CKFM-FM, 99.9 Virgin Radio, Toronto

Bell Media Inc.

CKFM-FM201399.940,000Bell Media
CKFM-FM200799.940,000Astral Media Inc.
CKFM-FM198599.940,000Standard Radio Inc.
CKFM-FM197899.940,000Black brothers buy Argus Corp. (Standard)
CKFM-FM197699.940,000CFRB Ltd. (Standard Broadcasting Corp.)
CKFM-FM197299.9100,000CFRB Ltd. (Standard Broadcasting Corp.)
CKFM-FM196399.9200,000CFRB Ltd. (Stanadard Radio Limited)
CFRB-FM196199.9200,000Rogers Radio Broadcasting Co. Ltd. (Standard)
CFRB-FM196099.9200,000Rogers Radio Broadcasting Co. Ltd. (Standard)
CFRB-FM194799.9250Rogers Radio Broadcasting Co. Ltd. (Standard)
VE9AK-FM19384250Rogers Radio Broadcasting Co. Ltd. (Standard)


Rogers Radio Broadcasting Co. Ltd. was granted an experimental licence to rebroadcast CFRB on low-power FM. VE9AK operated with 50 watts power in the original FM band at around 42 MHz. A vertical antenna was mounted atop a large sign on the roof of the CFRB studio building at 37 Bloor Street West. The antenna was only about 60 feet above street level. (Some say the experimental licence was issued in 1940 and that the frequency was 43.4 MHz with power of 25 watts)


Edward Samuel (Ted) Rogers, founder of CFRB and VE9AK, died.  


Through negotiations with W.C. Thornton Cran, the manufacturing assets of Rogers Majestic Corporation Limited (Rogers Radio Tubes Ltd. and Rogers Batteryless Radio Co. Ltd.) were sold to Small Electric Motors Limited. Rogers Majestic Corporation Limited changed its name to Standard Radio Limited, and retained control through Rogers Radio Broadcasting Company Limited, which held the licences for CFRB and VE9AK. 


VE9AK (FM) left the air until the end of WW II.


Small Electric Motors Limited, with its former Rogers’ manufacturing units, were sold – to become the Canadian nucleus of the Dutch-owned Philips Electronics Ltd.

VE9AK returned to the air. The experimental station was designed to help local radio manufacturers to overcome their problems in connection with frequency modulation manufacture. 


Velma Rogers, the widow of Ted Rogers Sr., sold her shares in Standard Radio Ltd.

Later that year, Argus Corporation Limited which had been formed in 1945 by E.P. Taylor, J.A “Bud” McDougald and his brother-in-law W.E. Phillips, acquired control of CFRB through the purchase of shares of Standard Radio Limited.  


CFRB-FM came into being when by international agreement in North America, the “old” FM band was assigned to other services, with a new band provided at 88 to 108 MHz. Rogers Radio Broadcasting Co. Ltd. – Standard Radio Ltd. received a commercial FM licence for CFRB as a result. Experimental station VE9AK was replaced by CFRB-FM operating at 99.9 MHz with an effective radiated power of 750-watts. Stuidos were at 37 Bloor Street West studio site. As required during the development of FM services, CFRB-FM continued to simulcast the programming of CFRB-AM. CFRB-FM operated from 6:00 a.m. to 12:35 a.m. Monday through Saturday, 9:00 a.m. to 12:3a.m.Sundays. The original antenna was used for a time, until a horizontally polarized antenna was installed on the sign above the studio building (250 watts ERP horizontal and 750 watts ERP vertical). An RCA transmitter was used.


Effective Radiated Power was increased to 600 watts horizontal & veritcle.


Ownership of Rogers Radio Broadcasting Co. Ltd.: Standard Radio Ltd. 98.9%, E. W. Bickle 0.1%, A. B. Matthews 0.1%, M. W. McCutcheon 0.1%, J. A. McDougald 0.1%, W. E. Phillips 0.1%, J. H. Ratcliffe 0.1%, J. E. Rogers 0.1%, S. Rogers 0.1%, H. Sedgwick 0.1%, E. L. Moore 0.1% and V. McGlennon 0.1%.


Under the new Broadcasting Act (that saw the creation of the Board of Broadcast Governors), a broadcasting station had to be 75% Canadian owned but the restrictions would not apply to existing stations…for example, CFCF (Canadian Marconi Co., controlled by Canmar Investments Ltd., in turn owned by English Electric Co. of England). A conservative senator pointed out that CFRB was owned by Standard Radio Ltd. (a public limited liability company, whose shares were traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange) and had no control over the ownership of its stock which could be purchased by persons of any country.


Standard Radio Limited was one of 7 unsuccessful applicants for the one private television licence awarded initially by the BBG to serve Toronto. 

