CFJB-FM, Rock 95, Barrie

Rock 95 Broadcasting (Barrie Orillia) Ltd.

CFJB-FM199595.796,300Rock 95 Broadcasting (Barrie Orillia) Ltd.
CFJB-FM199495.745,500Rock 95 Broadcasting (Barrie Orillia) Ltd.
CFJB-FM198895.745,500Rock 95 Broadcasting (Barrie Orillia) Ltd. (Bingley group)


On February 29 the CRTC approved the application by Rock 95 Broadcasting (Barrie-Orillia) Ltd. for a new FM station at Barrie. The new station would operate with an effective radiated power of 50,000 watts, on a frequency of 95.7 MHz. Five competing applications were denied – Generation Broadcasting, CKBB-AM Barrie, CKLP-FM Parry Sound, Kempenfelt Broadcasting (headed by CKNX Wingham PD Jerry Chomyn) and Vin Dittmer (owner of CHAY-FM Barrie).

Tuning to out-of-market stations was about 60%, and most pronounced in the under 35 age group. The CRTC was impressed by Rock 95’s programming plans, which included a weekday half hour public affairs program, also a weekly one hour program dealing with social issues, native concerns, and another to be produced by students of Centennial College. The station would also hold a Battle of the Bands contest twice a year.

Rock 95 was owned by six individuals, three of whom were local residents and held more than 60% of the voting shares. Doug Bingley, the proposed president and general manager, would take up residence in the area. This would increase local ownership to a level of approximately 80%. Bingley had been a producer with TVOntario and was most recently with Bell Canada. None of the shareholders had any other involvement in broadcasting. Bob Chapple (a Barrie contractor), Dan Poechman (Bell Canada employee), Brian Leader (a Richmond Hill accountant) and Len Morris (owner of an Orillia mobile communications firm) were the other shareholders. Morris had been an engineer with CFCO Chatham, CKCO-TV Kitchener and CFOR Orillia.

CFJB began broadcasting on October 7. Studios and offices were located at 400 Bayfield Street in Barrie, and the transmitter and 500 foot high tower were in Oro.

Rick Hallson was program director and Erica Munn was news director.


On November 16, CFJB was given approval to relocate its transmitter to a site  approximately three kilometers east of the existing tower location. 


A power decrease from 50,000 to 45,500 watts was approved on April 15.  


On February 7, approval was granted for the transfer of control of Rock 95 Broadcasting (Barrie-Orillia) Ltd., to 1003151 Ontario Inc., a company controlled by Douglas Bingley, through its acquisition of 17,800 common voting shares, from Brian Leader (3,400 shares) and Daniel Poechman (14,400 shares).


On March 29, the CRTC approved the application to amend the licence for CFJB-FM by increasing the effective radiated power from 45,500 watts to 96,300 watts. The licensee indicated that the proposed power increase should resolve existing reception problems encountered in central Barrie. These changes took place later in the year.


Sue Leighton left as morning show co-host to do overnights at CKFM in Toronto. She was replaced by Stacey Thompson who came to Rock 95 from CKNX in Wingham. Other on-air names at the station at this time are Randy Richards, Al Brown, David Worthington, Tim Westin and Andre Shikolenko. Al Brown, Ross MacLeod and Carey Moran were in the news department.


In an attempt to improve its signal, CFJB tested an on-frequency repeater, phase locked to the main transmitter frequency. These tests were not a success.


Rock 95 gained a sister station on January 22 with the launch of “Star 107.5” CKMB-FM.


On March 28, a decrease in effective radiated power from 96,300 to 46,000 watts was approved. The station also proposed to move its transmitter site some 10 kilometres, to the tower used by sister station CKMB. The new site was approximately 100 metres higher than the present location and was the highest point of land in Simcoe County.

On July 26, the CRTC approved the application by Rock 95 Broadcasting (Barrie – Orillia) Ltd. to effect a corporate reorganization through the transfer of 24,400 common shares of Rock 95, representing a 38.1% voting interest, from Robert Chapple to Glenridge Holdings Inc., Mr. Chapple’s personal holding company. Glenridge already held 3,182 common shares, representing 5% of the voting interest of Rock 95. As a result of this transaction, Glenridge would hold 27,582 common shares or a 43.1% voting interest of Rock 95. Effective control of Rock 95 remained with Doug Bingley through his personal holding company (1003161 Ontario Inc.) 


On October 20, CFJB was given approval to decrease average effective radiated power from 46,000 to 41,000 watts, increase antenna height and relocate the transmitter from a location approximately 20 kilometres north of Barrie to a location within the Barrie city limits. The new site location would be the CKVR Channel 3 tower in south Barrie. Antenna height would increase from 255 to 303.5 meteres. CFJB and sister station CKMB would move to this location and combine with Corus stations CIQB and CHAY to couple into a new master FM antenna.


CFJB-FM and CKMB-FM moved to new studios and offices on December 1. The new address was 431 Huronia Road, Unit 10, Barrie.  


On November 16, the CRTC renewed the licence for CFJB-FM to 31 August 2014. The short-term renewal would enable the Commission to review, at an earlier date, the licensee’s compliance with the Radio Regulations, 1986.


JD Hunter left Rock 95 as Announcer/Producer to become Program Director at Sunshine 89.1 in Orillia.

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