CFWP-FM, Aboriginal, Bala

Wahta Communications Society

CFWP-FM200498.31,060Wahta Communications Society


On May 1, Matthew Commandant, on behalf of a non-profit organization to be incorporated as Wahta Communications Society, was given approval to operate an English-Native Type B FM station in Wahta Mohawk Territory near Bala. The new station would broadcast 126 hours of local programming during each broadcast week, including 7 hours of station-produced programming in the Mohawk language, and 110 hours of musical programming, of which 40 hours would be Aboriginal music. 25% of the music broadcast would be performed or composed by Aboriginal artists. The station would also broadcast 7 hours of cultural programming originating from CFJB-FM Barrie and CHRZ-FM Parry Sound. Effective radiated power would be 1,060 watts on a frequency of 98.3 MHz.


CFWP-FM Hawk Radio 98.3 signed on the air. Studios and offices were located at 2350 Muskoka Road 38, Bala.

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