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CKY-FM2002102.370,000Rogers Broadcasting Ltd.
CKY-AM1992i08050,000Rogers Broadcasting Ltd.
CKY-AM19495805,000/1,000Broadcasting Station CKY Ltd. (Moffat)


Bergman-Moffat Broadcasting Co. Ltd. applied for a new AM station at  Winnipeg,  a frequency of 1080 kHz with power of 1,000 watts. Principals were Lloyd Moffat, former owner of CKBI Prince Albert and Major Norman Bergman, a Winnipeg barrister. The application was deferred by the CBC board.


The Bergman-Moffat application was again heard by the CBC Board and this time it was approved. They would be allowed to operate a new AM station in Winnipeg, using 1080 kHz with power of 1,000 watts. 

The new CKY was slated to begin operations on October 1. This would be a return of the CKY call letters to the Winnipeg airwaves. Lloyd Moffat would manage the new station. The company was now busy digging up a building to locate its studios and offices.

The CBC gave Bergman-Moffat permission to increase power of their soon to open station to 5,000 watts (1080 kHz).

A location had been found for studios and offices – the London Block on Main Street (Loredore Building, 432 Main Street North), just doors away from the intersection of Portage Avenue. Bergman-Moffat leased the entire first floor and work would begin as soon as the current occupants had vacated. Land for the transmitter site was found on Dawson Road, about eight miles from the city. Three towers would be used and coverage would be concentrated on the southern and western parts of Manitoba.

CKY became a member of the Canadian Association of Broadcasters.

Slogan: The Voice of Manitoba. Pre-opening ad: Coming – Soon! A new, powerful voice in Manitoba.

Near the end of the year it was known that the following would be on the CKY staff: Jack F. Sweeney (news director), Wilf Collier (production manager – had been manager of CJNB North Battleford for a short time), Jack Shortreed (city sales manager), John G. Edwards (from CKRC, chief engineer), Ed McCrea (program director). Announcers included: Jim McLeod (formerly of CHAT Medicine Hat), John O’Leary, Doug Whelan (ex of CKWS Kingston) and Margaret Hood (formerly of CKRC).

A December ad was promoting the fact that CKY was now on the air. An official opening was planned for January 1, 1950.


The new CKY officially signed on the air at midnight, January 1. It had actually gone on the air at 11:30 p.m. on December 31, 1949. That’s when the sound of a watch started ticking off the remaining minutes of 1949. Program director Ed MaCrea greeted listeners at midnight and then played dance tunes until 3:00 a.m. when CKY left the air to return at 7:00 a.m. Special opening day ceremonies were held later in the day. Premier D.L. Campbell welcomed the new CKY by saying, “I feel sure it will maintain the same high standard of broadcasting that made the old CKY one of Canada’s outstanding stations”. He was referring to the CKY that had existed until July 1, 1948. That station was owned by the province and was purchased by the CBC, becoming CBW. Other opening day speakers: Winnipeg mayor Garnet Coulter, St. Boniface mayor George McLean, S.S. McDiarmid, the minister of natural resources, as well as public and religious officials. The CKY building housed four studios. The largest could accommodate a full orchestra and dramatic cast. There were two control rooms, one of which had five turntables and two modern recorders – the only ones of their kind, west of Toronto.

Slogan: A powerful new voice in Winnipeg and Manitoba. 

Application was made for the transfer of CKY from Bergman-Moffat Broadcasting Co. Ltd. to Broadcasting Station CKY Ltd. This was approved. Lloyd Moffat, general manager of Bergman-Moffat would have control of the new company.

Vaughn Bjerre hosted the Night Watchman program. Jim McLeod was on-air. Lionel Moore was farm director. J.M. (Marsh) Ellis was appointed sales manager. He had worked for CJAT Trail, CKCK Regina and CHAT Medicine Hat. Announcer George Hellman joined CKY from CKPR.

CKY applied to change frequency from 1080 to 580 kHz (home to the original CKY). Power would remain unchanged at 5,000 watts. The application was approved.

CKY was feeding its newscasts through theatre PA systems during intermissions – commercials and all.

CKY moved from 1080 to 580 kHz on August 20. 

Steve Rowan joined CKY as special events announcer. He had been at CKOC Hamilton until September 3. Wendy Warren was on-air at CKY. George Hellman joined CKY in the spring, from CKPR.


Ross Teel joined CKY’s promotion department. Alistair MacKenzie was named manager of CKY. He had been commercial manager at CFAC Calgary. Jack Wells handled Winnipeg Blue Bombers football (CFL) games for CKY. Gord Hunter was in the sports department. Gene Charbonneau was an announcer. A.R. Mackenzie was CKY’s new general manager.

