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First Congregational Church / Left the air

CKFC-AM1940n/an/aFirst Congregational Church / Left the air
CKFC-AM1924400500First Congregational Church


CKFC started broadcasting on Sept. 7th, from the First Congregational Church. The church owned the transmitter, and broadcast only on Sundays, two services, morning and evening, and an afternoon forum.


After the formation of the United Church, which was an amalgamation of the Congregational, Methodist and some of the Presbyterian Churches, the Congregational Church lost its property to the merger to the balance of the Presbyterian group. The station remained in the old location, and later that year Cyril Trott began operating the station for the church.


CKFC moved to Chalmers United Church and gradually expanded their broadcast schedule to a daily routine of classical and light classical records.  Cryil Trott who
ran a radio service store was paid $ 15.00 a month and was also allowed to give a name mention for his store three times in their daily 90 minute program.  CKFC still broadcast the services  and forum on Sunday as well as other semi-religious “specials”.


The Standard Broadcasting Company was taken over by the Sun Publishing Company and moved to the Sun Tower. 


CKFC changed ownership from the United Church of Canada to Standard Broadcasting System, with address of 1504 Sun Building. This 50 watt station was reported sold in February to the Vancouver Sun but the newspaper at the time officially reported that arrangements had not been completed. The shortwave license (VE9CS) which went with CKFC, had also been taken over by the new company. Standard carried on the church services and used the rest of the schedule for commercial broadcasting, only with church approved sponsors. The Vancouver Sun did later take ownership of the station.


The CBC Board of Governors, seeking to reduce the cluttered airwaves in Vancouver asked CKFC to leave the air. CKFC was scheduled to go off the air as of April 1 as its licence was to expire March 31. Station owner, the Vancouver Sun, announced it would cooperate with CKWX, but would not have any financial interest in the station. CKWX took over the church services and short wave VE9CS.

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