CFJU-FM, French Community, Kedgwick

La Radio Communautaire des Hauts Plateaux Incorporée

CFJU-FM199390.11,215La Radio Communautaire des Hauts Plateaux Incorporée
CFAI-FM-2199190.11,215La Coopérative des Montagnes Limitée – Radio Communautaire


On February 15, La Coopérative des Montagnes Limitée – Radio Communautaire was given approval to operate French-language FM community stations at Edmundston (Type B), Grand Falls (Type A) and Saint-Quentin (Type A) – serving the Madawaska, Haut-Victoria and Restigouche-Ouest areas of northwestern New Brunswick in which the population was predominantly Francophone. The licences would expire August 31, 1991.

The Grand Falls station would operate on 105.1 MHz with an ERP of 2,900 watts. The applicant was aked to seek alternate frequencies for Edmundston (proposed 92.7 MHz with 4,100 watts) and for Saint-Quentin/Kedgwick (proposed 95.3 MHz with 1,215 watts).

The applicant proposed to broadcast a total of 122 hours per week on each station, including 16 hours to be devoted exclusively to each station’s individual listenership. In addition, each station would contribute programming to the other two stations for a total weekly local production of 69 hours 20 minutes per week at Edmundston, 47 hours at Grand Falls, and 32 hours 40 minutes at Saint-Quentin.


On August 21, the CRTC approved the application by La Coopérative des Montagnes Ltée to utilize the 101.1 MHz frequency with an ERP of 600 watts at Edmundston and the 90.1 MHz frequency at Saint-Quentin.


On April 2, CFAI-FM and its retransmitters signed on the air.


On May 20, La Radio Communautaire des Hauts Plateaux Incorporée was authorized to acquire CFAI-FM-2 Kedgwick/Saint-Quentin from La Coopérative des Montagnes Limitée. The new owner proposed to increase local programming from 32 hours 40 minutes to 62 hours per broadcast week. In addition to this local program production, the station would broadcast 58 hours of programming originating from CFAI-FM Edmundston and CFAI-FM-1 Grand-Sault. 

Under the new owners, CFAI-FM-2 became CFJU-FM.


By this time, CFJU 90.1 (The New Sound – Music Gospel & Chretienne –  Community Radio of the High plateaus of Western Restigouche) was operating from studios at 16 Street Savoy in Kedgwick. 


In April, CFJU changed its branding to Route 17 FM 90.1.

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