CJGB-FM, Jewel 99.3, Meaford

Evanov Communications

CJGB-FM201499.3100Dufferin Communications Inc.


On January 22, the CRTC approved an application by Dufferin Communications Inc. to operate an English-language commercial FM radio station in Meaford. The station would operate at 99.3 MHz (channel 257A) with an average effective radiated power of 100 watts (non-directional antenna with an effective height of antenna above average terrain of 177 metres). Dufferin was a wholly owned subsidiary of Evanov Communications Inc., a corporation controlled by William Evanov.

The proposed station would offer an Adult Contemporary/Easy Listening music format and broadcast 126 hours of local programming each broadcast week, including 18 hours of spoken word programming, 6 hours and 15 minutes of which would consist of pure news. Spoken word programming would include news, weather, sports and a number of specialty spoken word segments relating to its audience, such as Community Calendar, Big Apple Bites (agricultural reports), An Apple a Day (health watch features) and Apple Seedlings (a feature on Canadian emerging artists).

CJGB Jewel 99.3 began on air testing in August. The launch date was set for September 1.


On April 21, the CRTC denied an application to change the authorized contours of CJGB-FM by changing the class from A to B1, changing the antenna’s radiation pattern from non-directional to directional, increasing the average effective radiated power from 100 to 1,540 watts (maximum ERP from 100 to 2,875 watts) and decreasing the effective height of antenna above average terrain from 177 to 170.7 metres.

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