CFMO-FM, Classical 102.9, Collingwood


CFMO-FM2014102.923,000MZ Media Inc.


On February 29, the CRTC approved in part an application by MZ Media Inc. for a broadcasting licence to operate a new specialty FM radio station to serve Collingwood. MZ was told that it must submit an amendment to its application proposing the use of an FM frequency other than 104.9 MHz, within 90 days. 

The Commission also approved a request by MZ Media to grant its new station an exception to the Commission’s policy on local programming as it relates to soliciting or accepting local advertising. The Commission noted that the predominance of the proposed FM station’s programming would originate with CFMZ-FM Toronto and offer that station’s Classical and Fine Arts music format to the Collingwood area. The proposed station would provide, on average, a maximum of 24 hours per week of differentiated local programming content directed specifically to listeners in Collingwood and the surrounding area. The applicant indicated that it would broadcast, on average, up to 18 hours and 54 minutes per broadcast week of differentiated advertising content, of which up to 12 hours and 36 minutes per broadcast week would be advertising specific to Collingwood and the surrounding area. 

MZ noted that although all programming would be produced in Toronto at its CFMZ-FM studio, its differentiated local programming content for Collingwood would be produced for exclusive broadcast on the proposed station. The proposed station would receive 100% of its music programming from CFMZ-FM. Consequently, the proposed station would be subject to CFMZ-FM’s current incremental condition of licence pertaining to the minimum level of content category 3 (Special Interest Music) Canadian musical selections to be aired. Moreover, the level of content category 3 Canadian musical selections to be broadcast on the proposed station would reflect the level in force for CFMZ-FM as of the date of this decision (i.e., 18%). This percentage would increase by 1% per broadcast year until it reaches 20% by the beginning of the 2013-2014 broadcast year, and would remain at that level for the balance of the licence term. Furthermore, the proposed FM station would also be subject to CFMZ-FM’s current condition of licence requiring that a minimum of 70% of all musical selections broadcast during each broadcast week be devoted to musical selections drawn from content subcategory 31 (Concert).


On March 15, the CRTC approved an application by MZ Media Inc. to operate CFMO-FM at 102.9 MHz. In order to allow CFMO-FM to operate at 102.9 MHz without interference, the Commission also approved an application by Georgina Island First Nations Communications to change the frequency of CFGI-FM Georgina Island from 102.7 MHz to 92.3 MHz. CFMO would operate with an average effective radiated power of 9,370 watts (maximum ERP of 23,000 watts) and an effective height of antenna above average terrain (EHAAT) of 255 metres.


CFMO-FM began on-air testing in the summer and launched on August 30.

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