CILQ-FM, Q107, North York

Corus Entertainment Inc.

CILQ-FM2000107.140,000Corus Entertainment Inc.
CILQ-FM1997107.140,000WIC Radio Ltd.
CILQ-FM1985107.140,000Westcom Radio Group Ltd. (WIC)
CILQ-FM1977107.140,000CFGM Broadcasting Ltd. (IWC Communications)


Allan Slaight, the owner of CFGM-AM in Richmond Hill applied for an FM licence, using a frequency of 99.1 MHz. The proposed station would have an album oriented rock format. The transmitter site would be located north of Toronto. CFGM Broadcasting Ltd. was granted the FM licence but a frequency other than 99.1 MHz would have to be applied for. The former CBL-FM frequency (now on 94.1) was awarded to the David Ruskin group for what would become CKO-FM, the all-news station. Competing applications by Geoffrey Stirling, Peter Steinmetz, Richard Lafferty, Service Broadcasting and Neil Lundy were denied. A frequency change for CHIN-FM was also turned down.

The previous owners of CFGM (John Graham and Stuart Coxford) had applied for an FM licence in 1965. The regulator of the day – the Board of Broadcast Governors turned the application down because the owners wanted a religious format. The government had a long standing policy against full-time religious broadcasting in Canada.

Allan Slaight
Allan Slaight

In 1971, Slaight Broadcasting Ltd. (J. Allan Slaight and partners) took ownership of CFGM Broadcasting Ltd. In 1973, Slaight Broadcasting Ltd. and IWC Communications Ltd. were given federal approval to merge. Slaight controlled CFGM Broadcasting Ltd. and Montreal’s Radio CFOX Inc. IWC controlled Sarnia Broadcasting (1964) Ltd., owner of CHOK-AM. Slaight bought into IWC in 1970. CFGM Broadcasting Ltd. continued as a subsidiary of the new IWC Communications Ltd.

CFGM Broadcasting Ltd. applied for use of 107.1 MHz for its new station. The application was approved. 

The new FM station was licensed in the summer. From that point until the late fall, the company searched for the ideal studio location. In the end, they chose the Hudson Bay Centre at 2 Bloor Street East, using the 30th floor (Suite 3000).


Initial planning for the studio location took place between November of 1976 and February of 1977, with the physical studio construction taking place in March. Electronic construction started April 4 and by the afternoon of May 20, CILQ was on the air testing from the CN Tower, with everything fully completed and functional. Q107 was on the air about ten days ahead of schedule. On-air and production studios were equipped with McCurdy SS-7600 stereo consoles and Technics turntables.

CILQ-FM broadcast on a frequency of 107.1 MHz and had an effective radiated power of 40,000 watts. Unlike its AM counterpart (CFGM Richmond Hill), CILQ was licenced to Toronto. Q107 was the sixth FM station to transmit from the CN Tower, completing capacity from the present combiner. Antenna height was 1,380 feet or 420 metres. The station used two AEL 25KE transmitters in alternate and standby mode. Bruce Carnegie was chief engineer for CFGM and CILQ at this time.

Q107 with its album rock format officially signed on the air at noon on June 1. 

CRTC authorization for CILQ to operate from the CN Tower was given. The station’s original application called for 100,000 watts on 99.1 MHz with antenna height of 305 feet from a tower located north of Toronto. The station now had official authorization to use 40,000 watts from the CN Tower (1,380 feet).

John Rode was on the air from 6 to 10 a.m. Dave Charles followed from 10-4, John Donabie 4-8, Marrianne Carpentier 8-12 and Scott Marlow 12-6. Larry Leblanc, Keith Elshaw, Murray Smith, Bob Mackowycz, and Mark Dailey (news director) were also heard on the station. Tony Viner was general manager.

David Haydu (a.k.a. Geets Romo) joined Q107’s engineering department from CHUM-FM where he had been part of the “Pete & Geets” morning team. He brought his many voices with him to do traffic reports during drive times for Q107 (in addition to the engineering work).


When Q107 first went on the air, Bell lines were used between the studio and transmitter. The station had now completed installation of its studio-transmitter link (STL), using full composite stereo generated at the studio.

