CKHR-FM, Hay River

Hay River Broadcasting Society

CKHR-FM1979107.3N/AHay River Broadcasting Society


Hay River Broadcasting Society opened CKHR-FM.


On June 18, the CRTC gave approval to CKHR to add the broadcast of the programs of CFMI-FM Vancouver, received via satellite from the Canadian Satellite Communications Inc. network, when local programs were not broadcast (approximately 44 hours per week). CFMI-FM’s programs would replace pre-recorded music. The approval was subject to the requirement that the new programming did not duplicate any other local service, and that the licensee continue to broadcast 82 hours per week of local programs and retain control over the programs broadcast.


The CRTC approved CKHR’s request to reduce local programming from 82 hours to 50 hours per week. It denied the part-time broadcast of CHFI-FM Toronto, CIRK-FM Edmonton and CKRW Whitehorse. The station would continue to rebroadcast the programming originating from CFMI-FM New Westminster.


By this time, CKHR-FM broadcast 3 hours per week of locally-produced programming. The station rebroadcast the programs of CFMI-FM for the remainder of the time.


The station was now required to broadcast 80 hours of station-produced programming each week. Community radio licensees had the flexibility to reduce or increase their weekly broadcast time by up to 20% without application to the CRTC. CKHR was a Type A Community station.


It was announced at the start of the year that CKHR 107.3 might have to sign off if it couldn’t find either new accommodations or added funding.

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