Slogans: The Powerful station with Proven listener response. / In Winnipeg and Manitoba it’s CKY. / Sell Manitoba the rich family market with Manitoba’s family station. 


CKY received approval to operate a 1,000 watt emergency transmitter.


Longtime Winnipeg freelance sports announcer Jack Wells signed an exclusive contract with CKY for three years. George Hellman left CKY and the radio business – but not for long. He would soon end up with Horace N. Stovin & Co.

CKY joined the RTNDA. Jon McManus was news director.


Jack Stewart was production manager. Porky Charbonneau was early morning host. 


Slogans: More listeners than any other station on The Prairies. CKY Winnipeg – 1st with the biggest B.B.M. of any station* on the Prairies (*private station).

Al Davidson was a news editor. Wendy Warren was women’s director. 

CKY had a western-type show – Rhythm Ranch. 


CKY now had a complete mobile studio which was housed in a bus. The station had four cars and a station wagon as part of its mobile fleet, in addition to its “studio on wheels”. The mobile studio was equipped with a shortwave trasnsmitter to carry the programs broadcast from the unit to the CKY transmitter or downtown studios.


Wilf Collier left CKY on April 1 to become GM of CKRM in Regina. He was assistant manager at CKY and had been with the station for 8 years.

CKY was an independent station with no network affiliation. It was owned by Broadcasting Station CKY Ltd. (L. E. Moffat 96.0%, Clara A. Moffatt 2.0% and Evelyn A. Laursen 2.0%). Lloyd E. Moffat was president of the company and CKY’s manager. Jack R. Stewart was program and news director.

Lloyd Moffat, president of Broadcasting Station CKY Ltd., announced the appointment of Jack Davidson as executive vice president. Davidson had been with Northern Broadcasting.  

Country music listeners had “Breakfast with Porky” every morning at 7:30. Porky Charbonneau had been with the station for the past 8 years. 


Andy Malowanchuck was chief engineer. 

Ad: More people listen to CKY because CKY offers more! First with the best. First with the most. First in public service. CKY sets the pace in balanced programming, in audience acceptance, in value to the advertiser. The listener’s choice – Mainitoba’s voice – CKY – 24 hours a day, every day – the station that never signs off.

Personality listing from a full page print ad: Sportscasters: Jack Wells, Jack Meck, Jim Kielback, Ron Morrier and Ed McCrae (CKY – the sports station). Newscasters: Fred Whiting, Bill Grogan, John Williams and Al Davidson (News as it happens, where it happens. Full newscasts every 30 minutes. 4 mobile news cruisers, studio-on-wheels, aircraft). Music: Doug Burrows, Brad Keene, Joe Mauro, Keith Rutherford, Don McTavish, Jack Stewart, Bill Liska and Bob Carle (CKY’s Hit Parade and Western Top 20 is the authority in Western Canada. 5,000 copies distributed weekly). Features: 50-A-Day, Ask the Pastor, Billy O’Connor, Fred Waring, North Knowing, Cartoon Carnival, Cash for Kids, Roving Mike, Voice in the Night, Jimmy Fidler, Cisco Kid and Ruth Parsons. 

Ad slogan: CKY – top rated station in Manitoba – CKY – the station that never signs off. 

According to Elliott-Haynes CKY reached a total of 303,813 adult listeners every day.

With the Board of Broadcast Governors replacing the CBC as regulator, many parties were awaiting the lifting of the TV ban…in Winnipeg three channels were available and the following were interested in obtaining a TV licence: Red River Television Association (a 16 man syndicate); Parker, Kucher & Associates; CKY and CJOB.


Jack M. Davidson joined CKY as executive vice president from Roy Thomson’s Northern Broadcasting Co. Later in the year, Davidson moved on to CJAY channel 7 as general manager. Ed McCrea left CKY for G.N. Mackenzie Ltd. in Toronto. Malcolm MacFarlane joined CKY as supervisor to sales promotion and advertiser’s services. D.M. (Don) McDermid was appointed general sales manager. He had been national sales manager for the past four years. 

CKY owner Lloyd Moffat was involved in the establishment of CJAY-TV in Winnipeg.

At the inaugural meeting of Channel Seven Television Ltd., the following directors were elected: Ralph S. Misener (president), Lloyd E. Moffat (VP), T.O. Peterson (treasurer), Campbell Haig, Q.C. (secretary), Walter E. Kroeker and Roland G. Couture. CJAY-TV went on the air in November.

