CIRM-FM, Tourist, Moncton

3077457 Nova Scotia Limited

CIRM-FM101.9503077457 Nova Scotia Limited


On November 26, the CRTC approved in part the application by 3077457 Nova Scotia Limited for authority to operate a low-power tourist information service in Moncton. The licensee was directed to submit for approval an application proposing the use of a suitable frequency other than 90.7 MHz.  3077457 Nova Scotia was directly owned by Jack McGaw (50%) and indirectly by Robert Stapells (50%) through 3079118 Nova Scotia Limited. The proposed station would broadcast pre-recorded messages informing tourists of weather and highway conditions as well as attractions and services in the Moncton area. The licence would expire August 31, 2011.


On July 8, the Commission approved the use of 101.9 MHz for the new station. Effective radiated power would be 50 watts.


CIRM-FM began broadcasting.


On September 27, the CRTC approved the application by what was now known as Instant Information Services Incorporated to change the frequency of CIRM-FM from 101.9 MHz (channel 270LP) to 90.1 MHz (channel 211LP) and to move the transmission site.


On September 2, the Commission denied the application by CIRM-FM to change frequency from 90.1 MHz (channel 211LP) to 96.3 MHz (channel 242A), and to increase effective radiated power from 22.4 to 500 watts (non-directional antenna with an effective height of antenna above average terrain of 63.5 metres).


CIRM-FM sought another frequency change and on November 22, the CRTC denied the application. The station proposed to move from 90.1 to 96.3 MHz with the same ERP increase as proposed in 2011.


On November 21, the CRTC issued an exemption order for low-power radio stations that provided tourist information. It came into effect immediately. Licensees of radio stations that considered their operations to be eligible for exemption under the order could file a simple statement asking that the Commission revoke their licences. CIRM-FM’s licence was to expire August 31, 2014.

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