CKCL-AM, Toronto

Jack Kent Cooke

CKCL-AM19445801,000Jack Kent Cooke
CKCL-AM19405801,000Can. National Carbon Co.
CKCL-AM19341420100Can. National Carbon Co.
CKCL-AM1933960100Can. National Carbon Co.
CKCL-AM19321030100Can. National Carbon Co.
CKCL-AM1926840500Can. National Carbon Co.


The Dominion Battery Co. Ltd. put CKCL on the air May 5th 840 kHz with 500 watts power. George H. Gooderham was President of the compny.

The station shared time with CFCA and CHIC. Studios were in The Prince George Hotel.


CKCL shared airtime on 840 kHz with CFCA, CHIC, CHNC, CJBC,CJCD, CJSC, CKNC.


CNRT moved to 690 kHz, but CKCL was still sharing time with CFCA, CHIC and CKNC while on 840. CKCL studios were at 104 University Ave.


CKCL and CKNC moved to 580 kHz, leaving CFCA alone on 840. J.L.Allabough was Chief Announcer and Program Arranger.

Violet Smith, vocalist/pianist, had been an outstanding star with commercial sponsors who acclaimed her among their most popular attractions. Newspapers described her as the first female vocalist to perform with an orchestra on Canadian radio.


CKCL’s frequency got crowded again as the station had to share time with CHNC, CJBC, CJCD and co-owned CFCL.


CKCL was still on 580 kHz with 500 watts power, owned by The Dominion Battery Co. Ltd., 20 Trinity Street, sharing time with CKNC and CFCL.

Archie Cunningham started “Achies’ Morning Mrelodies” that lasted unil 1943 ! 


CKCL found itself sharing time, only with co-owned CFCL. Authorization was given, November 16, for Dominion to phase out CFCL to allow CKCL to use 580 kHz full-time.


CKCL’s transmitter and towers were located at 20 Trinity Street. Dominion’s head office was at 444 University Avenue. CKCL reduced power from 500 to 100 watts.


On February 3, CKCL was authorized to increase power to 1,000 watts, directional, using two 212 foot towers, in Scarborough Township. Ernie Swan was the engineer.


Dominion Battery Co. Ltd. agreed to sell CKCL to Jack Kent Cooke’s Toronto Broadcasting Co. Ltd.

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