CIIG-FM, Muskoka Information Radio – Tourist, Gravenhurst

Instant Information Services Inc.

CIIG-FM201298.332Instant Information Services Inc.


On June 1, Instant Information Services Incorporated received CRTC approval to operate a radio station at Gravenhurst, operating on 101.9 MHz with ERP of 25 watts. The licence would expire August 31, 2015. The low-power tourist information station would be limited to broadcasting six minutes of advertising material per hour. It would offer 125 hours of local programming consisting of repeated loops of information on current weather, road conditions and the Bank of Canada exchange rate, along with tourist and community information about local events and attractions. The station would also have the capacity to serve as an emergency broadcast system in the event of an emergency in the Bracebridge/Gravenhurst area.


On May 3, Instant Information Services Inc. received an extension to June 1, 2012 to launch the station.


On February 22, the CRTC approved a further extension of time for getting the station on the air. The station would have to be operational by June 1, 2013. 

On February 27, the CRTC approved the application by Instant Information Services Inc. to change the technical parameters of CIIG-FM by relocating the transmitter, increasing the average effective radiated power from 25 to 32 watts (directional antenna), and decreasing the effective height of the antenna above average terrain from 55 to 30 metres. The applicant stated the original transmitter site selected for the station was no longer available.

CIIG-FM signed on the air August 15.


Gord Kidder (74) died on May 22. Kidder had a long broadcast sales career that included 17 years with CHUM Radio, and seven years with CFRB. He became a partner in Muskoka Information Radio in 2011.

CIIG-FM was now operating on 98.3 MHz and was known as Muskoka Information Radio.

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