CHIN-1-FM, Multicultural, Toronto

Radio 1540 Ltd.

CHIN-1-FM (Stand Alone Station)201791.91,850Radio 1540 Ltd.
CHIN-1-FM201091.91,850Radio 1540 Ltd.
CHIN-1-FM200691.9161Radio 1540 Ltd.
CHIN-1-FM200291.935Radio 1540 Ltd.
CHIN-1-FM (CHIN-AM Rebroadcaster)1997101.322Radio 1540 Ltd.


On September 5, Radio 1540 Limited was given permission by the CRTC to add a low-power FM rebroadcast transmitter at Toronto, to rebroadcast the programming of CHIN-AM 1540. The new transmitter would operate on 101.3 MHz with an ERP of 22 watts. This repeater improved CHIN-AM’s night-time coverage in parts of Woodbridge, east of Mississauga and Etobicoke. CHIN-1-FM signed on the air later in the year.


On April 17, Radio 1540 Ltd. was given approval to change the frequency of CHIN-1-FM Toronto from 101.3 to 91.9 MHz and to increase ERP from 22 to 35 watts. This was one of three proposals that CHIN had put before the CRTC for approval. The others involved converting CHIN-AM to the FM dial, using the 101.3 MHz frequency; and the other involved moving CHIN-1-FM (1540’s FM repeater) to 91.9 MHz and converting 101.3 into a brand new multilingual station.

In July, CHIN-1-FM was operating on 91.9 MHz.


On June 30, Radio 1540 Ltd. was authorized to increase ERP for CHIN-1-FM from 35 watts to an average ERP of 161 watts. There would also be a decrease in antenna height and the transmitter would be relocated.


On January 14, the CRTC approved the application by Radio 1540 Limited to change the authorized contours of CHIN-1-FM by increasing the average ERP from 161 to 1,850 watts (maximum ERP from 350 to 5,000 watts with an EHAAT of 86 metres). CHIN stated that the technical amendment would improve signal strength and quality and help minimize interference or poor reception issues affecting the communities served by the commercial ethnic station CHIN Toronto and its transmitter CHIN-1-FM.


The CRTC approved the change in the effective control of Radio 1540 Limited, from John Lombardi to Lenny Lombardi, following the death of John Lombardi in 2002.


On May 5, the CRTC approved the application by Radio 1540 Limited for a broadcasting licence to operate a commercial ethnic FM radio station in Toronto. Radio 1540 proposed to operate the new FM station using the parameters of its rebroadcasting transmitter CHIN-1-FM Toronto. The Commission also approved Radio 1540’s application to amend the broadcasting licence for its commercial ethnic AM radio station CHIN Toronto in order to delete CHIN-1-FM as a transmitter. The new station would operate on 91.9 MHz (channel 220A) with an average ERP of 1,850 watts (max. ERP of 5,000 watts with EHAAT of 86 metres). Radio 1540 proposed to air 126 hours of programming, 84 hours of which would be devoted to local programming, during each broadcast week. For the remaining 42 hours, the station would simulcast CHIN-AM’s programming.

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