CFRX-SW, Toronto

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CFRX-SW193760701,000Rogers Radio Broadcasting Co. (CFRB)


CFRX shortwave signed on the air at 7:30 a.m. on February 11. It broadcast in the 49 metre band at 6070 kHz. Power was 1,000 watts. It simulcast the programming of CFRB-AM to extend that station’s coverage area to northern Canada where little radio service was available. The transmitter was co-sited with CFRB at Aurora. CFRX used its own antenna which consisted of two fifty foot vertical towers. It was configured for a directional pattern to the northwest. The transmitter for CFRX was designed and built by CFRB’s technical team.


CFRB was considering discontinuing the CFRX shortwave service. Thanks to hundreds of letters, the service would continue.

CFRB and CFRX moved to a new transmitter site at Clarkson.


On December 31, CFRX began operating from a new Elcom-Bauer 1,000 watt transmitter.


CFRX installed a new solid state Armstrong (redesigned AM) transmitter. It should be noted that the station was now operating with a non-directional pattern, using a single 50 foot vertical tower. With CFRX operating non-directionally, its purpose was now to keep Canadians travelling south to the U.S., in touch with Canadian news. In the past, the target was to reach Canadians in the north. The station was still operating on 6070 kHz. The power was about 900 watts from the 1 kW transmitter.

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