VF2686-FM, Surrey

Gurpal Singh Garcha

VF2686-FM201589.315Gurpal Singh Garcha


Operating on 89.3 MHz with a power of 15 watts, VF2686 signed on the air. The station offered South Asian programming and was owned by Gurpal Singh Garcha.


In October, the CRTC found that Surrey Myfm inc. (106.9 Myfm) wasn’t following the conditions of its license and in essence was broadcasting without a licence. Owner Ravinder Singh Pannu was ordered to stop broadcasting in Surrey or anywhere else in Canada, unless he complied with the Broadcasting Act. The station came under scrutiny after a complaint was filed and that led to an investigation of other low-power stations in the Surrey area. Sur Sagar Radio Inc. (91.5 FM), also owned by Pannu, was broadcasting without a licence and not operating as an exempt low-power house of worship station. It was ordered to return to that original purpose. Surrey City FM Ltd. (89.3 City FM) owned by Gurpal Singh Garcha, was found to be broadcasting without a licence in violation of its exempt tourist information station status. The station lost its exemption status. 106.9 Myfm was also supposed to be an exempt tourist info station.


Amrit Bani Radio surrendered the licence for VF2686 after the CRTC ordered them to return to House of Worship programming and find a new frequency.

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