CFRH-FM, French Community, Penetanguishene

Radio Huronie FM Communautaire Inc.

CFRH-FM198888.14,943Radio Huronie FM Communautaire Inc.


On July 14, CJBC-FM-3 Penetanguishine was given approval to add local studio facilities so that it could broadcast local programming produced by Radio-Huronie FM Communautaire and others.


On February 15, the CRTC approved an application by Radio-Huronie FM Communautaire Inc. for a French-language FM community station at Penetanguishene. The station would operate on a frequency of 101.9 MHz, with FM rebroadcasters in Lafontaine (101.9 MHz), Perkinsfield (89.7 MHz) and Midland (88.1 MHz). Each transmitter would operate at an effective radiated power of 10 watts. The Commission suggested the station may want to reduce the amount of programming it planned to produce and concentrate on meeting its commitments. The station had proposed 126 hours a week, including 29 hours of spoken word programming.


On February 17, approval was given for the purchase of CFRH-FM from Radio-Huronie FM Communautaire Inc. by La Clé d’la Baie en Huronie – Association culturelle francophone.This was an intra-corporate reorganization not altering the control or management of CFRH. The Commission also approved the change of frequency for the main transmitter at Penetanguishene from 101.9 to 88.1 MHz and an increase in effective radiated power from 10 to 4,493 watts. As a result of these changes, CFRH would no longer need its low power transmitters CFRH-FM-1 Midland, CFRH-FM-2 Perkinsfield and CFRH-FM-3 Lafontaine.


On August 18, CFRH was given approval to increase effective radiated power from 4,493 watts to an average ERP of 8,600 watts, increase  antenna height and to relocate the transmitter from Penetanguishene to Blue Mountain, west of Collingwood. The antenna would be on a Bell Canada tower (part of Lot 13, Concession 3, Collingwood Township). Height would decrease from 274 metres on the old tower to 146.6 metres on the new one. The changes were designed to improve the CFRH signal to better serve listeners in Barrie, Camp Borden and Angus. 


On November 1, the CRTC approved the application by La Clé d’la Baie en Huronie, Association culturelle francophone to add a rebroadcasting transmitter in Barrie for CFRH-FM. The transmitter would operate at 106.7 MHz (channel 294A1) with an ERP of 175 watts (non-directional). 


In May, CFRH changed its branding from Vague FM back to using its call letters.

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