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Victor Oldham / Left the air (Religious / Dance music)

CFYC-AM1928n/an/aVictor Oldham / Left the air (Religious / Dance music)
CFYC-AM1922n/an/aVictor Oldham


Promoted as the Vancouver Daily World station it was actually owned by Victor Wentworth Odlum who was part owner of the Daily World newspaper. He later served on the original Board of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

The station went on the air March 23rd, the third Vancouver station , from studios and transmitter in the David Spencer department store.  The programming consisted mostly of music from the Spencer music department. The daily schedule was ambitious starting with eight hours and by the end of the first month was much lees than that and the daily listings in the World disappeared.


Odlum carried on until February 1924, when Roy Brown took over management  and moved  the station to the First Congregational Church with Milton Stark  as the only operator. Church Services and dance music from a nearby ballroom along with gramophone records formed the weekly schedule.

On October 21st, 1924 they carried probably the first political broadcast in  Western Canada from the arena with the Liberals picking up the $100.00 telephone line cost to have Prime Minister Mackenzie King broadcast from a rally.


CFYC came under the control of the International Bible Students Association ( later the Jehovah’s Witnesses) who also were broadcasting over stations in Edmonton and Saskatoon. These stations experienced some difficulties and the three licenses were not renewed.


CFYC went off the air.

SOURCE:  Book – “Imagine Please” by D. J. Duffy – B. C. Archives –see 

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