The most powerful private radio station on the Prairies went into operation on April 1 when CKY switched to 50,000 watts. The station had operated with 5,000 watts for the past ten years. Station engineers noted with 50 kW, the 580 kHz frequency (low end of the dial) and extremely high terrain conductivity at the transmitter site, CKY coverage would be among the biggest on the continent. The new transmitter site was located two miles north of St. Agathe on Highway 75, some 15 miles south of Winnipeg. The station’s four 320 foot towers sent the signal into Northwestern Ontario, Northern Manitoba, and across the Prairies.

Ads promoting 50 kW – Now 50,000 watts – 10 times the power of most stations in the west. / CKY 50,000 watts – 10 times the power of MOST stations on the Prairies. Biggest coverage of ANY station on the continent. Featuring the Golden Sound – Tuned to the tempo of today – the Golden Sound introduces an entirely new concept of radio broadcasting. The Golden Sound gives CKY listeners the most brilliant reproduction of sound specially engineered and designed for CKY. CKY Winnipeg – 580 kcs. 

Ads: Reach out for Western business. The latest B.B.M. (spring ’60) gives CKY 158,000 households. / CKY Radio Winnipeg. 50,000 watts – 580 KC’s – The greatest coverage of any station on the North American continent. 

Sid Boyling was named general manager of CKY Radio, succeeding J.M. Davidson, now with CJAY-TV. Jack Wells was named sports commentator for CJAY-TV. He had been with CBWT but would continue his sports work for CKY and a local newspaper.


Lloyd Moffat died unexpectedly. He was replaced as company president by his son Randy.


March announcer line-up: Jack Wells (7-9 a.m.), Joe Pyne (9-10:30), George Dawes (10:30 to 2:00), Gary Todd (2-4), Jimmy Darin (4-6), Chuck Dann (6-9), Daryl B. (9-midnight) and Dean Scott (overnights).
Approval was given for the transfer of 383,764 common shares of Moffat Broadcasting Ltd., owner of CKY-AM-FM and Vancouver’s CKLG-AM-FM; and for the transfer 25,000 class A common shares in Channel Seven Television Ltd., owner of CJAY-TV.

Randy Moffat, president of Moffat Broadcasting Ltd. added the General Manager title to his list of duties, responsible for CKY AM and FM. CKY’s Promotions Manager Bill Grogan was named Program Director. Sid Boyling, CKY’s former GM moved to Moose Jaw as general manager of CHAB-TV and CHRE-TV (Regina), working for CHAB Ltd.’s Jack Moffat. 


Bob Bradburn, Kay Wise, George Dawes and Bill Trebilcoe were all heard on-air at CKY.


George Johns left his part-time music post at CKY for CKOM in Saskatoon.


CKY was affiliated with CHUM Limited’s new Canadian Contemporary News System. Canadian Contemporary News Service had two regional newsrooms, one of them being at CKY in Winnipeg. The headquarters for the service was in Ottawa.

James M. Pryor was named chairman of the board of Moffat Broadcasting Ltd. 


Effective September 1, Thomas E. McBride was appointed general manager of CKXL. Since October of 1969 he had been general manager of CKY and joined the company (Moffat) in July, 1960, as an account executive. He was appointed retail sales manager in March of 1966. 

David E. Lyman, effective September 1, returned to Winnipeg as general manager of CKY. He joined the station in October, 1962 as production manager. In January of 1966 he moved to Calgary as program director of CKXL. Since July, 1969, he had acted as general manager of CKXL.


Moffat Broadcasting Ltd. became publicly-traded Moffat Communications Ltd. Donna Hardstaff (nee Moffat) and Randall Moffat had each held 50%. Under the new structure, Randall Moffat held 51.2% and the public offering was 38.8%.


CKY-AM/FM studios moved from 432 Main Street into the CJAY-TV building at Polo Park. 


Jeff Newfield was doing afternoons at CKY. Later, when he worked in Toronto, he was known as Scruff Connors.


Don Percy was CKY’s morning man by this time.


The corporate name changed to Moffat Communications Ltd.


Morning man Don Percy and CKY parted company. The station was so upset with his decision to leave that he wasn’t allowed to do a farewell show. Competitor CFRW allowed Percy to say his goodbyes on that station


CKY announced that it would use the Kahn AM Stereo system.


On February 15, the CRTC renewed CKY’s licence to September 30, 1989. The Commission acknowledged the licensee’s contribution to the development of local creative musical talent by providing such programs as the “Canada Jam”, a weekly one hour feature showcasing Winnipeg musical talent, and the “Best of Broadway” series, presenting live, locally-produced talent. 


