CHNX-SW, Halifax

Maritime Broadcasting System Ltd.

CHNX-SW (VE9HX)19316110500Maritime Broadcasting System Ltd.


CHNS opened shortwave station VE9HX to rebroadcast the AM station’s programming. It operated on 6,110 kHz (49 metre band) with 200 watts of power.


CHNS was the CBC outlet in Halifax and produced many network shows, including the coverage of the Moose River Mine disaster, which made CHNS regular, J. Frank Willis a household name across North America with his five minute hourly broadcasts from the mine site for five straight days until the miners were rescued. With the shortwave signal, this coverage was extended to the world. 


Around this time VE9HX became CHNX.


Power was increased to 500 watts.


New quarters were built for the CHNX transmitter at the AM-SW facility in Rockingham.


It was reported that CHNX had not operated at 500 watts power for years and had only been putting out 40 to 70 watts since about the mid-1990’s.
Early this year, CHNX went off the air thanks to a transmitter failure. After repairs, the station returned to the air on October 24 with 40 watts of power into a G5RV antenna.


In September, transmitter problems caused CHNX to leave the air again. Parent company Maritime Broadcasting was not willing to fund the purchase of a new transmitter.

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