Harry Sedgwick, the president of Rogers Radio Broadcasting Company Limited, died. Mr. Sedgwick was succeeded by W.C. Thornton Cran.


The Board of Broadcast Governors began to license FM stations to broadcast programming separate from the AM parent. CFRB applied for separate FM programming. On December 8, the BBG deferred the application. It was strongly opposed by CHFI-FM. Considerable discussion took place at the November public hearing, during the course of which it was maintained that the FM market in Metropolitan Toronto was in a disturbed state and was presently unable to support an additional station.

On the same date, CFRB-FM was given permission to increase power from 600 watts with antenna height of 100 feet to 200,000 watts (ERP) with antenna height of 441 feet at a new transmitter site. 

In September, Standard Radio Ltd. concluded an agreement with J. Arthur Dupont for the purchase of CJAD Ltd., subject to BBG approval. Dupont would continue as a director and consultant to CJAD (Montreal).


On April 21, the BBG approved separate programming for CFRB-FM (from CFRB-AM). The station became one of the first FM stations in Canada to offer such separate programming. The FM only simulcast CFRB-AM between midnight and 6:00 a.m.

CFRB-FM moved its transmitter site to the Bank of Commerce building, at 35 King Street West. Antenna height above average terrain was 441 feet. The high-gain antenna and powerful 20-kW transmitter provided an effective radiated power of 200,000 watts – at that time, the most powerful FM station in Canada. The bank building at this time was the tallest in the British Empire.

Stereophonic transmission standards for FM stations were established by the Department of Transport. The start was scheduled for October 15, and CFRB-FM became one of three Canadian stations which first went on-air in stereo on that date.


On January 3, Rogers Radio Broadcasting Limited became CFRB Limited.

On October 15, CFRB-AM-FM and CJAD-AM & CJFM-FM, premiered the first ten long-play (LP) recordings of the Canadian Talent Library (CTL). Funded principally by CFRB Limited and CJAD Limited and with supplementary funding from other private stations, CTL was set-up as a non-profit trust to produce recordings by Canadian performers that would support the government’s desire for a larger Canadian presence in Canadian radio programming. The CTL project was warmly approved by the BBG, music composers and talent unions.

Carl Banas
Carl Banas

Announcer Carl Banas joined CKFM-FM.

Fred Napoli joined CKFM December 3 for Overnights, replacing Wayne Van Exan who moved to CFRB to do their Owl’s Nest late-night program. Fred had come from CHML Hamilton. 


Lyman Potts, CJAD’s program director and manager of CJFM-FM (both of Montreal) moved to head office in Toronto. He was appointed assistant to the president, W.C. Thornton Cran to undertake a number of specific assignments. As a start, he was to co-ordinate and be responsible for any station activities with the Department of Tran sport, the Board of Broadcast Governors and the Canadian Association of Broadcasters. He was also made responsible for the joint operation of the two FM stations, He would also continue to develop the Canadian Talent Library. Potts had been with CJAD since 1958 and was responsible for the launching of CJFM.


Regulatory approval was given for a change of call sign from CFRB-FM to CKFM-FM. The Department of Transport showed the change to CKFM-FM in its April 1 official listing. The previous listing still showed the call sign as CFRB-FM.


Bill Ballentine joined CKFM as program director from CKGM Montreal.


CFRB and CKFM moved into new state-of-the art studios and offices at 2. St. Clair Avenue West.

W. C. Thornton Cran, President of CFRB Ltd. announced the appointment of Donald H. Hartford as General Manager, effective June 1. He had been Vice President and General Manager of CFAC in Calgary. The post of GM for CFRB Limited was a newly created one. At this time, Donald W. Insley was Manager, Bill Ballentine was Program Director, Bill Hutton was

Russ Thompson
Russ Thompson

News Director and Bill Stephenson was Sports Director.

CKFM was independent from CFRB-AM for 126 hours each week. The station broadcast in stereo. 

Russ Thompson joined CKFM and Fred Napoli left.


The corporate name Standard Radio Limited became Standard Broadcasting Corporation Limited. 

Standard Radio set up a subsidiary to use the transmission facilities of CKFM for selling background music.


Stu Daly was morning man (6:00-10:00 a.m.). Fred Napoli returned to the station, first to do a day shift. He later  moved over to sister station CFRB to host their overnight Music Til Dawn show. 

Ray Purves was sales manager. W.C. Thornton Cran was president of Standard Radio. VP’s were Don Hartford and Jack Dawson. Bill Ballentine was promoted from program director to station manager.

Russ Thompson joined CKFM on June 28 from CBC Radio. He had worked at CKFM previously. 

It was announced on June 26 that Standard Radio Ltd. would be renamed Standard Broadcasting Corp. Ltd.

