CIYM-FM, Oldies 100.9, Brighton

My Broadcasting Corporation

CIYM-FM2009100.9650My Broadcasting Corp.


On May 15, the CRTC approved an application for a broadcasting licence to operate an English-language commercial FM radio station in Brighton. The Commission received the application from My Broadcasting Corporation. The new station would operate at 100.9 MHz (channel 265A) with an average effective radiated power of 650 watts. MBC was jointly controlled by Jon Pole and Andrew Dickson. The new station would offer an Adult Contemporary/Gold music format. It would provide 104 hours of local programming per broadcast week, including 14 hours of spoken word programming, of which five hours would be devoted to local news. The remainder of the broadcast week would be devoted to syndicated programs and some programming received from other MBC stations. Finally, MBC committed to devote, by condition of licence, at least 38% of all category 2 (Popular music) musical selections broadcast during each broadcast week and between 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., Monday to Friday, to Canadian selections broadcast in their entirety. The licence would expire 31 August 2015. 

The CRTC approved a change to the authorized contours of CIYM-FM. Effective radiated power would change from 1,450 watts maximum and 65 watts average to 316 watts maximum and average. The antenna pattern would remain directional. Antenna height would increase from 147 to 154.5 metres and a new antenna site would be used – the TAS Communications tower north of Brighton. My Broadcasting Corp. stated that a structural analysis was done on the original tower to determine the effect of affixing the equipment that MBC would be putting on the tower. It was determined that the tower, as was, was grandfathered to meet previous Industry Canada guidelines. However, when any further equipment was added to this particular tower the structure had to be brought up to the new 2007 Industry Canada guidelines. The impact of this was a substantial increase in costs that were untenable for the applicant. Another tower was identified and a structural analysis was done. Although some reinforcement to the tower was required, it was at a price that would work within MBC’s budget.

CIYM 100.9 (“MY FM”) signed on the air with an Adult Contemporary format. Studios and offices were located at 6 Oliphant Street #5.


The CRTC approved the change to the ownership of My Broadcasting Corporation, for estate planning purposes, through the transfer of Andrew Dickson and Jon Pole’s voting interest in My Broadcasting (35.05% each) to their respective family trusts. The transaction did not affect the effective control of the licensee, which continued to be exercised jointly by Andrew Dickson and Jon Pole. My Broadcasting was the licensee of various radio programming undertakings in Ontario.


On October 7, the CRTC denied the application by CIYM-FM to increase ERP from 316 to 2,680 watts (non-directional to directional with a max. ERP of 5,000 watts) and decrease its antenna height.


In May, CIYM (My FM) rebranded to Oldies 100.9.

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