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Prince George Community Radio Society

CFIS-FM201593.1494Prince George Community Radio Society
CFIS-FM200793.15Prince George Community Radio Society


On November 29 the CRTC approved application by the Prince George Community Radio Society for a licence to operate an English-language developmental community FM station in Prince George at 93.1 MHz with a transmitter power of 5 watts.  The applicant indicated that the station would broadcast 126 hours of programming per week, of which approximately 32 hours would be devoted to spoken word programming, including news, sports and community information.  Programming would include talk shows, financial planning shows, book club programs, theatre and movie review discussions, as well as sporting events and musical programming.  It also would devote a minimum of two hours per week to each of Aboriginal and French languages. 


The station officially launched at 9:31 a.m. Tuesday, July 3.  Veteran Prince George broadcaster Reg Feyer, who formed the society and spearheaded the application, said that CFIS-FM would focus on the 45-and-over demographic that was currently underserved, representing close to a third of the city’s population, with pre-1980 hits from the likes of Neil Diamond, Anne Murray and Elvis Presley, along with coverage of local events.  “There’s so much out there,” he noted. “As time goes on, more and more programmers are realizing that local content is king.”  He added that when the station is fully operational, programming after 6 p.m. daily would be entirely locally produced. 


CFIS-FM increased power from 5 to 494 watts in the summer.

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