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Dauphin Broadcasting Ltd.

CKDM-AM196673010,000Dauphin Broadcasting Ltd.
CKDM-AM19587301,000Dauphin Broadcasting Ltd.
CKDM-AM195610501,000Dauphin Broadcasting Ltd.
CKDM-AM19511230250Dauphin Broadcasting Ltd.


Dauphin Broadcasting Co. Ltd. through Ken Parton applied for an AM station at Dauphin – 1230 kHz with 250 watts. The application was deferred. The application was heard again at the CBC Board’s next meeting, and was approved. 


CKDM officially opened on January 5, although the station was still awaiting permanent broadcast authority from the Department of Transport, expected on February 1. Mayor W. Bullmore and Reeve J. Potoski spoke at the opening ceremonies. A 60 minute variety show featured many artists from the area. Ken Parton, former manager of CJGX Yorkton, was managing director. Chief announcer was W.G. Portman (former announcer and production manager at CHUB Nanaimo). Other announcers: Jim Henderson (from CKRM Regina) and Peter Prosdoswech (new to the business). George Gallagher (formerly with CJGX) was sales manager and would also handle the station’s newscasts. The “DM” in the call sign: Dauphin, Manitoba.

George Balcan was one of CKDM’s first announcers. Years later, Balcan would become a big name in Montreal radio, but the Dauphin native got his start at his hometown radio station. 

Slogans: A community radio service for 96,000 Manitobans. / The baby that became a GIANT in one short year! CKDM Dauphin. 

In late January or early February, Ken Wright was hired to replace Ken Parton as manager. This was only a month or so after CKDM went on the air. Some of the staff Wright remembered from that time: Jack (Jim) Henderson (announcer and production manager), John Donaldson (announcer), George Gallagher (sales manager and some on air work), Stacia Smilski (receptionist/secretary), Ernie Bashford (morning host), Helen Gaynor (continuity writer/women’s director).


David M. Hughes was named manager, replacing Glen Hjalmarson. Hughes had been business manager.


Approval was given for the transfer of an unstated number of common and preferred shares in Dauphin Broadcasting Ltd.


CKDM received federal approval to change frequency from 1230 to 1050 kHz and to increase daytime power from 250 to 1,000 watts.

Jack Henderson was production manager at CKDM


CKDM moved to 1050 kHz and increased daytime power to 1,000 watts. Night-time power remained at 250 watts. The station operated with a non-directional signal, full-time.

Later in the year, CKDM applied to change frequency to 730 kHz. Power would remain 1,000 watts day and 250 watts at night. 


CKDM operated as an independent station with no network affiliation. Ownership of Dauphin Broadcasting Co. Ltd.: W. Booth 0.7%, W. Cruise 2.7%, B. Lazaruk 6.3%, J. Maillard 5.1%, M. Potoski 12.5%, R. P. Scott 5.1%, C. J. Seale 1.2%, J. Tyeholiz 0.8%, A. T. Warnock 13.6%, 105 other shareholders 52.0%.

Tommy Warnock was president of the company.  Michael Hopkins became station manager. He had been an announcer at CKY in Winnipeg. Brian Skinner was program and production manager. John McManus became news editor and promotions manager.

By June, CKDM had moved from 1050 kHz to 730 kHz. Power remained 1,000 watts. 


Slogans: The powerful Voice from the Heart of the Keystone Province. / 24 hours a day from the heart of Manitoba.

CKDM used “Mr. Manitoba” in its print ads: Mr. Manitoba says: Old fashioned balanced good listening still pays off for Manitoba’s most listened-to station (outside Greater Winnipeg). Drama & comedy – 11 hours per week. Sports – 33 programs per week. News – 48 newscasts per day (correspondents from Brandon to Flin Flon). Public service – 18 five minute regular shows per week. Women’s shows – 5 hours per week (women’s commentator). Farm programs – 17 programs per week. Kiddies programs – 1 1/2 hours per week. Teen shows – 7 hours per week. Religion (public service) – 11 programs per week. REALLY balanced programs means you can’t sell Central Manitoba without CKDM Dauphin. 24 hours per day from the heart of Manitoba. 

According to Elliott-Haynes, CKDM reached at total of 26,525 adult listeners every day. 

Lorne G. Bignell was appointed national sales manager of CKDM. He had been with All-Canada. 

Ad: Right from the heart – Mr. Manitoba sells to almost everyone in Central Manitoba with radio that lives – News, Telecall Ladies, Roundup Time, Teen Club, Promenade Under The Stars, Sports, Kiddies Karnival, Rainbow Ballroom, Morning In Manitoba, Rural Route 730, Farm Reports, Morning Theatre, Nite Life, Dramas…CKDM 730 – Dauphin, Manitoba – Radio Central Manitoba. 


CKDM acquired a Gates 10,000 watt transmitter from Canadian Marconi Sales. 

Jack Henderson was at CKDM.


By this time, CKDM 730 was operating with 10,000 watts day and 5,000 watts night.

A. T. Warnock, Q.C. was president of Dauphin Broadcasting. J. Hugh Dunlop was manager of CKDM.


On February 15, the CRTC renewed CKDM’s licence until September 30, 1989.


Hugh Dunlop stepped down as general manager of CKDM, due to health reasons. A short time later he passed away. Linus Westberg became GM. He had spent 30 years in management at CKOS-TV in Yorkton. 


Jacqueline Larson became news director at CKDM.


Linus Westberg was CKDM’s general manager. Bruce Leperre was appointed program director.


The transfer of control of CKDM from various shareholders to Joseph C. Maillard and Marguerite Maillard was approved by the CRTC. The sale involved the transfer of 16,135 common voting shares.


CKDM, celebrating Dauphin’s 100th anniversary, hosted 22 previous announcers at a large party July 8. General manager Linus Westberg said the “old” announcers would be taking over the radio station for a day in July, 6 a.m. – 6 p.m. And, the very first announcer to sign-on with CKDM (1951) – George Balcan would lead the event. A large party was also to be held. 

Wendy Perch left CKDM to do morning news at CKPG Prince George.


CKDM marked 50 years on the air. 

Jack Dawes, regarded as western Canada’s most influential and experienced farm broadcaster, moved to CKDM after 14 years with CJGX in Yorkton, SK.


730 CKDM had Multi/Variety/Specialty (Country/Rock) format. Studios and offices for Dauphin Broadcasting Co. Ltd. were at 27 – 3rd Avenue in Dauphin. 


On August 31, the CRTC administratively renewed the licence of CKDM until August 31, 2012. The Commission noted that licence renewal applications for this station had not been received. If the licence renewal application had not been received by November 30, 2011, the Commission might not renew the licence further.


On September 4, the CRTC renewed CKDM’s licence (administratively) until February 28, 2013.


On February 19, the CRTC administratively renewed the licence of CKDM to August 31, 2013.


After almost seven decades at the old downtown location, CKDM was in the midst of moving to new studios at the town’s southern edges. Facilities would include a new transmitter and phasing unit. Broadcasting from the new location was expected to begin at the start of November.

CKDM took home the award for Station of the Year (Secondary Market) at the 2015 Manitoba Association of Country Music Awards.

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