The application by Selkirk Holdings Ltd. to purchase three radio stations (CFGM Richmond Hill, CILQ-FM Toronto and CHOK Sarnia) owned by IWC Communications Ltd. was denied by the CRTC. The Commission noted that Selkirk was already one of the country’s largest broadcasting companies and said the sale by IWC of CILQ-FM, which went on the air only last May, would be premature. IWC had earlier received approval to sell CFOX in Montreal and its stake in the Global Television Network. 

Line-up: Ted Woloshyn (6-10), Bob Saye (10-1), Barometer (news/public affairs, 1-2), Bob Saye (2-3), John Donabie (3-6), 6 O’Clock Rock Report with Bob Mackowycz (6-7:30), Dean Hill (7:30-midnight), and Ron Bruchal (12-6). Weekend announcers: Lee Eckley, Wayne Webster, Murray Smith, Ritchie Yorke, and Mike Kelly. The news department included Jane Hawtin, Chuck Bridges, Paul Harrington, and Geets Romo (traffic).

Tony Viner was promoted from general manager to vice president and general manager.


Allan Slaight purchased CILQ and CFGM from IWC Communications Ltd. Slaight was IWC’s largest shareholder. 

Q107’s programming line-up looked like this: Ted Woloshyn (6-10:30), Bob Saye (10:30-3 – including Barometer with Jane Hawtin at 1 p.m.), John Donabie (3-7:30), Dean Hill (7:30-midnight) and Ron Bruchal (midnight-6). Weekends/Others – Lee Eckley, Murray Smith, Tasha, Wayne Webster, Gary West, John Rode, Larry LeBlanc, Terry Michael, Brian Master, Bob Mackowycz, The Pringle Program, Brian Flack Jim Bauer and Ritchie Yorke. News – Jane Hawtin, Karen Gordon, David Graham, Chuck Bridges, Dave Budge, Brian Lartyr and Paul Lethbridge (sports). Warren Down (Geets Romo) did traffic. Later in the year, Dean Hill was doing afternoons (3-7:30) with Bobby Gale on from 7:30 to midnight. Scruff Connors joined for mornings.


David Haydu (Geets Romo) left Q107 to reunite with Pete Griffin in mornings at CFNY-FM.

Ron Heffler joined CFGM/CILQ-FM as director of engineering. He had been with CKSO in Sudbury, and replaced Bruce Carnegie who left for CHUM-AM-FM.

Dan Nusnick was now in the news department. 


Scruff Connors was morning host.


Tony Viner became executive vice president of Rogers Radio after serving five years with Radio IWC – most recently as president and general manager of Q107 and CFGM.

Radio IWC Ltd. promotions included Gary Slaight (Allan’s son) to vice president and general manager of CILQ-FM and Marilyn Stitt to the post of general sales manager of Q107. Gary Slaight had been operations manager.

Announcers included Scruff Connors, Keith Elshaw, and Bob Mackowycz. Roger Ward and Gene Valaitis were in the news department.


The Iceman (Bob Segarini) was afternoon host. Jane Hawtin was doing news.


Q107’s Samantha Taylor was now hosing MTV’s (CFMT-TV) “Video Singles” program.

Allan Slaight changed the name of the company from IWC Radio to Slaight Investments.

Announcers: Scruff Connors (6-10), Lee Eckley (10-3 with Barometer from 1-2), The Iceman (3-6), 6 O’Clock Rock Report with Bob Mackowycz (6-7), Kelly Rose (7-12). Jim James was also on the air. 

In June, Kelly Rose moved to mid-days, Lee Eckley moved to afternoon drive. Dusty Shannon became the evening announcer. Gene Valaitis was doing news.

John Derringer joined for evenings in August.


John Derringer succeeded Samantha Taylor as music director. Taylor was now with CBC-TV’s “Video Hits” and CFNY-FM.

On November 14, the CRTC approved the sale of CFGM Broadcasting Ltd. (Slaight Communications) (CILQ and CFGM) to Westcom Radio Group Ltd. (WIC Western International Communications Ltd.) and for Slaight to purchase Standard Broadcasting Corp. Ltd . (including Toronto’s CFRB and CKFM). 

The Record (magazine) named Gary Slaight as major market general manager of the year.

