CJBC-AM, Toronto


CJBC-AM1933n/an/aJarvis St. Baptist Church / Left the Air
CJBC-AM193350005000Jarvis St. Baptist Church
CJBC-AM1929580500Jarvis St. Baptist Church
CJBC-AM1926840500Jarvis St. Baptist Church
CJBC-AM192519254000Jarvis St. Baptist Church


CJBC was opened by the Jarvis Street Baptist Church on 312 metres with a power of 4,000 watts.


The station moved to 840 kHz with 500 watts power.


CJBC switched to 580 kHz, still with 500 watts power.


CJBC was on the air briefly on 840 kHz with 5,000 watts power.  The station left the air when all religious licenses were withdrawn.


On November 1, CRCY changed call letters to CBY while CRCT had already become CBL.  CBY duplicated the programs of CBL. CBY’s frequency was 960 kHz. Power was now 1,000 watts.


On February 26, CBY moved back to 1420 kHz. Power reverted to 100 watts.    

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