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Powell River Community Project

CJMP-FM200390.13.6Powell River Community Project


On September 9, the CRTC approved application by the Powell River Model Community Project for Persons with Disabilities (MCP) to operate a new developmental community English-language FM radio station in Powell River.  

Executive Director of the MCP was the legally blind Dr. Geraldine Braak, who had been named to the Order of B.C. in 1997 and Order of Canada in 2001 for championing improved quality of life for blind, visually impaired and other disabled persons.  She also served for eight years as the National President of the Canadian Council of the Blind.  The station was to broadcast an average of 80 hours of programming each week with more than 90% in English, with the remainder in French and Salish.  It was to consist of a daily interview program, news and community-oriented information of special interest to seniors as well as 2 hours each day of Canadian musical selections featuring both local and national artists.  It was licensed to operate at 90.1 MHz with an effective radiated power of 3.6 watts.


Sponsorship funds were solicited and receiving equipment was sourced.  On April 16, a 65-foot tower was erected on the roof of the Westview Bowling and Billiards building.  On Easter Sunday, April 20 vandals knocked down the tower.  Station manager Dean Merrick, noting weeks of work had gone into the tower, stated, “I can’t believe that someone would go to the trouble to do something like this.” The following day, Merrick and volunteers worked to salvage what they could and by April 25 it was repaired, allowing CJMP-FM to sign on May 1, identifying as “Jump Radio”.


On September 8 the CRTC approved application to operate as a low-power Type B community FM station to take the place of its previous status as a developmental community station.  It was to continue to operate with its current frequency and power.


On May 5, the CRTC approved the application by Powell River Community Radio Society for authority to acquire from Powell River Model Community Project for Persons with Disabilities the assets of the English-language low-power Type B community FM radio programming undertaking CJMP-FM Powell River, and for a new broadcasting licence to continue the operation of this undertaking under the same terms and conditions as those in effect under the current licence. As explained by the applicant, the vendor, a not-for-profit society that provides employment services for persons with multiple barriers, and that operated the station with moderate success and loyal listeners, decided to focus more on the original goal of the organization, specifically, employment services. The purchaser, on the other hand, is a new entity formed by a group of people who were volunteers of the station, and will focus solely on the operation of the station and on reflecting the community’s past, present and future, while bringing music and spoken-word programming to listeners who are underserved and neglected in that community. It will also bring additional staff, as well as financial and other resources to achieve a focused goal and the station’s potential within the community.


On September 13, the CRTC approved CJMP’s application to change its transmitter site, increase ERP from 3.6 to 10 watts and increase EHAAT from -28.3 to 194.8 metres.

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