Announcers included Scruff Connors, Dusty Shannon, Bob Mackowycz, John Derringer and Samantha Taylor. Taylor left for CBC-TV. Scruff Connors left and was replaced by Brother Jake Edwards.


Steve Anthony joined Q107 from Montreal’s CKGM. 

Reiner Schwarz left for CHFI-FM. His show at Q107 was taken over by Chas. Lawther’s character – Chuck the Security Guard and buddy Ryerson.

Sportscaster Earl McRae left Q107 for the Ottawa Citizen.

Randy McCabe left Q107 for CKLG/CFOX-FM Vancouver. He had been a sales rep and research director at CILQ. 

On-Air: Brother Jake Edwards (6-10), Jim James (10-1), Barometer with Jane Hawtin (1-2), Dusty Shannon & Steve Anthony (2-6), 6 O’clock Rock Report with Bob Mackowycz (6-7), Kristy Knight (7-11), Shirley McQueen (overnights). Weekends: Sue Johanson, Byrd, Andy Frost. News: Gene Valaitis, Kathleen Rankine, Jane Hawtin. Sports: Earl McRae, John Galagher. Notes – Brother Jake left September 12 for CKIS, Anthony moved to mornings, Shannon remained in afternoons. Jesse Dylan arrived for AM Drive on September 29, Anthony moved back to afternoons. McRae left, replaced by Gallagher on September 12. At one point, Barometer was on from 9-10 a.m.


Bill McCarroll (Bill Carroll) was now doing news at Q107. He had been at CHWO Oakville. Terry Williams was appointed vice president of sales for Q107 and CFGM.


Gary Slaight left Q107 as vice president and general manager to take up positions at his father’s Standard Broadcasting Corp.

Q107 won praise from the CRTC for its exemplary contribution to the support and development of Canadian talent. Owner, Westcom Radio Group, increased CILQ’s budget for Canadian talent from $40,000 to $135,000 a year. Among Q’s achievements: 30 live concerts in the current licence term; a nationally syndicated 6-hour history of Canadian music, co-produced with Telemedia; the establishment of the annual Toronto Music Awards; new facilities primarily for the production of additional children’s and community-oriented programming. Q107 also gave national scope to its major talent project, Homegrown. 

Christopher Grossman was named general sales manager at Q107. He had been sales manager for the Radio Sales Group in Toronto.

Announcers: Jesse Dylan & Gene Valaitis, Dusty Shannon, The Iceman, Bob Mackowycz, John Derringer, Jeff Chalmers, Kristy Knight, Shirley McQueen, Peter Klinger, Tim McLarty, Andy Frost, Jim James, Live Earl Jive & Beverly Hills. News – Jane Hawtin, Bill Carroll, Maryanne (traffic). Notes – Hawtin left for CKFM, replaced by Bill Carroll. Ice returned but left a short time later, he had replaced Anthony in PM Drive who left for Much Music. Derringer moved from evenings to afternoons, McQueen to evenings. McLarty joined from CHTZ St. Catharines. 

Steve Anthony left afternoon drive at Q107 to work at MuchMusic. 

Don Shafer became Q107’s station manager. He succeeded Gary Slaight who became president of Standard Broadcasting. Shafer had been at Westcom’s CFMI-FM Vancouver, where he was program director. Bob Mackowycz was named Q107’s program director. He had been assistant PD.

Public affairs director Jane Hawtin left Q107 for CKFM. She was replaced as host of “Barmometer” by Q newscaster Bill Carroll.

Bob (The Ice Man) Segarini left Q107.

The Byrd left overnights at Q107 for CHTZ-FM St. Catharines. 

Bob Mackowycz left as program director to work for Standard Broadcasting.


Andy Frost was named assistant program director while Elsie Xynos became promotions director. Frost retained his position as music director.

Christopher Grossman was appointed general sales manager for both Q107 and CFGM. 

Chris McGreggor and Joey Vendetta were now at Q107. Bob Mackowycz left for CKFM. 

Jeff Woods joined the Q107 on air team at the beginning of the year, but left in May. 


Joey Vendetta was appointed music director. 

Don Shafer was appointed president and general manager of Q107/CFGM, and Christopher Grossman was named vice-president and director of sales. 

