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CHWK-FM201989.5380Jim Pattison Group
CHWK-FM200989.5380FABMAR Communications


On May 30, the CRTC licensed a new radio station to serve Chilliwack. The winning applicant was Radio CJVR Ltd. Competing applications from Golden West Broadcasting Ltd., Newcap Inc., Vista Radio Ltd., and Frank Torres (OBCI) were denied. The new station would be a commercial FM, operating on a frequency of 89.5 MHz with an average effective radiated power of 380 watts. The program format would be Diversified Rock consisting of a blend of rock including Classic Rock, 70’s Rock and Modern Rock (35% will be selections released within the past four years, with the balance made up of legendary tracks). The target audience would be the 18 to 54 age group. The new station would offer 120 hours a week of local programming.


CHWK-FM began on-air testing on February 11.

CHWK-FM “The Hawk” signed on the air at 12:05 p.m., February 20. The new station featured modern and classic rock, WHL Chilliwack Bruins play-by-play, and local news, sports, weather and entertainment. CHWK-FM was owned by FABMAR Communications Ltd. (formerly Radio CJVR Ltd.). The CHWK call letters had been used in Chilliwack in the past by the market’s first radio station – CHWK 1270 – now CKSR-FM.

Glen Slingerland was morning host, program director and music director. Kevin Gemmell was general manager and sales manager for the new station.  


Jennifer Coles left the news department at 89.5 The Hawk and Tara Gostelow moved from part-time to full-time news. New Account Executive at The Hawk was Dwayne Keen who moved from Corus Radio Calgary. 


Federico Cahis was the new part time weekend news anchor/reporter as of January 2.


89.5 CHWK changed format in the spring – from Active Rock to Classic Rock. 


CHWK-FM changed format from Classic Rock as The Hawk, to Classic Hits as The Drive.


On August 15, the CRTC approved an application by Fabmar Communications, on behalf of the Jim Pattison Broadcast Group, for corporate reorganization. The reorganization would see Fabmar amalgamated into JPBG, including CIXM-FM Whitecourt, CHWK-FM Chilliwack, CJVR-FM Melfort and its transmitters CJVR-FM-1 Dafoe, CJVR-FM-2 Wakesiu Lake, CJVR-FM-3 Carrot River, and CKJH Melfort.

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