CJYC-AM, Deforest Radio Company, Toronto

CJYC-AM1925291 metres500Deforest Radio Company


The Deforest Radio Company was awarded a licence for Scarboro a suburb of Toronto, at 291 meters with 500 watts and although a studio was built, there is no record of CJYC beginning to broadcast.


The Universal Radio Corporation started broadscasting becoming well known for the Maple Leaf Hour of Music, fearing the Maple Leaf Symphony (sponserd by Makle Leaf  Milling Company).

Don Copeland joined CJYC and left for CKGW a short time later.


The owners of the station became involved in a major controversy regarding the owenership of the licence along with the International Bible Students who had leased time on the station.

The government closed down the station.

Later, Nestles Foods took over the frequency

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