Announcers: Jesse Dylan & Gene Valaitis, Jim James, John Derringer, Shirley McQueen, Tim McLarty, Sue Johanson, Keith Elshaw, Eric Westin, Chris McGreggor, Al Joynes. News: John Hesselink, Kathleen Rankine, Scott Robins, Maryanne (traffic), John Gallagher (sports), Debbie Dixon (events). Notes – Jesse & Gene left for CFTR in July. Brother Jake Edwards returned from CKIS for AM Drive on July 31. Robins left for CHUM. Maryanne left for Vancouver. Gary Aube joined as program director. 


The CRTC turned down the application to move CFGM-AM to Q107’s downtown facility.

Dan Pollard was in the news department. Jane Brown, Donna Saker and Melanie Curtis were doing traffic. Dave Kirland did events reports.


On January 16, the CRTC approved the applications by Westcom Radio Group Ltd. to amend the licences for CHOG Richmond Hill and CILQ-FM Toronto, by relocating their studios from Yonge Street, Richmond Hill and Bloor Street East, Toronto respectively, to a new location in North York. Westcom undertook to maintain the separate identity and personality of each station in the areas of programming, news and marketing. The Commission also noted Westcom’s contention that the relocation of both studios to a common site would result in a consolidation of operations and economic efficiencies which should benefit both stations. 

Line-up: Brother Jake Edwards (5:30-9), Jim James (9-1), Barometer with Bill Carroll (1-2), John Derringer (2-6), 6 O’clock Rock Report (6-7), Shirley McQueen (7-12) and Andy Frost (overnights). Weekends: Al Joynes, Dan Wilmott, John Byrd, Cyd Vandenberg, Tim McLarty. Traffic: Jane Browne, Donna Saker, Melanie Curtis. News: John Hesselink, Bill Carroll, Dan Pollard, John Gallagher (sports). Events: Debbie Dixon, Dave Kirkland. Notes – The Q (host station) joined the Rock Radio Network for Overnites. John Donabie returned in December from CKYC. Vandenberg joined from CHFI. Andy Frost took over RRN overnights in July. Gary Aube was PD.


Q107 and CHOG moved to new studios in North York at the Yonge-Norton Centre, 5255 Yonge Street in January. CILQ had been in the Hudson’s Bay Centre at Bloor and Yonge, while CHOG was at 10254 Yonge Street in Richmond Hill. There was 21,500 square feet for the operations on the 14th and 15th floors of the new office building. The business and public areas of the facility were on the 14th floor while studios and production were on the 15th. The FM studio faced downtown Toronto while the AM faced its uptown and suburban audience. Auditronics 800 series on-air consoles were used in AM and FM control rooms.

Rob Enders was director of engineering. 

John Donabie left. Gary Aube (PD) left for CKQB Ottawa. Derek Botten joined from CHTZ St. Catharines for RRN overnights and swing on Q107. He left this year too. Tim McLarty was now also doing work for sister station CJXY Hamilton.


Scruff Conners was signed by Q107 to host the Morning Zoo.

Jake Edwards left February 22, replaced first by John Derringer then by the returning Scruff Connors from CKBR Edmonton. Derringer left for CHOM Montreal, replaced by Joey Vendetta. Deanna Nason joined from CHOG for co-PM Drive in August. Bill Carroll left for CHOG September 7. Johanson moved to CHOG September 12. Danny Kingsbury was named program director (joins from CJXY Hamilton).


Frank Griffiths passed away at the age of 77 on April 7…the day he was to be inducted into the Canadian Business Hall of Fame. 

On-air: Scruff Connors, Jim James, Joey Vendetta, Shirley McQueen, Andy Frost, Cyd Vandenberg, Rory O’Shea, Andy Frost, Steve Warden, Donna Corsano, Al Joynes, Liza Frommer, Tim McLarty. News – Barb Hanson, John Hesselink, Kym Geddes, Marcia Lederman, Dave Kirkland (events), John Gallagher (sports). Traffic – Donna Saker, Deana Nason. Notes – June: Scruff moved to Winnipeg, Brother Jake returned to AM Drive from Winnipeg. John Hesselink left for CFRB. Vandenberg left in September for CHCH-TV.