David Spence (weather) joined CKY from CFCN-TV in Calgary.


Eryn Brooks left CKY to work in the news department at CKDA Victoria.

Roy Hennessey moved from CKY/CITI-FM Winnipeg to manage CHFM-FM/CKXL Calgary. Keith James moved from CHFM/CKXL to CHAM Hamilton and Don Kay moved from CHAM to replace Hennessey at CKY/CITI.


CKY/CITI-FM sales manager Ron Kizney was now heading up the Winnipeg office of Radio Sales Group. 

Moffat moved Roy Hennessy from CKY Winnipeg to manager CISS Calgary (formerly CKXL). 

David Spence left CKY to return to CFCN-TV. 


Stan Genno became sales manager at CKY. Charles Adler left CKY to become news director at CKLW Windsor.


On August 20, the CRTC approved the sale by Moffat Communications Ltd. of CKY-AM and CITI-FM to Rogers Broadcasting Ltd. Moffat sold its entire radio division, but kept CKY-TV. Rogers also acquired Moffat’s CHFM-FM in Calgary.


Hal Anderson left CKY for the CJKR morning show.


CKY and CITI-FM moved out of the old Polo Park studios to a new facility at 4-166 Osbourne St.

Don Percy was back as morning man by this time.

Alden Diehl, 68, died October 27. After leaving a big mark at CFRA Ottawa and then CKLW Windsor, he joined CKY / CITI-FM as general manager. He then moved on to sister stations CKLG / CFOX-FM in Vancouver.


Daryl Burlingham (Daryl B) died February 25. Over the years he had worked on-air at top stations across the country, including CKY.


On January 21, CKY 580 became by 102 Clear FM. The new station broadcast with 70,000 watts on 102.3 MHz.


CITI and CKY gained a sister television station with the launch of CIIT-TV channel 35.


Early on the morning of December 2nd, Ted Rogers, founder and former Chief Executive of Rogers Communications, owners of CKY-FM, died at his home in Toronto, after having suffered from congestive heart failure for some time.


Darren Jopka, the former Sales Supervisor, was promoted to General Sales Manager of 92 CITI FM/102.3 Clear FM. 

In February Craig Pfeiffer took over as program director at 102.3 Clear FM. 

Tom Scott was the new General Manager at CKY-FM/CITI-FM, moving from Citytv Winnipeg where he remained GM until a successor could be found. Scott moved to Citytv in October of 2008 after working at MTS TV Services and at Global Specialty Services in Winnipeg. Former CKY/CITI GM Greg Letawsky was now with the Rogers Radio cluster in Vancouver full-time as Market Sales Manager.

On May 28, the CRTC renewed the licence of CKY-FM until August 31, 2016.

Laurie Jolicoeur was now the Promotion Director at Clear FM. She moved from sister Rogers property Citytv Winnipeg where she was the Marketing Events Co-ordinator.

It was announced that CKY/CITI-FM General Manager Tom Scott would return to Citytv Winnipeg in the fall, again as GM. Scott, who joined Citytv in 2008 moved to the radio side to be GM at the Rogers-owned radio stations after the previous manager was transferred to Vancouver. A new GM for the radio cluster was being sought.

Scott Armstrong, former General Manager at Corus Radio Cornwall, became the new GM at Rogers-owned 92 CITI-FM/102.3 Clear FM Winnipeg beginning October 6. Further, he became Program Director at CITI-FM when Jeff Brown left that position at the end of October. Armstrong succeeded Tom Scott who moved back to Citytv Winnipeg as GM.


CKY-FM changed format from Adult Contemporary to Hot Adult Contemporary, keeping the “Clear FM” name.

Billie Jo Ross left Clear FM for Lite 95.9 Calgary.


In September, 92 CITI FM announced that it would be the new home of Winnipeg’s #1 rock radio morning show, Wheeler in the Morning with Philly and Rena. Wheeler in the Morning replaced the Tom & Joe morning show with Tom McGouran and Joe Aiello. Aiello would continue to wake up Winnipeg radio listeners on a new weekday morning show alongside on-air personality Kerri Salki on sister station 102.3 CLEAR FM. This move saw Salki’s co-host Jay Oliver departing the station.


Scott Armstrong was appointed General Manager for Rogers Radio & TV in Winnipeg.


CKY-FM rebranded in February from 102.3 CLEAR FM to KiSS 102.3. The format remained an Adult contemporary mix. 

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