Donald H. Hartford, vice president and general manager of CFRB Ltd., announced the appointment of Arthur L. Cole as CFRB/CKFM news director as of August 1.

Slogan: Our Toronto – So much to see…so much to be heard. Tune in Toronto – CKFM 99.9. 


Peter Keigh was now at CKFM. Sandy Hoyt joined the station and replaced Stu Daly in morning drive. William R. Ballentine was appointed vice president and station manager. He joined the station in 1964 as program director and was named station manager in 1967. The appointment was effective June 24.


Pat Hurley, vice president and sales manager of CJAD, was named vice president of CFRB and CKFM, succeeding Wally Shubat who resigned. 


On April 26, CFRB Ltd. received approval to move CKFM’s tower, decrease effective radiated power from 200,000 watts to 100,000 watts and increase antenna height from 441 feet to 798 feet.


CKFM installed a new and higher antenna atop Commerce Court West (part of the new Bank of Commerce complex), at Bay and King Streets. Effective radiated power was reduced to 100,000 watts (circularly polarized, clockwise) and antenna height was now 798 feet. 


On December 14, CKFM and most of Toronto’s other FM and TV stations were granted approval to transmit from the CN Tower once construction was completed.


Peggy Graham was hired as Fred Napoli’s operator, with the idea of training her on the job to handle weather forecasts and a few intros. She soon became a fill-in host for Fred when he was sick or on vacation. Peggy would eventually take over the overnight show under Fred’s direction. 


Dave Agar was in the news department.

Bill Ballentine became vice president and general manager of CKFM-FM.


On May 24, testing began from the brand new CN Tower, 301 Front Street West. CKFM began broadcasting officially from the tower at 12:01 a.m. on May 31. Effective radiated power was now 40,000 watts (omni-directional). Antenna height from the CN Tower was 1,380 feet. On-air staff included Carl Banas (evenings), Russ Thompson, Dave Agar (news), Fred Napoli (overnights – left in June), and Peggy Graham. Jerry Good was appointed program director. He had been manager at CHFI-FM for the past three years.


John Campbell joined the sports department.


Don Daynard

Brothers G. Montegu Black and Conrad Black gained control of CFRB Limited when they acquired Ravelston Corporation from the widows of J.A. McDougald and W.E. Phillips. Ravelston, in turn, held the controlling interest in Argus Corporation, formed in 1945 by E.P. Taylor, J.A. McDougald and W.E. Phillips. Argus was the controlling shareholder of Standard Broadcasting Corporation Limited, the owner of CFRB. 

Don Daynard was morning man (5:30 to 10). He was followed by Don Cameron (10-12), Hour Toronto with Dave Agar (12-1), Hugh Russell (1-3), Russ Thompson (3-8), Carl Banas (8-12) and Peggy Graham (overnight). Weekends were handled by Roger Klein, Henry Shannon, and Phil MacKellar. The news department included Dave Agar, Ken Day, Wendy Mesley, John Campbell (sports), John McFayden, and Bill Bright. Sean Jones and Mary Monroe did traffic. 

Monroe left for CTV on November 3, replaced by the returning Sean Jones on November 6. John McFayden was now news director. Bill Bright increased his on-air news role. Jim Corey died while doing a news shift at CKFM.


Jerry Bascombe was now heard on weekends. Historian Mike Filey was a regular contributor to CKFM features. Peter Coleman, Gord Whitehead, and Murray Eldon (sports) were now in the news department. Marlane Olvier was doing traffic. Jeremy Brown did entertainment reports. Eldon joined from CKFH. Hugh Russell’s shift was extended to 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Don Cameron moved to weekends. John Campbell left for CFYN/CHAS Sault Ste. Marie. Fred Napoli returned to CKFM in October. Gord Whitehead joined CKFM’s news department.


Liz MacDonald returned to CKFM as part of the “Hour Toronto” crew.


Fred Napoli left in January. CKFM’s Studio 7 was rebuilt, using Live End/Dead End acoustics. CKFM and CFRB encountered a lot of noise problems from passing streetcars and other vehicles.


As of February 1, Jay Nelson joined for mid-days (10-12 and 1-3). Elaine Loring was now at CKFM. Glen Gingerige was doing sports. Gene Taylor was heard on Daynard’s morning show, doing trivia. Dave Hodge was doing sports commentaries. Phil MacKellar left. On December 13, CKFM conducted what was believed to be the first broadcast of digital by a commercial station in the Toronto area. The test took place on the Carl Banas (evening) show which had a strong following of hi-fi enthusiasts. Digital audio discs were played for about 90 minutes. Listeners commented on the exceptional separation and clarity of individual instruments in the recordings, some of which were produced from digital masters.