Q107 installed a new Continental 816R-2C 21.5 kw transmitter and 802B exciter combination at the CN Tower. The old AEL 20KE transmitter was sold to a station in Niagara Falls. It was removed first and its twin, a backup, was put in place until the new Continental arrived. The new unit arrived at the the CN Tower at 6:00 a.m. on January 26 and was officially on the air the next morning at 3:30. 

Q107’s 1995 Rock Awards were held on March 25. 

Thirteen Canadian TV stations aired “Canada’s 1995 Rock Awards” between April 29 and May 6. The 90 minute show was produced by Hamilton’s CHCH-TV and Q107 in conjunction with Westcom’s Rock Radio Network, and taped during Canadian Music Week.

Mark Hebscher was named sports director of Q107 / AM640. He would also do play-by-play of Toronto Argonaut football games. Hebscher had co-hosted “Sportsline” on the Global Television Network for the past eleven years.

Q107 was now on the internet and had plans to offer catalogue shopping through the “Q Warehouse”.

Debra Svicki was named music director at Q107. She had been with sister station CHOG-AM which now had an all talk format. Brian Fukuda became CILQ’s assistant music director. 

Announcers: Brother Jake Edwards, Jim James, Joey Vendetta, Shirley McQueen, Andy Frost, Rory O’Shea, Steve Warden, Al Joynes, Big John Small, Ken Coghlin, Jeff Chalmers, Larry LeBlanc, Tim McLarty. News – Dan Pollard, Kathleen Rainkine, Evelyn Macko, Kym Geddes, Donna Saker (traffic). Sports – John Gallagher, Mark Hebscher. Maple Leaf hockey – Andy Frost, Scott Morrison, Joe Bowen, Mark Hebscher. Events – Terry Hart, Dave Kirkland. Notes – Kathleen Rainkine left in February. John Gallagher left March 3. Evelyn Macko joined March 6. Mark Hebscher joined in mid-June from Global (replacing John Gallagher). Joe Bowen joined from CJCL. Ken Coghlin returned from CHOG October 10 (last show October 11 on CHOG). 

Q107 signed a four year deal to broadcast play-by-play of the Toronto Maple Leafs beginning this fall. The games had been on The Fan (CJCL). Mark Hebscher would do analysis for Q107’s Leaf games, alongside play-by-play announcer Joe Bowen.

Frank Griffiths and Harold Roozen resigned as Co-Chairmen and as members of the Executive Committee at WIC Western International Communications. Edmund King, Deputy Chairman of Wood Gundy Inc., was the new Chairman. 


Q107 claiming to be Canada’s top rock station with 800,000 weekly listeners expanded its Rock 20 format to Top 30.

Brother Jake left, replaced in July by Jesse & Gene (Jesse from CIDC and Gene from CHOG).


Pat Cardinal succeeded Danny Kingsbury as program director at Q107.


The corporate name changed to WIC Radio Ltd.

On-air: Jesse Dylan & Gene Valaitis (5:30-9), Jim James (9-2), Rory O’Shea (2-6), 6 O’clock Rock Report (6-7), Shirley McQueen (7-12). Others: Jim Richards, Jeff Woods, Andy Frost, Tank Sherman (Bob Callahan), Scruff Connors, Dani Elwell, Al Joynes, Steve Warden, All-Night Andre, Sue Johanson, Tim McLarty. News – Evelyn Macko, Cathy Canzora, Mark Hebscher (sports). 

Jesse & Gene left May 7, replaced by O’Shea. James also left May 7, replaced by McQueen. Frost moved to PM Drive, Al Joynes to evenings.

Howard Stern was added from New York City (syndicated) on September 2 for mornings. Howard Cogan (Hungry Man) joined for evenings from CFMI Vancouver in September. Jim Richards left for CFRB in September. All-Night Andre returned in September for overnight/swing. 

Jeff Woods returned to Q107 in the summer as an on-air host. By the end of the year, he became music director and assistant program director.

Pat Cardinal joined Q107 as program director. He had been with Power 92 (CKNG) in Edmonton. 

Joe Zenobio was appointed vice president of finance for Q107/Talk640 (and ONtv Hamilton).

