing PM Drive (2:30 to 5:30). He had been at CJSB in Ottawa. Thompson was followed by Paul Laing at 5:30 and Neil Young at 11:00 p.m. Weekends hosts included Lance Jeffrey (music director), Dave Wing, Steve Marlin, Becky Wilkinson, and Bill Dulmage. The news staff included Bill Holland, Gerry Fraiberg, Mary Thomas, John Ferguson (news director), Pat Enborg, Phil Flagler (agriculture), Andy McGarvey (sports), and Jack Miller (sports).


On January 13, the CRTC approved Quinte Broadcasting’s application to amend the broadcasting licence for CJBQ Belleville, by deleting the condition of licence which required the station to operate as an affiliate of the CBC English-language AM Radio Network service. The CBC service would be replaced on CJBQ Belleville and CJTN Trenton by locally-originated programs, and on CJNH Bancroft by programs from CJBQ Belleville, its originating station. The CBC network service would continue to be available to Belleville and area residents through CBCP-FM Peterborough-Cobourg.Frank C. Murray retired as general manager of Quinte Broadcasting (CJBQ-CIGL Belleville, CJTN Trenton and CJNH Bancroft). Associated with the company for 35 years, Murray was a past president of the Central Canada Broadcasters Association and the Radio Bureau of Canada, and a former director of the Canadian Association of Broadcasters. Murray was active in many local organizations and was recently honoured in Lahr, West Germany, for his work in promoting the twinning of Lahr with Belleville. He would continue with Quinte Broadcasting as a consultant.

John Henderson took up a teaching position at Loyalist College, so Peter Thompson moved back to morning drive and became program director. Steve Marlin took over afternoons. Bill Dulmage moved to CHUC in Cobourg in August. Neil Young left and was replaced in overnights by Tim Bennett.


CJBQ-AM and CIGL-FM moved to new studios and offices at 10 South Front Street on June 19. Studios had been in the Intelligencer newspaper building which Morton had sold to Ken Thomson. Cablevue (Quinte) Ltd. which was 50% owned by Morton and 50% by Thomson, was located in the new Front Street facility as well.

Haley Drew was on the air at CJBQ.


CJBQ marked 40 years on the air with a free dance at the Quinte Sports Centre on August 16. The station started out at 1230 on the day and had a power of 250 watts. First day on the air was August 12, 1946.

On-Air: 5:30 Peter Thompson, 9:00 Carolyn Brannen & Milt Johnston, 10:00 Milt Johnston, 12:00 Carolyn Brannen, 1:30 Steve Marlin, 6:00 Paul Laing, 11:00 Ron Marshall. Weekends: Jo-Anne Lewis, Al Baker, Lance Jeffrey, Ted Bradford. News: Gerry Fraiberg, John Ferguson, Tom Gavey, Erin McKelvie, Mary Thomas, Phil Flagler (Agriculture). Sports: Jack Miller, Tim Tuck.


Erin McKelvie and Tom Gavey joined the CJBQ news department. John Ferguson was news director. Ted Bradford joined the announce staff from CJTN Trenton.


CJBQ began broadcasting in stereo, using the Motorola C-Quam system. 


Al Baker was at CJBQ.


Matt Mitchell was morning man. Peter Thompson moved to afternoons. Glen Pine was heard on weekends.


Lorne Brooker was at CJBQ.


On February 1, CJBQ switched from an adult-contemporary format to country. 


Ted Bradford left for CIGL-FM. Mark Kennedy did evenings from April to July. He joined from and returned to CJTN Trenton. 

CJBQ dropped Montreal Expos baseball in favour of the Blue Jays. The station had carried the Expos since 1969. General Manager Bill Morton said talk of the team being sold and moved and the lack of Montreal fan support were among the reasons for the station’s decision.


Peter Thompson left the air (afternoons) to become Operations Manager for Quinte Broadcasting. 


CJBQ and CIGL-FM now had a presence on the internet.