CKFM’s Peter E. Shurman and William R. Ballentine were named vice presidents of parent company Standard Broadcasting. Morris Keston was CKFM’s weather man.


On January 11, the CRTC renewed CKFM-FM’s licence until September 30, 1985. Brenda Burns became director of public relations and promotions. Valerie Marshall was named creative director. Line-up: Don Daynard, Jay Nelson, Hour Toronto with Dave Agar & Judy, Webb, Russ Thompson, Carl Banas, and Terry Moorehead. Weekend hosts: Don Andrews, Jerry Bascombe, and Teri Michael. News: Gord Whitehead, Ken Day, Judy Webb, Dave Agar, John McFadyen, Bill Bright, Julie-Ann (traffic), Glen Gingerige (sports). Julianne Burgess became a traffic reporter at CKFM. Bill Ballentine marked 20 years with CKFM.


Dave Agar and Judy Webb

Carl Banas was honoured for his 20 years at CKFM.

John Mackey replaced Bill Ballentine as general manager.

Jerry Good resigned from CKFM. In addition to being a teacher at Ryerson, Good was also now working on other projects.

John Mackey added program director duties to his role as general manager.

On-Air: Don Daynard (5:30-10), Russ Thompson (10-12), Hour Toronto with Dave Agar & Judy Webb (12-1), Russ Thompson (1-3), Bill Anderson (3-7), News (7-7:30), Carl Banas (7:30-12), Terry Moorehead (overnight). Weekends: Steve Jackson, Henry Shannon, Terri Michael, Roger Klein, Don Andrews, P.V. Smith. Notes – Smith joined to host a Reggae show. Jay Nelson left for CHFI-FM and Bill Anderson joined from CFRB.

On November 14, the CRTC approved the sale of Standard Broadcasting Corp. Ltd. to Slaight Broadcasting Inc. Slaight purchased Standard from Hollinger Argus Ltd. and other shareholders (G. Montegu Black III and Conrad M. Black). Slaight in turn sold his Toronto stations (CFGM and CILQ) to Westcom Radio Group Ltd. Standard became a privately held company.

Because of the growing Caribbean community in Toronto, CKFM added a twice weekly reggae show hosted by P.V. Smith.

William Herz was vice president of sales.


With the change of ownership of Standard Broadcasting, Larry Nichols was out as president of the company. Mac McCurdy retired. He had been president and then deputy chairman of the company. He remained as a director.


On-Air: Don Daynard 5:30-10, Russ Thompson 10-3 (with Hour Toronto from 12-1 with Judy Webb & Dave Agar), Bill Anderson 3-7:30, Carl Banas 7:30-midnight, Terry Moorehead (overnight). Weekends/others: Steve Jackson, Don Andrews, John Caras. News: Julie Ann Burgess, Wendy Howard. Sports: Murray Eldon, Glen Gingrich. Others: Glen Anderson (Events), Bonnie Stern (Cooking), Gene Taylor (AM Drive trivia), Jeremy Brown (Entertainment), Dave Hodge (Sports Commentary). Music director Paul Cugliari moved to Victoria to become program director at CKDA.


Gary Slaight (son of owner Allan Slaight) was named president of Standard Radio and general manager of CKFM-FM. He had been vice president and general manager at CILQ-FM.

On-Air – Weekdays: Don Daynard (left in October for CHFI), Russ Thompson, Hour Toronto, Bill Anderson, Carl Banas and Terry Moorehead. Weekends/ Others – Terry Steele (joined from CHUM then left for CKEY), Don Cameron, Dan Williamson (joined from CKEY), Michael Cuff, Jim Reid, John Donabie (joined), Ted Woloshyn (joined October 26 for AM Drive), Terri Michael, Dani Elwell. News: John McFadyen, Dave Agar, Bill Bright. 

Russ Thompson, Bill Anderson, Carl Banas, Terry Moorehead, Don Cameron, Murray Eldon (sports director) & Bill Bright left for CJEZ. News director John McFadyen left for CFRB. 

John Mackey who had been general manager and program director of CKFM was promoted to director of programming for Standard’s radio division. Vice president of sales, Bill Herz, became acting general manager, and operations manager Jamie Crookston, became acting program director. 

Sports director Murray Eldon left CKFM.

Jane Hawtin joined CKFM from CILQ-FM, where she had been Public affairs and host of “Barometer”.

News director John McFadyen moved over to CFRB to take up that same posting. He was replaced at CKFM by newscaster Dave Agar.


