CIFA-FM, Community, Comeauville

Radio Clare Association

CIFA-FM1990104.139,300Radio Clare Association


On July 6, the CRTC approved an application by Radio Clare Association to operate a French-language FM radio station at Church Point, on the frequency 102.1 MHz with an effective radiated power of 10 watts to broadcast informational programs for participants and visitors to the “Festival acadien de Clare” (7 to 12 July), “Festin de musique de Clare” (1 and 2 August), “Expo-Commerce” (2 to 4 October) and “La Fête de l’action de grâce” (10 to 12 October). The licence would expire October 12, 1987.  


On August 4, the CRTC approved the application by Radio Clare Association for a broadcasting licence to operate a French-language FM community radio broadcasting undertaking at Yarmouth on the 104.1 MHz frequency (channel 281B) at an effective radiated power of 39,300 watts. The licence would expire 30 June 1994. Radio Clare proposed to establish the station to serve the French-speaking Acadian population of southwestern Nova Scotia who lived in several small rural communities in Digby County, in and about Clare or St. Mary’s Bay and in Yarmouth County, particularly the Argyle and Pubnico areas.


CIFA-FM signed on the air September 28.


On April 23, the CRTC approved the application by Radio Clare Association to amend the Promise of Performance of the Type A community radio programming undertaking CIFA-FM Comeauville (Yarmouth), by increasing the amount of locally-produced programs from 80 hours to 105 hours each broadcast week.


On August 20, the CRTC approved a power reduction for CIFA-FM, from 39,300 to 23,715 watts. EHAAT would be raised from 145.5 to 186.2 metres.

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