CKJX-FM, Rock 104.5, Olds

Cab-K Broadcasting Ltd.

CKJX-FM2008104.512,000Cab-K Broadcasting Ltd.


On June 4, the CRTC approved an application by CAB-K Broadcasting Ltd. for the operation of a new FM station at Olds. CAB-K was the licensee of CKLJ-FM Olds, which offered a country music format, and had been on the air since 2004. The new station would offer a Rock/Pop music format including current songs as well as songs from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and the past five years, with a target audience of listeners between the ages of 25 and 54. All of the programming broadcast will be local. The station would operate at 104.5 MHz with an effective radiated power of 12,000 watts. 


CKJX-FM 104.5 began on-air testing on May 6.

CKJX-FM “Rock 104” began broadcasting on May 30 at 1:04 p.m., offering a Classic Rock format. Brian Hepp was general manager. Brian Stephenson was program director. CAB-K Broadcasting was owned by Brian and Melanie Hepp of Olds. Studios and offices were co-located with CKLJ-FM at 6-4526 49th Avenue. CAB-K Broadcasting was owned by Brian and Melanie Hepp of Olds. 


On May 19, the CRTC approved the application by CAB-K Broadcasting Ltd. to change the authorized contours of CKJX-FM by increasing the effective radiated power from 6,700 watts to 35,000 watts. All other technical parameters would remain unchanged. The applicant stated that it wished to increase the quality of its signal and provide a service that would be similar to its other radio station in Olds, CKLJ-FM, in terms of the coverage provided, but offer a format complementing that of CKLJ-FM. The applicant also stated that the unique topography of the region caused some signal drop-outs and that the requested power increase would improve the station’s coverage in the area served. As indicated in Technical changes – CKLJ-FM Olds and the Calgary Specialty FM station approved in Broadcasting Decision 2006-322, Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2007-289, 13 August 2007, in which the Commission approved a technical change to increase the ERP of CKLJ-FM from 13,000 watts to 35,000 watts and to increase the height of its antenna, Commission analysis confirmed the presence of coverage deficiencies in the region due to the hilly terrain west of Olds. The Commission was therefore of the view that the current parameters for CKJX-FM were not adequate to provide a quality signal to a number of communities within its authorized service area and that a greater ERP could resolve the coverage issue.

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