CJSW-FM, Campus, Calgary

University of Calgary Student Radio Soc.

CJSW-FM201490.918,000University of Calgary Student Radio Soc.
CJSW-FM200390.94,000University of Calgary Student Radio Soc.
CJSW-FM198590.91,900University of Calgary Student Radio Soc.


The University of Calgary began airing a weekly 15-minute program “Varsity Vista,” on CFAC 960. 


On January 27, the University of Calgary Students’ Union was given permission to operate a closed circuit AM station on 1580 kHz with power of 20 watts.


What became known as CJSW was eventually made available via cable on 106.9 MHz throughout Calgary.


After several attempts, The University of Calgary Student Radio Society was finally awarded a broadcast licence on September 6. The new, over-the-air station would operate on frequency 90.9 MHz, with effective radiated power of 1,900 watts. The existing carrier current licence for CJSW would be surrendered.

In approving the application, the CRTC noted the new station’s news department would focus primarily on campus interests and concerns, and also utilize students from other Calgary educational institutions in its news-gathering activities. Although the applicant proposed an Album Oriented Rock format, it stated that 70% of its music would be uncharted selections which were not included on the charts of a recognized major national or international trade magazine, and therefore would not duplicate the programming of existing rock-oriented FM stations in Calgary. The Radio Society stated that, as a result of this policy, it would be heavily dependent on local artists’ demonstration tapes and independent record companies for the provision of this material. The applicant would also broadcast a significant amount of traditional and special interest music, particularly classic and jazz. 

The Commission noted that the membership of this non-profit society consisted of students of the University of Calgary and non-students, and that the establishment and operating costs of the new station would be covered by student activity fees which were administered by the University of Calgary Student Union. 


CJSW-FM signed on the air January 15, becoming the city’s 13th FM station.


When CJSW-FM had its licence renewed, it proposed to provide 126 hours of programming each week, including 13.5 hours of programming directed to 12 different ethnic groups, in the coming licence term.


On March 7, CJSW was granted an increase in effective radiated power, from 1,900 watts to 4,000 watts, and a  relocation of the transmitter to the site owned by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. The changes would enable CJSW-FM to serve the entire Calgary region, to provide coverage to Okotoks, Airdrie and Cochrane, and limited coverage to High River.


The CRTC renewed the licence of The University of Calgary Student Radio Society’s CJSW-FM on May 22.


CJSW Station Manager Chad Saunders resigned from the University of Calgary station. He accepted a new position at the National Music Centre/Cantos Music Foundation. 


On January 7, the CRTC approved CJSW’s application to increase the average ERP from 4,000 watts to 18,000 watts (non-directional antenna). The power increase took place in the summer.

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