Don Stevens joined CKFM as program director from AM 106 in Calgary. He succeeds general manager Gary Slaight who had also been PD. Slaight was also president of Standard’s radio division. Pete Millard also joined CKFM from AM 106. Judy Webb left CKFM news for CJEZ news. Pete Montanna joined the CKFM airstaff from Western Canada and Andrea Ring joined from CJEZ-FM. Glen Gingerich left CKFM for CKO. The CRTC ordered CKFM to broadcast no commercials for three consecutive weekdays in September as punishment for playing too many hit records. The unusual decision came at a time when many stations were using commercial-free music programming to attract listeners. The decision even allowed CKFM to choose the three-day commercial-free period. This CRTC announcement followed two public hearings into complaints that CKFM was exceeding regulatory limits on hit songs. The station ultimately admitted the offence. On-Air: Ted Woloshyn, Terri Michael, Hour Toronto, Dan Williamson, Reiner Schwartz, Jim Reid, John Donabie, Dani Elwell. News: John Crawford, Andrea Ring. Sports: Pete Millard, Glen Gingerige. Notes: Ring joined from CJEZ-FM, Millard from CFCN (Calgary). Gingerige left for CKO-FM. Jeremy Brown left for CFRB on October 28. Crawford joined in November from CKOC Hamilton.


On-Air: Ted Woloshyn, Terri Michael, Hour Toronto with Jane Hawtin, Dan Williamson, Lee Marshall, Jim Reid, Dani Elwell, Reiner Schwartz, Shannon Black, John Donabie, Bill Hayes. News: Dave Agar, Avery Haynes, John Crawford, Bill McDonald, Bill Hutchins, Mike Stafford, Andrea Ring, Rob Salem. Sports: Doug Dirks, Pete Montanna. Entertainment: Maureen Holloway, Carol Alexander. Traffic: Dianne Pepper, Maureen Holloway, Carol Alexander. Notes: Marshall joined from CKEY in January. Schwartz left in January. In February, Donabie left for CKEY. Hayes joined from CFTR, Dirks from CFGM. Woloshyn left the air in July, replaced by Don Stevens (also program director, will move to another air shift), then Gerry Forbes from CHUM on August 21. Elwell left for CFNY-FM. Marty Forbes (Gerry’s brother) joins as program director. He had been PD at CHUM.


On-Air: Gerry Forbes (6-10), Terri Michael (10-2, with Hour Toronto from 12-1, hosted by Jane Hawtin & Mike Stafford), Dan Williamson (3-7), Dan Williamson and Maureen Holloway (7-7:30), Lee Marshall / Lisa Brandt (7:30 to 11), Donna Corsano (overnight). Weekends: Bill Hayes, Jim Reid. News: Mike Stafford, Jane Hawtin, Avery Haines, Dave Agar, John Crawford, Andrea Ring, Alan Ericson, Bill Hutchins, Erik Thomas (Sports). Traffic: Maureen Holloway, Carol Alexander, Dianne Pepper. Entertainment: Maureen Holloway, Carol Alexander. Commentary: Brian Costello, Ted Woloshyn. Notes: Larry Fedoruk joined Forbes in mornings from CFTR in August. Brandt joined from CKNX-FM Wingham.


Pat Holiday was appointed program director of CKFM. He had worked in Cincinnati and Detroit radio before joining CKLW Windsor as vice president of programming. On September 2, CKFM became known as “Mix 99.9” with a hot adult contemporary format. On the air: Gerry Forbes with Larry Fedoruk (5:30-10), Terri Michael (10-3), Dan Williamson (3-6:30), Nightline / Engertainment Toronto (6:30-7:30), Lee Marshall / Lisa Brandt (7:30-midnight), Jim Reid / Paul Wright (overnight). Weekends: Matt Storey, Bill Hayes. News: Dave Agar, Mike Stafford, Debra Hurst, Avery Haines, John Crawford, Alan Ericson, Erik Thomas (sports). Commentary: Ted Woloshyn, Brian Costello. Traffic: Carol Alexander, Lisa Brandt, Maureen Holloway, Cathy McCutcheon. Entertainment – Carol Alexander, Maureen Holloway. Notes – John Crawford moved to CFRB in January. Gerry Forbes left in January, replaced by Dan Williamson from PM drive, then Fedoruk took over mornings & Williamson went back to afternoons. Bill Hayes filled-in for PM drive for a time. Humble Howard Glassman joined for mornings (with Fedoruk) from CFNY-FM. Carol Alexander left in June. Ted Woloshyn moved to CFRB in September. Terri Michael left. Lisa Brandt joined for evenings. Lee Marshall moved to middays.


