CFUV-FM, Campus, Victoria

University of Victoria Student Radio Society

CFUV-FM1984101.92.29University of Victoria Student Radio Society


CKVC started closed circuit broadcasting to two of the student residences and the Student Union Building at the University of Victoria.


CKVC left the air.


CKVC returned to the air following the formation of the University of Victoria Camputs Radio Club.


On April 12, The University of Victoria Student Radio Society was granted a licence for a student FM radio  station at Victoria. The applicant proposed to provide creative, original programming dealing with, and of  interest to, the University of Victoria and the City of Victoria, which would enable the new station to serve as a liaison between these communities. The station would also promote both musical and academic education involving participation by members of the various University faculties, and provide training for students in all aspects of radio broadcasting. Programming would include a blend of rock and rock-oriented, folk-oriented, jazz and classical music. Membership of this non-profit society consisted of the University of Victoria and the Alma Mater Society, which would share in the financing of the undertaking, and the UVIC Radio Club, which would provide the volunteer staff to operate the station.

The applicant requested the use of the frequency 102.7 MHz, with an effective radiated power of 40.5 watts. However, the CRTC received a number of interventions opposing this application on the grounds that the use of this frequency could interfere with the reception in Victoria of the CFRO-FM Vancouver. While recognizing that Victoria does not fall within CFRO-FM’s primary service area, the Commission has determined, in consultation with the Department of Communications, that other frequencies were available for a low power FM station at Victoria. The applicant was directed to select a suitable alternate frequency.

Having found a suitable frequency – 105.1 MHz – CFUV signed on the air on December 17 with a power of 49.4 watts. CFUV was Victoria’s second FM station. The “UV” in the calls: University of Victoria.


On September 12, CFUV-FM was given approval to increase effective radiated power from 49.4 to 883 watts and to change the frequency from 105.1 to 101.9 MHz. This frequency was also used by CITR-FM Vancouver and would now be used by both stations on a protected basis, under technical parameters mutually agreed upon by the two student radio societies and designed to avoid any technical interference between the stations.


In January, CFUV began broadcasting on the new 101.9 MHz frequency.


In May, the station moved into a new studio in the lower level of the Student Union Building.


The CRTC renewed CFUV-FM’s licence on February 23. With the renewal, CFUV proposed to devote 4 hours per week to French-language programming, and 5 hours per week to third-language programming (directed to 9 ethnic groups in 9 different languages).


On May 22 the CRTC renewed the licence of The University of Victoria Student Radio Society’s CFUV-FM.

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