CHPQ-FM, The Lounge, Parksville

Pattison Media Ltd.

CHPQ-FM200699.92,100Jim Pattison Group
CHPQ-FM200599.92,100Island Radio Ltd.
CHPQ-AM197313701,000Nanaimo Broadcasting Corp.


CHPQ AM 1370 Parksville went on the air with 1000 watts as a re-broadcaster of CHUB AM 1570 Nanaimo, owned by Nanaimo Broadcasting Corporation Limited and Anchor Developments Ltd.  The CHPQ call was selected for the local communities of Coombs, Hilliers, Parksville and Qualicum.


On June 6, the CRTC approved the application by Benchmark Ventures Inc. for authority to acquire the assets of CHUB Nanaimo and CHPQ Parksville-Qualicum from Nanaimo Broadcasting Corporation Limited and Anchor Developments Ltd. The licences would expire September 30, 1988. This term would enable the Commission to consider the renewal of these licences at the same time as that of other radio stations in the area. The Commission noted that the President and Secretary of the new licensee company were British Columbia residents with extensive broadcasting experience. It also noted that there would be no change in the day-to-day operation of the stations.


On August 25 the CRTC approved application for an amalgamation of Central Island Broadcasting Ltd., licensee of CKEG Nanaimo with Benchmark Ventures Inc., Licensee of CHUB Nanaimo and its re-broadcaster CHPQ Parksville.  Also applied for was the move of CHUB from AM 1570 to FM 102.3 and the move of CHPQ from AM 1370 to FM 99.9 with an average effective radiated power of 900 watts (2100 watts peak).


CHUB became CKWV-FM The Wave on 102.3 with “The Island’s Own Light Rock” and rebroadcaster CHPQ became CKWV-FM-1 on 99.9.


In October CKWV-FM (and CKWV-FM-1 Parksville) tweaked format to a more bouncy hit-oriented sound and changed its slogan to “Nanaimo’s All Hit Music”.


On January 19 Central Island Broadcasting Ltd. announced it had changed its corporate name to Island Radio Ltd. to more closely reflect the company’s geographic presence due to expansion north and west on Vancouver Island.  On February 11 at 12 noon, CKWV-FM-1 ceased rebroadcasting CKWV-FM Nanaimo and became CHPQ-FM, resurrecting the original AM call letters.  Its new slogan was The Lounge with an adult standards format.

On November 1, it was announced in a joint press release that Island Radio Ltd. had agreed to sell its six Vancouver Island radio stations (and related assets) to the Jim Pattison Broadcast Group pending approval by the CRTC.


On June 27, the Commission approved application by Jim Pattison Broadcast Group Ltd. (the general partner) and Jim Pattison Industries Ltd. (the limited partner), carrying on business as Jim Pattison Broadcast Group Limited Partnership, to acquire the assets of CHWF-FM and CKWV-FM Nanaimo, CIBH-FM and CHPQ-FM Parksville, CKLR-FM Courtenay and CJAV-FM Port Alberni, from Island Radio Ltd.  The applicant stated that the value of the transaction was $12.5 million. 


On August 17, the CRTC administratively renewed the licence of CHPQ-FM to August 31, 2013.

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