On-air: Howard Glassman & Larry Fedoruk (6-10), Bill Hayes (10-3), Dan Williamson (3-7), Entertainment Toronto with Maureen Holloway (7-7:30), Lisa Brandt (7:30-12), Matt Story (12-6). Weekends – Paul Wright, Lee Marshall, Keith Elshaw, Jim Reid. Traffic: Maureen Holloway, Cathy McCutcheon, Julie James. News: Mike Stafford, Debra Hurst, Avery Haines, Karen Parsons, John Crawford, Erik Thomas (sports), Maureen Holloway (entertainment), Brian Costello (commentary). Notes: Howard Glassman returned to CFNY in July, replaced in AM Drive by Tom Rivers from CFTR. Donnie Burns joined in August. Lee Marshall moved to 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and Bill Hayes moved to 1-3 p.m.


On-air: Tom Rivers & Larry Fedoruk (5:30-9), Lee Marshall (9-12), Bill Hayes (12-3), Dan Williamson (3-7), Entertainment Toronto with Maureen Holloway (7-7:30), Lisa Brandt (7:30-11), Nightside (11-12), Overnights: Julie James / Jim Reid. Weekends: Matt Storey, Kris James, Paul Wright. News: Deborah Hearst, Mike Stafford, Avery Haines, Karen Parsons, John Crawford, Larry Fedoruk (sports). Traffic: Carla Collins, Julie James, Cathy McCutcheon. Notes: Kris James joined from CFTR in the summer. In August, Tom Rivers left for CJEZ-FM, replaced by Mike Stafford, Fedoruk & Collins. Mike Stafford was also working at CFRB. Shelley Wright was noted in evenings in September. Early in the year, John Majhor was doing some on-air work for CKFM and CFRB. Former CKFM personality Terry Steele (James Stromberg) died August 13, at age 46.


On-Air: Larry Fedoruk and Carla Collins (5-9), Lee Marshall (9-12), Bill Hayes (12-3), Dan Williamson & Lisa Brandt (3-6:30), Entertainment Toronto with Maureen Holloway (6:30-7), Evenings with Shelley Wright / Bob Callahan. Weekends/Others: Jim Reid, Matt Storey, Julie James, Ann Marie Sweeney, Trevor Biggs, Bob Callahan. News: Deborah Hurst, Maureen Holloway (traffic & entertainment). Notes: In November: Rob Christie & Audie Linds took over AM Drive.Lisa Brandt left for CFRB. Former CKFM personality Jay Nelson (Frank Coxe) died February 18. He was 57.


On-air: Rob Christie, Bartman & Maureen Holloway (mornings); bill Hayes (middays), Dan Williamson (afternoons), Bob Callahan (evenings) and Mike Brown (overnights). Weekends: Larry Maxwell, Julie James, Lee Marshall, Beamer Biggs, Elwood Blues, The Bartman. News: Deborah Hurst, Bruce Barker (sports). Traffic: Guy Valentine, Maryanne, Maureen Holloway (also entertainment). Notes – Katfish Morgan noted in PM Drive in August, Williamson moved to middays. J. J. Johnson was Program Director and Wayne Webster was Music Director.


On-Air: Rob Christie & Maureen Holloway (5:30-9), Buzz Reynolds (9-12), Julie James (12-3), Katfish Morgan (3-7), Punch Andrews (7-12). Overnights/Weekends: Kit Calico, Larry Maxwell, Samantha Stevens, Lee Marshall, Bob Callahan. Others: Guy Valentine (traffic), Maureen Holloway (traffic & entertainment), Bruce Barker (sports). Notes – Bob Callahan was in middays. Kit Calico aka K.C.


Bill Ballentine passed away in January after a short illness. He had been with CKFM since 1964, was CCBA Broadcaster of the Year in 1979 and CCBA president in 1980. Ballentine was 60. CKFM/CFRB general sales manager Christopher Grossman agreed to purchase CFBG-FM Bracebridge from Telemedia. Main schedule unchanged. Overnights/Weekends now also featured Mark Champmane.Dina Cummins was among the news staff. Much of the news was coming from the CFRB newsroom. Donna Saker was now in the traffic department. A Toronto Sun reader’s choice poll named Mix 99.9 as the city’s favourite radio station. Promotions manager Blair Bartrem left CKFM to become program director of CJFM in Montreal.


On May 26, CKFM was granted approval to carry on transitional digital radio undertaking. The transmitter was installed on the CN Tower and employed the EUREKA-147 digital audio broadcasting system. The new transmitter operated on 1458.048 MHz with an effective isotropic radiated power of 5,084 watts. On-air: Rob Christie, Donna Saker, & Bruce Barker (5;30-9), Julie James (9-12), Buzz Reynolds (12-3), Katfish Morgan (3-7), Punch Andrews (evenings). Overnights & weekends: Matt O’Neil, Sarah Spencer, Larry Maxwell, Schmilson Wilson, Mark Champane. Notes: Later in the year, Trapper Briggs took over Noon-3, Reynolds moved to 3-7, O’Neil to 7-midnight. Matt Lozon was now doing entertainment reports. The Mix FM’s J.J. Johnston was now FACTOR president.


