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Apsley Communication Chapel

CFSH-FM200892.950Apsley Communication Chapel


On January 17, the CRTC approved the application by Apsley Community Chapel for a broadcasting licence to operate an English-language, low-power specialty commercial FM radio programming undertaking in Apsley, Ontario, that will broadcast Christian music. The terms and conditions of licence are set out in the appendix to this decision. The station will broadcast 120.5 hours of local programming per broadcast week. The remaining programming will consist of 4.5 hours of brokered religious programming and one hour of programming originating from CKKK-FM Peterborough,1 another Christian music station. The station will also broadcast 102 hours of live-to-air programming each week. The station will broadcast 11 hours of spoken word programming, which will include regularly scheduled news, sports and weather reports, as well as information such as road conditions, traffic reports, and fishing directions and tips. On Sundays, the station will broadcast five-minute programs that provide an opportunity for persons of other faiths to offer different points of view. The applicant indicated that at least 80% of all the musical selections broadcast in each broadcast week will be drawn from subcategory 35 (Non-classic religious), as defined in Public Notice 2000-14. The station will also devote two hours each week to emerging local artists offering various genres of Christian music. The station will operate at 92.9 MHz (channel 225LP) with an effective radiated power of 50 watts.


CFSH-FM signed on the air.

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