CFPF-FM, Tourist, Banff

CFPH (formerly CBPH)103.350CBC on behalf of Parks Canada


On October 27, the CRTC approved applications by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (on behalf of Parks Canada) for broadcasting licences for English-language and French-language FM radio programming undertakings at Banff and surrounding areas, on the frequency 101.3 MHz (channel 267LP), for the English-language undertaking, and 103.3 MHz (channel 277LP), for the French-language undertaking, each with an effective radiated power of 50 watts. The licences would expire August 31, 2001. The program material would consist of pre-recorded messages of general information and weather reports to the residents and travelling public in the area.


CBPG-FM and CBPH-FM signed on the air.


On January 21, the CRTC approved the applications by Friends of Banff National Park Fellowship for authority to acquire the assets of CBPG-FM and CBPH-FM Banff from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. The applicant was a not-for-profit organization (a corporation without share capital) incorporated under the Societies Act of the Province of Alberta.

The call letters changed from CBPG-FM and CBPH-FM to CFPE-FM and CFPF-FM.


On July 19, The Banff Centre received CRTC approval to acquire the assets of the English-language low-power tourist information station CFPE-FM and the French-language low-power tourist information station CFPF-FM. The Banff Centre was an institution specialized in arts and culture, continued under Part 3 of the Province of Alberta’s Post-secondary Learning Act. Its affairs were managed and operated by the Board of Governors of The Banff Centre. The licence would expire August 31, 2015.

On November 21, the CRTC issued an exemption order for low-power radio stations that provided tourist information. It came into effect immediately. Licensees of radio stations that considered their operations to be eligible for exemption under the order could file a simple statement asking that the Commission revoke their licences.


On April 10, the CRTC revoked the licence of CFPF-FM at the request of licensee, The Banff Centre. The licensee stated that it was no longer in a viable financial position to support this undertaking.

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