On-air: Matt O’Neill, Donna Saker, Schmilson Wilson, Alana Guest & Daring Darryl (5:30-9), Julie James (9-12), Griff Henderson (12-3), Buzz Reynolds & Nat Hunter (3-7), Evenings: Sarah Spencer / R.J. McKay. Overnights: Hamish Denton / Sarah Spencer. Notes: Rob Christie left AM Drive in December, replaced by O’Neill and gang. R.J. McKay (Bob Wallace) joined from CING Burlington. Nat Lauzon left MIX 99.9 as afternoon co-host to become evening announcer at MIX 96 (CJFM) Montreal. J.J. Johnson was program director and Wayne Webster was music director.


Eric Samuels was named CKFM program director and vice president of programming for Standard Radio in December. On-air: Matt O’Neill, Donna Saker, Schmilson Wilson were doing mornings. Mid-days were handled by Julie James (9-12) and Griff Henderson (12-3). Buzz Reynolds and Nat Hunter were in afternoon drive. R.J. McKay left.


Rock 97 Calgary hired former Mix 99.9 morning host Matt O’Neal. On-the-air: Matt O’Neill, Donna Saker, Schmilson Wilson, Alana Guest & Daring Darryl (5:30-9), Julie James (9-12), Griff Henderson (12-3), Buzz Reynolds with Nat Hunter (3-7), The Woodman (7-12), Overnights: Lisa Griffin / Hamish Denton. Others: Troy McCallum (weekends), Guy Valentine (traffic). Gene Taylor who used to appear on Don Daynard’s morning show with a trivia segment, passed away January 6 in Michigan. He was 53.


For a very brief time (about a month) in the spring of this year, Standard Radio changed the call letters from CKFM to CFMX to better represent the 99.9 MIX FM name. The CFMX calls had been recently given up by Classical 96.3 (103.1 Cobourg). The classical station had become CFMZ-FM. Because of concerns about BBM ratings diary confusion and the similarity of calls (CFMX 99.9 vs CFMZ 96.3) in the same market, the Standard station reverted back to the CKFM call sign. On September 27, Astral Media Radio G.P. received CRTC approval to acquire the assets of the radio and TV undertakings owned by Standard Radio Ltd., subject to certain conditions. The purchase included CKFM-FM, CFRB-AM and CJEZ-FM. Astral Media took ownership of the Standard stations on October 29.


At 4:00 p.m., August 25, Mix 99.9 became Virgin Radio 999 FM. Mad Dog & Billie would continue as the morning team, with Taylor & Biggs hosting afternoons. Ryan Seacrest’s syndicated show was added for mid-days.


On August 28, the CRTC renewed the transitional digital radio licence of CKFM-DR-1. In October, Virgin Radio (Toronto’s New #1 Hit Music Station) announced it would welcome multi-platinum superstar Akon to its team of on-air people. Akon would join an on-air staff that included Ryan Seacrest, Mad Dog and Billie, Taylor and Biggs and Hollywood gossip blogger, Perez Hilton.


In June, three announcers were let go – Chris Biggs, Taylor Kaye and Jimmy T. Adam Wylde joined the air staff from CKIS-FM. “Special Ed” joined Virgin Radio 999 from CJCH-FM in Halifax. Chris Ebbott was the new Program Director at Virgin Radio and boom 973. His last stop was at KCBS. He succeeded Senior PD Martin Tremblay who returned to Astral Media Radio Montreal as Director of Content and Sales. Rob Basile, who had been with 101.3 The Bounce Halifax since its re-launch in June 2008 and who had left to return to Toronto was now Assistant Brand Director/Music Director at Virgin Radio 999 Toronto. David Lindores became the Promotion Director at KiSS 92.5/98.1 CHFI on June 15, moving from Astral Media Radio Toronto where he’d been for about three years. Val Meyer, Vice President of Sales at Astral Outdoor in Toronto, succeeded Sherry O’Neil as Vice President and General Manager of Astral Radio Toronto (CFRB/boomfm/Virgin), effective December 6. O’Neil became Astral’s corporate Vice President of Planning and Transformation.


