CHKF-FM, Multicultural – Fairchild Radio, Calgary

Fairchild Radio (Vancouver) Ltd.

CHKF-FM199894.753,000Fairchild Radio (Vancouver)Ltd.


On October 29, Thomas Fung and Roger Charest were awarded a licence for a Group III (Specialty) FM ethnic station at Calgary. The applicants had applied for use of frequency 88.9 MHz.  That frequency was awarded to Touch Canada Broadcasting for another new station. Fung/Charest were directed to submit, within six months, an amendment using of another frequency. 


On July 29, Fairchild Radio (Vancouver FM) Ltd. was granted the use of frequency 94.7 MHz with effective radiated power of 53,000 watts. The applicant also proposed to locate the transmitter at a site 15 kilometres to the northwest of Calgary

CHKF-FM 94.7 signed on the air in November. Studios and offices were located at #109-2723 37th Avenue N.E.


On August 27 the CRTC renewed the licence of Fairchild Radio (Calgary FM) Limited’s CHKF-FM.


George Lee was promoted to President of Fairchild Radio from his Vice President/General Manager job at Fairchild Vancouver. Lee now had the larger responsibility of overseeing the stations in Toronto and Calgary as well.


On May 28, the CRTC renewed the licence of CJPR-FM until August 31, 2016. The renewal included CJEV Elkford and CJPV-FM Pincher Creek.

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