Emily Griffiths, president of Western Broadcasting and controlling shareholder of WIC, retired on the third anniversary of her husband Frank’s death. She said she had always intended to leave at age 75. Mrs. Griffiths remained with the company as chairman emeritus. She was succeeded on the board of directors by Edmondo Giacomelli.


The Griffiths family holdings in WIC Western International Communications Ltd. were sold, subject to CRTC approval, to Shaw Communications Inc. and CanWest Global Communications Corp.

On May 26, WIC Radio Ltd. was granted a licence for a transitional digital radio undertaking for CILQ. The transmitter was installed at the CN Tower and  employed the EUREKA-147 digital audio broadcasting system, and operated on 1465.024 MHz with effective isotropic radiated power of 5084 watts. 

Line-up: Howard Stern (6-11), Shirley McQueen (11-3), Hungryman Cogan (3-6), Jeff Woods (6-7), Gonzo (7-12). Others: Jeff Chalmers, John Moran, Joanne Wilder, Christian Hall, Al Joynes, Andy Frost, Tim McLarty. News – Kathy Kenzora, Kathleen Rankine, Dave Kirkland (events). Note: Jon “Gonzo” Mark joined from CFHK London. 

Kim Geddes left Talk 640/Q107 news to take up anchor/reporter duties at CHUM.


WIC Western International’s new CEO was Peter Classon, who succeeded Thomas Peddie. Classon has served on WIC’s Board of Directors but was probably best known as the former President/CEO of the BC Lions football club.

Following months of negotiation, agreements were filed with the CRTC on the split of WIC assets between CanWest Global, Corus Radio Company (formerly Shaw Radio), and Shaw Communications. 

On-air: Howard Stern with Kelsa Kinsley in Toronto, Joanne Wilder, Hungryman Cogan with Colleen Rusholme, Gonzo, John Moran, Jeff Chalmers, Big John Scholes, Andy Frost, Al Joynes, Tim McLarty. Notes – Shirley McQueen and Christian Hall left for CFMI Vancouver, Joanne Wilder moved to middays. McLarty left.


Following an April hearing in Vancouver, in July, the CRTC announced the approval of the purchase of WIC Radio by Corus Radio Company, which included CILQ-FM Toronto.

CILQ-FM program director Stewart Meyers took on added duties as operations manager of CFYI-AM. 

Pat Cardinal was program director. Jeff Woods was assistant PD/music director. John Derringer returned in April (from CJCL), replacing Hungryman who left. 

Q107 switched back to Classic Rock on September 1. 


On-Air: Howard Stern (6-11), Joanne Wilder (11-3), John Derringer (3-7), Gonzo (7-12). Others: Al Joynes, John Moran, Big John Scholes, Andy Frost, Jeff Brown. News – Evelyn Macko. Traffic – Kelsa Kinsly, Colleen Rusholme. The Last Word – Maureen Holloway. Notes – Joynes left in April. In November, Derringer moved from PM Drive to AM Drive when the Howard Stern Show was dropped.

Jeff Woods replaced Stewart Meyers as program director. 


Jeff Woods left Q107 for sister stations CFOX and CFMI Vancouver.


On June 28 the CRTC renewed CILQ-FM’s licence until August 31, 2013. 


On August 28, the CRTC renewed the transitional digital licence of CILQ-DR-1.


The Corus corporate headquarters and Corus Toronto radio stations moved to a new eight-storey, glass-clad, 482,000 square foot building on Toronto’s waterfront. Corus Quay was owned and managed by the City of Toronto’s arms-length real estate development company, Build Toronto, and named for its principal tenant, Corus Entertainment. The facility was located at 25 Dockside Drive in Toronto.

Former Q107 newsman Mark Dailey passed away on December 6. He was 57. Mark joined Q107 when it signed on the air in 1977 and was the station’s first news director.

There were a number of changes at Corus Entertainment related to its organization review to streamline decision-making and clarify roles and mandates. Among the changes: Reporting to Hal Blackadar, Executive Vice President and interim President of Corus Radio – Dave Farough, VP, Brands and Programming in Toronto (was GM at Corus Radio London) and Chris Pandoff, VP/GM, Corus Radio Toronto and Hamilton (was VP/GM for Corus Radio Toronto only but now added Hamilton duties held by Suzanne Carpenter). Lars Wunsche was now GSM, Corus Radio Toronto (was GM at CJDV-FM/CKBT-FM Kitchener).