Virgin Radio (CKFM) and morning co-host Billie parted ways. Long-time co-host Maddog, remained with the station. On August 31, the CRTC administratively renewed the licence for CKFM-DR-1 to April 30, 2012. Rob Daniels formerly of KiSS 92.5 in Toronto, is now working weekends/swing at 99.9 Virgin Radio Toronto. Bill Herz, vice president of sales at Astral Media Radio and based in Toronto, announced his retirement. He’d been with the operation, through three owners, for 45 years beginning with CFRB in 1965. In 1975, he tried TV sales at Baton Broadcasting, then went back to Standard Broadcasting. In 1995, he worked at CHUM for short time and then returned to Standard. Maurie Sherman made the switch to KiSS 92.5 as senior morning show Producer of the Roz and Mocha Show. He moved from Virgin/Mix 99.9 where he worked with The Mad Dog and Billie Show. Lorie Russell was now managing sales for the entire Astral Radio Toronto cluster. She added Newstalk 1010 after Scott Johns was promoted to revenue director for English Canada stations. Also at Astral Radio Toronto, retail sales supervisors Brett Dakin and Brian Labonte were promoted to retail sales managers. Adam Wylde left Virgin Radio 999 for Virgin 98.5 Calgary. Billie, of Virgin Radio’s morning show of Mad Dog & Billie, left the station on July 31. Contract talks between Virgin and Billie didn’t work out. 680News hired veteran traffic reporter Rob Valentine as of December 7. He had been with Newstalk 1010/99.9 Virgin Radio where he worked for nearly 17 years. Andrew Long was now Assistant Brand Director/Music Director at Virgin Radio Toronto. Long had been PD at CURVE 94.3 Winnipeg (and its predecessor Q94 FM) for nine years and, just prior to joining Virgin Radio, was with 91.7 The Bounce Edmonton as Assistant Program Director.


On April 23, the CRTC administratively renewed the broadcasting licence for digital radio programming undertaking CKFM-DR-1 until August 31, 2012.


John McFadyen died at age 73. His early days in broadcast news included CKPC Brantford before he moved to CKFM Toronto where he served as News Director from the mid 1970s through the early ‘80s. He also became ND at sister station CFRB. Later, he was in news management at the CKO news network, CKWS-TV Kingston and CHCH-TV Hamilton. On June 27, 2013, after a previous such application had been denied in 2012, the CRTC approved an application by Astral Media Inc. to sell its pay and specialty television channels, conventional television stations and radio stations to BCE Inc., including CKFM-FM. It was announced in July that CFRB and Virgin Radio would move from their long time home at 2 St. Clair Avenue West to the building that housed Bell’s other Toronto radio stations on Queen Street West. The move was expected to take place in March, 2014. Bill Bright died at age 87. He was best remembered for his days as a newscaster at CFRB and then as News Director and feature newscaster at CKFM. Bright’s career also included some time at CKOC Hamilton. Judy Webb died at age 73. She co-hosted Hour Toronto Magazine with Dave Agar on CKFM and the syndicated weekly show, Real Radio with the late Fred Davis.


Don Hartford died at age 95. He was president of Standard Broadcasting’s radio division; president of St. Clair Productions and Eastern Sound Systems; a director of Standard Broadcast Productions, Standard Broadcasting Corp. and Standard Sound Systems (Muzak). Hartford began his radio career as an announcer at CFAC Calgary and later became sales manager, then VP/GM. In 1960, he moved to Toronto and began his career with Standard. On May 9, CFRB and CKFM left their longtime home at 2 St. Clair Ave. W. (midtown) for the Bell Media broadcast centre, co-located with CHUM-AM and CHUM-FM.


Russ Thompson died at age 82 on January 16. He had a 40-year career in Toronto radio and was a well-known TV spokesperson. Russ worked for CKEY, CBC Radio and CKFM, wrapping up his career at CJEZ in 1992.

At the end of June, CKFM began broadcasting in HD with Virgin 99.9 on HD1 and CFRB-AM (NewsTalk 1010) on HD2.


In November, Virgin Radio released most of its on-air staff. Tucker In The Morning with Maura Grierson and Andy Wilson was cancelled. Also let go were Kella Duncan, Will Nash, and Tessa.

Lyman Potts died December 9 at the age of 102. His radio career started at CHWC Regina in 1935. In 1940, he moved to Hamilton’s CKOC, as production manager. In 1956 he helped launch CKSL in London and then assisted Arthur Dupont (CJAD) in his attempt to gain a Montreal television licence. He later became GM of CJFM, which he helped put on the air in 1962. Lyman eventually became president of Standard Broadcast Productions. From 1970-74, he was president of Standard Broadcasting Corp. (UK). Potts retired from broadcasting in 1981 and formed J. Lyman Potts & Associates. He then went on to create the Canadian Talent Library, a non–profit trust supporting Canadian recording. Lyman was named a Member of the Order of Canada in 1978, inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame in 1976 and named to the CAB Broadcast Hall of Fame in 1987. He inspired the formation of the Central Canada Broadcast Engineers Association in 1953 and was a founding member of the Canadian Communications Foundation, serving as its vice-president from 1994 to 2004.

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