CBAC-AM, Tuktoyaktuk


CBAC-AM2005115040Canadian Broadcasting Corp.
CFCT-AM2005115040Canadian Broadcasting Corp.
CFCT-AM1971115049Tuktoyaktuk Broadcasting Society – Licence expired 2005


Tuktoyaktuk Broadcasting Society opened CFCT-AM at 6:45 p.m. MST, January 20. The station was established with the assistance of Toronto’s CHUM Limited. CHUM assisted the 1,000 watt station with the purchase and installation of the transmitter, tower and other equipment. CHUM also provided technical help, news and program material, and  comitted to subsidize CFCT on an annual basis.


CFCT was airing about four hours of local programming each day. Twelve hours came from the CBC Northern Service via microwave from Inuvik.


CFCT had been in financial trouble for some time. The non-profit station had cut its staff to two and considered an offer of free programming from Radio Moscow! Local oil companies found out about the Radio Moscow offer and came to the aid of the station. Dome Petroleum Ltd. provided a temporary subsidy and gave CFCT some new studio equipment.


CFCT was listed as operating on 600 kHz with a power of 1,000 watts.


Tuktoyaktuk Broadcasting Society’s licence expired. In order to maintain CBC’s Radio One service to Tuktoyaktuk, the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. applied to operate a transmitter at Tuktoyaktuk to rebroadcast CHAK Inuvik. CFCT would now broadcast on 1150 kHz with a transmitter power of 40 watts. The non-directional vertically polarized inverted L antenna would be co-located with the CBC’s CBEPT-TV.

The call sign changed to CBAC.

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