CHVN-FM, Christian, Winnipeg

CHVN-FM2004951100,000Golden West Broadcasting Ltd.
CHVN-FM200095.1100,000Christian Radio Manitoba Ltd.


On January 19, Christian Radio Manitoba Ltd. was granted a licence for a new English-language specialty (Christian music) FM station at Winnipeg.  While the station would predominantly offer music, it would also provide listener requests, response lines and community service announcements. The applicant also made a commitment to broadcast no less than 80% local programming.  The station would target listeners between the ages of 18 and 45. Christian Radio Manitoba proposed the use of frequency 107.1 MHz with an effective radiated power of 100,000 watts. Industry Canada found, however, that the channel selected did not meet the interference criteria for FM/NAVCOM analysis and could not be certified technically. The applicant was directed to seek an alternate frequency.

On August 14, CHVN-FM was granted the use of frequency 95.1 MHz with an effective radiated power of 100,000 watts. The CBC had also applied for this frequency but said it would seek an alternate channel if 95.1 was awarded to CHVN.

CHVN 95.1 signed on the air on September 14.


The CRTC approved the change of control of Christian Radio Manitoba Ltd. through the acquisition of 50.9% of the voting rights of the licensee, by Golden West Broadcasting Ltd., a corporation ultimately controlled by Mr. Elmer Hildebrand.


On August 25 the CRTC renewed CHVN-FM’s licence to August 31, 2013. 

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