CKMK-AM, Mackenzie

Pattison Media Ltd.

CKMK-AM200212401,000Jim Pattison Group
CKMK-AM197412401,000Monarch Broadcasting Ltd.


Radio Station CKPG Ltd. was awarded a licence to operate an AM station at Mackenzie, operating on 1240 kHz with a power of 1,000 watts day and 250 watts night. When the station signed on, it was known as CKMK.


CKMK was granted a night-time power increase to 1,000 watts.


Radio Station CKPG Ltd. was sold by Q Broadcasting Ltd. (99.99%) and J.E. Stark in trust for Q Broadcasting Ltd. (0.1%) to Monarch Broadcasting Ltd.


Monarch Broadcasting Ltd. sold CKMK and several other stations in Alberta and B.C. to Jim Pattison Industries Ltd.


On October 6, the CRTC revoked the licence of CKMK a the request of Radio Station CKPG Limited. Radio CKPG requested the revocation of the licence upon the approval of its application to amend the broadcasting licence for CKDV-FM Prince George to add a transmitter at MacKenzie. That application was approved on this date. (CKMK had ceased to originate programming so it would be used to retransmit the programming of CKDV-FM on a full-time basis.)

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