CJWV-FM, Campus, Winnipeg

LIcence revoked by CRTC

CJWV-FM2008107.9200LIcence revoked by CRTC
CJWV-FM2004107.9200Harmony Broadcasting Corp.


On December 5, N.I.B. 95.5 Cable FM Inc. received a licence for an English-language FM campus instructional station at Winnipeg. It would broadcast on a frequency of 92.9 MHz with an effective radiated power of 45 watts. The new station would be the fifth campus instructional FM station in Canada. It would be affiliated with the National Institute of Broadcasters (NIB), a not-for-profit organization without share capital. 


On March 30, CJAE-FM was authorized to decrease effective radiated power from 45 watts to 13 watts.


On August 8, N.I.B 95.5 Cable FM Inc. was denied a liecence for a new commercial FM radio station to serve Winnipeg that would operate at 107.9 MHz with an effective radiated power of 200 watts. The applicant indicated that, if the application were approved, it would surrender its current licence for CJAE-FM Winnipeg. The CRTC instead approved an amendment to NIB’s instructional campus licence, allowing CJAE-FM to change frequency from 92.9 MHz to 107.9 MHz and increase effective radiated power from 13 watts to 200 watts.


In November, CJWV “Wave 107.9” (formerly CJAE-FM) began testing.


In early July, Harmony Broadcasting Corp. officially launched CJWV-FM. The station operated with a smooth jazz / easy listening format from studios and offices at 200-177 McDermot Avenue.


On July 24, the CRTC revoked the broadcasting licence for CJWV-FM. In 2007, the Commission imposed six mandatory orders on Harmony Broadcasting Corporation, licensee of the campus/instructional radio station. These mandatory orders, which resulted from repeated non-compliance, directed the licensee to comply at all times with the requirements of the Radio Regulations, regarding the submission of logger tapes and other information, the broadcast of Canadian music, and to comply with the conditions of CJWV-FM’s licence concerning the broadcast of news, music drawn from content category 3 and educational programming. Harmony subsequently failed to provide logger tapes as requested by the Commission on two occasions. This represented an alleged breach of one mandatory order and also hindered the Commission’s ability to verify if the licensee was in compliance with the other mandatory orders, the Regulations, its conditions of licence and the Commission’s Campus Radio Policy. The entity known as Harmony Broadcasting Corporation was dissolved in May 2007, and the station ceased to operate in October 2007. The Corporation has since been revived and an agreement was struck between Mr. Franc Capozzolo and the Corporation that would result in Mr. Capozzolo being replaced as the sole member of the Corporation by Mr. David Asper. Mr. Asper would appoint a new Board of Directors. The Commission called Harmony to the June 4 public hearing to show cause why additional mandatory orders requiring the licensee to comply with the Regulations and its conditions of licence should not be issued, why the Commission should not suspend or revoke Harmony’s licence, and why prior Commission approval for what would appear to be a change in effective control of the licensee is not required. In the event that prior approval is required, the Commission indicated that it expected the licensee to show cause as to why the Commission should grant such approval. Harmony has had a history of non-compliance since its last licence renewal in 2004. The Commission discussed all possible regulatory measures that might be imposed with the applicant at the hearing. Given the long and wilful history of non-compliance by this licensee, its misunderstanding of the Campus Radio Policy and the nature of its licence and the fact that the station has been off the air for a considerable time, the Commission is of the view that revocation is the only appropriate measure in this case.


Jason Lee, who hosted the PM drive show at CJWW, was now also Music Director. He succeeded mid-day announcer Jay Richards in the MD role since Richards succeeded Jeff Hayes as Saskatoon Media Group Community Relations Director. Also at SMG, Heather Morrison was the new afternoon drive host at MAGIC 98.3 FM. She filled the other half of Jeff Hayes’ responsibilities. Hayes moved to sales. Landen Young was now doing afternoon drive at 92.9 The BULL Saskatoon. He was doing evenings on MAGIC 98.3. Andrew Beckler joined 92.9 The BULL for mid-days, moving from The Goat Lloydminster.

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