CFKC-AM, Creston

Became a full time rebroadcaster of CJAT Trail

CFKC-AM19891340250Became a full time rebroadcaster of CJAT Trail
CFKC-AM19681340250Kootenay Broadcasting System Ltd.


Kokanee Bcing Ltd. (CKKC Nelson) applied for AM transmitters at Creston and Castlegar. In addition to local studios, each would make use of studio facilities at Nelson. On May 16, Kokanee Broadcasting Ltd. was given permission to establish an AM station at Creston, operating on 1340 kHz with power of 250 watts (non-directional). Some programming would originate from CKKC-AM in Nelson. The station must also operate as a CBC affiliate. The application for Castlegar was denied because T.N. Tuck and associates had a similar application for that town which would offer full-time local service in contrast to Kokanee’s part-time local service proposal.

CFKC Creston opened on September 21.

CFKC opened on September 21. KBL president Gordon Green presided over the opening of the new station, as did representatives of the B.C. government. CFKC would operate 19 hours a day. Creson would carry about 9 hours of programming a day from its own studios with the remainder of programming coming from CKKC. At this time, no other Canadian signals were available in the area. CFKC served Southeast British Columbia and part of northern Idaho. J.P. Haines was KBL’s program director. 


The purchase of CFKC and CKKC by J. David Schmidt was approved. The new owner planned to live in Nelson and add local studios at Creston. The seller was Kokanee Broadcasting.


By this time, the owner was K.C. Broadcasting Ltd. 


On August 30, Four Seasons Radio Ltd. (owner of CJAT Trail) was given approval to acquire CKKC and  CFKC Creston from K.C. Broadcasting Ltd. Most programming for CKKC and CFKC would now originate from CJAT and the group would be known as the Kootenay Broadcasting System.


By this time, CFKC was no longer producing local programming. All programs originated with CJAT Trail.

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