On-Air: 5:30 Matt Mitchell, 9:00 Milt Johnston, 11:00 Al Baker, 2:30 Steve Marlin, 6:00 Lorne Brooker, 11:00 Steve Bohan.


Tony Grace joined the news department in June.


Tony Grace left in February.


On-Air: 5:30 Matt Mitchell, 9:00 Peter Thompson, 11:00 Alan Baker, 2:00 Steve Marlin, 6:00 Steve Bohan. Weekends: Lance Jeffery, Jim Wright, Ky Maracle. News: Todd Smith, John Ferguson, Tony Grace, Melanie Adams, Jack Miller (sports). Reporters: Mary Thomas, Ben Forgie, Tony Grace. Steve Bohan left in April for CHAT Medicine Hat. Swing announcer Mike Hill took over Steve’s responsibilities as music director and evening host. Tony Grace left for CHVR Pembroke in June, and was replaced by Melanie Adams. Peter Thompson was Operations Manager.


On September 19, approval was given for the transfer of control of Quinte Broadcasting from the Estate of Mr. Gerald A. Morton to Mr. Herbert M. Morton (66.67%) and Mrs. Joyce Mulock (33.33%).


President and General Manager Bill Morton became CEO of Quinte Broadcasting Co. Ltd. He succeeded his father Myles Morton. Bill became the forth generation Morton to head the company. 


In late summer CJBQ permanently laid off Steve Marline and Mike Hill. Marlin was an announcer in the region since 1981 – most of that time was with CJBQ. Hill had worked for the company for several years as an occasional announcer and music director.


Myles Morton died at age 85. Morton, the owner of Quinte Broadcasting Radio Group (CJBQ/Mix 97/Rock 107) was also the former owner of the Belleville Intelligencer newspaper and Cablevue, the local cable company.


The CRTC approved a change to the ownership and effective control of Quinte Broadcasting Company Limited, from the late Mr. H. Myles Morton, to a joint control exercised by William Alexander Morton, Stephen Myles Morton, Virginia Elizabeth Morton, Cynthia J. Thorne and Deborah Barbour.

On August 31, the CRTC administratively renewed the licence for CJBQ until March 31, 2012.

Bill Stovin passed away August 27. Bill helped to establish CJBQ. He later went on to guide CKOM Saskatoon through many dynamic changes until his retirement in 1984.

Jessica Murphy left Quinte Broadcasting’s promotions team for a promotions position at Newcap’s Hot 89.9 and Live 88.5 in Ottawa.

John Spitters, a long-time broadcast journalist at Quinte Broadcasting was promoted to News Director. He succeeded Todd Smith who recently won a seat in the provincial election for the PC’s in the Prince Edward Hastings riding.


Former and longtime CJBQ employee Phil Flagler passed away on March 27. Phil joined CJBQ in 1947 and served as Agriculture Director, Program and Production Manager. He retired in the 1996. Phil was also a member of the CAB’s Half-Century Club.

On March 20, the CRTC administratively renewed the licence for CJBQ to August 31, 2012.

Tim Durkin joined the Quinte Broadcasting news department from his morning news spot at FM 96 Kingston. 

CJBQ had its licence administratively renewed by the CRTC on August 28 – to December 31, 2012. On December 21, the licence was renewed to August 31, 2019.


Lee Jourard passed away at age 85. He started at CJBQ in 1951 and worked on-air, as production director and as program director over a 23-year period. He then moved to sister property Cablevue 4 where he was PD through to his retirement in 1995.


Matt Mitchell retired in July after 28 years as host of The Matt Mitchell Show on CJBQ. He joined the station in 1989 after stints in Edmonton and Kingston. Weekend host Brian Decaire will take over the morning show on an interim basis.


Ted Bradford returned to Canada and CJBQ on November 1. He had been at WINK-FM in Fort Myers, FL. He was now producing CJBQ’s talk show and hosting middays as well as handling music duties for CJTN-FM.

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