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Trent Radio (Trent University)

CFFF-FM196792.7250Trent Radio


On August 28, Trent Radio Inc. (Trent University) was awarded a licence for an English-language student-community FM station at Peterborough, operating on 96.3 MHz, with an effective radiated power of 30 watts. 


CFFF 96.3 signed on the air.


On January 20, CFFF-FM was given approval to change frequency from 96.3 to 92.7 MHz and to increase effective radiated power from 30 to 250 watts. On 96.3, low powered CFFF was sandwiched in between high powered CFMK-FM Kingston and CFMX-FM-1 Toronto. The move to 92.7 would eliminate these major sources of interference. The increase in power on 92.7 would extend Trent Radio’s signal to the Hiawatha and Curve Lake Indian Reserves and to the south-western community of Millbrook.

The move to 92.7 MHz took place later in the year.


On June 27, CFFF was authorized to increase effective radiated power from 250 to 700 watts and to relocate the transmitter and increase antenna height. By this time, the new tower was operational and the station stated the power increase would provide a better signal to serve Peterborough and the surrounding communities.


On October 17, Trent Radio’s application to have CFFF-FM become a Type B community station was approved. The CRTC received an application by Trent Radio to renew the licence of the community-based campus station. The licensee had advised the Commission that over the last licence term CFFF-FM’s board of directors did not include representation from the university as required under the Campus radio policy. In light of this information, the Commission was of the view that CFFF-FM’s board of directors did not include balanced representation from the university and considered changing the station’s class of licence from a community-based campus to a Type B community station. The licensee agreed with the Commission’s assessment. The station will operate at 92.7 MHz with an effective radiated power of 700 watts, the same technical parameters as those authorized under its previous community-based campus licence. 

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