CFXC-AM, Vancouver

Sold to George Chandler

CFXC-AM1926103020 wattsSold to George Chandler
CFXC-AM1923n/a10 wattsFred Hume (Rumble & Hume Electrical store)


CFXC was started  by Fred Hume of Hume and Rundle, an electrical store in New Westminster. Hume was an alderman, and then Mayor of New Westminster, from 1933 to 1942 and Mayor of Vancouver from 1950 to 1958.

All entertainment was live – piano, violins, singers – all amateurs – doing it just-for-fun for about two hours a night.

The studios and transmitter were in the Westminster Trust Building, with free rent, providing the firm received a mention each evening.  At between 5 and 10 watts power, the station could barely be heard in Vancouver.


CFXC switched to 1030 kHz. and increased power to 20 watts.


Hume decided radio broadcasting was not for him and he sold the license for around  $ 600. –  $ 50. down and $ 25. a month.

As the station was licensed for New Westminster, it went off the air. The transmitter was moved to Vancouver and a new license issued as CJOR.

SOURCE:  Book – “Imagine Please” by D. J. Duffy – B. C. Archives -see Bibliography

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