The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council said negative stereotypes based on ethnicity violate the equitable portrayal code. The assertion followed a CBSC decision concerning comments made on Q107’s Derringer in the Morning show. During a segment of the show, there was talk about Madonna and a troupe of Romani Gypsies accompanying her on tour. During one of her concerts, she had spoken out against the discrimination experienced by Gypsies. The Derringer in the Morning hosts then joked that Madonna “didn’t say anything about the tramps and the thieves”. 

Chris Pandoff became Executive Vice President and President of Corus Radio effective December 1, responsible for the radio stations and the division’s interactive arm. He succeeded Hal Blackadar, the interim President of Corus Radio, who announced his retirement earlier this year after four decades in broadcasting. Pandoff was most recently Vice President/General Manager of Corus Radio Toronto and Hamilton.

In December, Corus Entertainment announced a new 10-year agreement with John Derringer and Toronto’s classic rock station, Q107. With this long-term agreement, John would continue in his role as the morning drive host of Derringer in the Morning. 

In December, Corus Entertainment announced the appointment of Suzanne Carpenter as general manager of the Corus Toronto radio stations, effective January 3, 2011. She had been vice president and general manager of Corus Radio Eastern Ontario, CHEX TV and CKWS TV, and prior to that, she was general manager, Corus Radio Hamilton. 


Suzanne Carpenter became GM at Corus Radio Toronto on January 3. She also retained her VP role at Corus Entertainment. Carpenter had been VP/GM, Corus Radio Eastern Ontario, CHEX-TV Peterborough and CKWS-TV Kingston. Michael Emmons was now engineering remote coordinator for Corus Radio Toronto. Steph Hunter left Q107 to become program director at sister station CKWS-FM in Kingston. She had been producer of Q107’s The Kim Mitchell Show and the programming assistant. Rob Johnston moved upstairs at Corus as creative director at the centralized “Production Centre of Excellence.” He had been creative director at Corus Radio Toronto. 

Suzanne Carpenter, vice president and general manager of Corus Radio Toronto also become responsible for Corus Radio Hamilton as of mid-August. Lars Wunsche, director of sales for Corus Radio Toronto, added the Corus Hamilton cluster to his sales responsibilities. Hamilton GSM Carolyn Thorn would report to Wunsche. 

On August 31, the CRTC administratively renewed the licence for CILQ-DR-1 to April 30, 2012.

Peter Solala became sales manager at Corus Radio Toronto September 1. He moved from Corus Interactive and Integrated Solutions, also at Corus Quay in Toronto, where he was director of sales.

Candice Knihnitski joined Q107 as a producer/announcer on Kim Mitchell’s show. She had been a morning show co-host at X92.9 Calgary.


On April 23, the CRTC administratively renewed the broadcasting licence for digital radio programming undertaking CILQ-DR-1 until August 31, 2012.


Former Q107 morning show host Scruff Connors (Jeff Newfield) passed away December 18 at the age of 64. Through his career, Connors worked at stations in Oshawa, St. Catharines, Winnipeg, Philadelphia and Edmonton.


Ritchie Yorke (73) passed away on February 6. The music journalist was the chief music writer for the Sunday Mail, a former Canadian editor of Rolling Stone and Billboard and a contributor to the Globe & Mail. He also spent some time at Q107.

Q107 celebrated its 40th birthday in May. The station officially signed on May 22, 1977, with its first song “Hard Rock Town” by Murray McLauchlan.

Dave Mazmanian died June 17. He started his broadcasting career in Chicago in the late 1960s (including WCFL) before coming to Canada in 1970 where he was hired by Alan Waters at 1050 CHUM. Later he helped launch Q107 Toronto.


Murray Johns (63) died on January 4. In his 30 year radio career, he was retail sales manager at CFRB, general sales manager at Q107 and director of sales for Corus Radio Toronto.

Andy Frost signed off from Q107’s Psychedelic Sunday in May. He started the classic rock program in 1985. Before joining the Q, he worked at CITI/CKY Winnipeg. While at Q107, he also hosted various programs on sister station CFMJ-AM.

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