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Lynn V, Salton / Left the air

CKZC-AM1922420100Lynn V, Salton / Left the air


In February of 1922, Lynn V. Salton put this station on the air from his Grosevenor Avenue home.  Broadcast on Sunday and Tuesday evenings, with a good selection of gramophone records.  He used the “El Capitan March” to open his programs and was heard as far away as 845 miles.

Salton was an amateur radio operator, a wireless operator during and after the war, and in  the early 1920’s was the appointed radio inspector for the three prairie provinces. 

In April 1922, he resigned as radio inspector, sold his interest in his radio consulting business to his partner, and took charge of Eaton’s department store radio department moving in his  CKZC transmitter  to demonstrate to potential customers just how radio worked.  It proved very popular.  Eaton’s also opened their mail order department  which dominated radio sales across Canada.  Eaton’s Radio Guide was the bible for radio fans across the country for years.  It displayed a full line of receiving sets, kits, and component parts.

There is no record of what happened to CKZC.

SOURCE: “Early Wireless and Radio in Manitoba”  Manitoba Historical Society. 

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