CKUM-FM, Campus – Codiac FM, Moncton

Médias Acadiens Uniersitaires Inc.

CKUM-FM197193.5250Médias Acadiens Universitaires Inc.


The University of Moncton launched CKUM Radio.


An application by the student federation at the University of Moncton to operate a new French FM station at Moncton (105.7 MHz with 50 watts) was denied. The CRTC ruled the proposed programming was not compatible with the concept of a student radio station.


Les Média Acadiens Universitaires Inc. was issued an FM licence for a station at the University of Moncton. CKUM would operate on a frequency of 105.7 MHz and have a power of 50 watts.


On January 11, the CRTC renewed CKUM-FM’s licence until September 30, 1984.


CKUM’s application to move from 105.7 to 94.5 MHz and increase transmitter power from 50 watts to an effective radiated power of 13,300 watts, was denied. The station also had proposed relocated its transmitter at Lutes Mountain. CKUM was licenced as a low power station and these changes would have increased its coverage area from  approximately 10 kilometres in diameter to Class B status with an official contour extending up to 65 kilometres from Moncton.


On September 21, CKUM was given approval to change frequency from 105.7 to 93.5 MHz and to increase effective radiated power from 50 to 250 watts.


In the fall, CKUM changed its branding from CKUM to Codiac FM. In the past, the station had been known as Radio J.

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