CKMP-FM, 90.3 AMP, Calgary

Stingray Group Inc.

CKMP-FM201890.348,000Stingray Group Inc.
CKMP-FM200990.348,000Newcap Inc.
CFUL-FM200790.348,000Newcap Inc.


On August 2, Newcap Inc. (owner of CIQX-FM in Calgary) received approval for a new FM station at Calgary. The station would offer a Triple A (Adult Album Alternative) music format targeted to an audience between 18 and 44 years of age, and of particular appeal for listeners in their early twenties to their mid-thirties. Newcap proposed to establish the station on frequency 92.9 MHz with an average effective radiated power of 48,000 watts. The use of that frequency was denied and Newcap was directed to seek an alternate channel. The CRTC was of the view that Newcap’s proposed service would represent the optimal use of the remaining Class C1 frequency available in Calgary: 90.3 MHz. 


CFUL-FM “FUEL 90.3” signed on the air March 19 at 7:00 a.m. Studios and offices were co-located with CIQX-FM at 1110 Centre Street N.E. (Suite 100) and the transmitter and antenna were at the CFCN-TV/Rogers site.

FUEL 90.3 rebranded December 27 as “Calgary’s Classic Alternative” playing over 20 years of classic alternative rock from the late 70’s through late 90’s. Core artists include Pearl Jam, U2, Green Day, Clash, Nirvana, REM, Live, The Police, and Red Hot Chili Peppers. (The format changed from Triple A to Classic Alternative)


On June 15 the CRTC approved some technical changes for CFUL-FM. The directional antenna would be replaced with an omni-directional antenna. Average effective radiated power would be increased from 48,000 watts to an ERP of 100,000 watts. The effective height of the antenna above average terrain would increase from 160 to 342.2 metres and the tower would be relocated to a new site. The changes would allow CFUL to improve service and optimize the use of its frequency. CFXL-FM would also move to the new CFUL-FM tower.

In July, CFUL changed format from Classic Alternative (Fuel 90.3) to Contemporary Hits (90.3 Amp Radio).

In August CFUL 90.3 became CKMP. 

Murray Brookshaw left Newcap Calgary to become Program Director at CKLG and CKCL Vancouver.

Buzz Bishop, most recently of Astral Media Radio Vancouver, was now doing mornings at the previously no-jocks 90.3 AMP Radio Calgary morning show. And Kav Molavi, the AMP Music Director, added weeknight on-air duties.


Newcap Retail Sales Manager Mike Williams was no longer with 90.3 amp radio/XL 103 Calgary. Darin Banister moved from Vibe Calgary to AMP Radio as Retail Sales Manager.

Steve Ravenhill, formerly of Harvard’s Calgary station, X92.9, was hired as the General Sales Manager at Newcap’s XL103/90.3 AMP Calgary.


Kelsey Moore became the new mid-day host at CKMP (90.3 AMP). She replaced Blake Carter who moved to Toronto. Buzz Bishop was now handling the AMP Radio Morning show solo. 

Kris Mazurak, Program Director at 90.3 AMP Radio, took over as morning show host following Buzz Bishop’s move to sister station XL 103 in middays. Mazurak would assume Assistant Program Director duties once a new PD was hired.

Emma Harding was the new Promotions Director at 96.9 JACK FM. She moved across the road from Newcap Radio Calgary.


Kris Mazurak stepped down from the morning show/Assistant Program Director positions at 90.3 AMP. He moved into morning slot in September of 2011 after serving as the station’s PD.

Ryan Lindsay joined AMP for mornings. He had been with sister Newcap station Hot 89.9 Ottawa. 

The new program director at 90.3 AMP was Paul Kaye.


Paul Kaye was named Operations Manager at Newcap Calgary. 


On August 1st, 90.3 AMP Calgary broke new ground in Canada when it launched the Quickhitz format that offered abbreviated versions of the latest hits. Trademarked by the designers, SparkNet Communications of Vancouver, the format allowed the station to double the number of tracks it played in an hour, from twelve to twenty-four.  The station also reduced its commercial format to allow for only nine minutes to the hour, instead of twelve.

There were complaints from many sources.  The strongest opposition was led by Canadian singing star Jann Arden via Twitter, and within three weeks the station announced that it was discontinuing the experiment. However station programming VP Steve Jones was reported as saying that he “…might re-examine the concept in the future”.


On October 23, the CRTC approved an application by Newfoundland Capital Corporation Limited, on behalf of Newcap Inc. and its licensed broadcasting subsidiaries, for authorization to effect a change in the ownership and effective control of various radio and television broadcasting undertakings in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador, so that effective control of the undertakings would be exercised by Eric Boyko (Stingray Digital Group Inc.). Stingray took ownership of the stations just a few days later.


In January, Stingray expanded the footprint of the 90.3 AMP Radio morning show. It was now being heard on Kool FM Bonnyville and Wayne FM Wainwright.

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