CFGQ-FM, Q107, Calgary

Corus Entertainment Inc.

CFGQ-FM2004107.3100,000Corus Entertainment Inc.
CKIK-FM1999107.3100,000Corus Entertainment Inc.
CKIK-FM1982107.3100,000WIC Radio Ltd.


CKIK-FM Ltd., headed by Robert K. Whyte, received a licence for a new FM station at Calgary. A competing application by Robert E. Redmond was also approved. Whyte proposed a progressive format for 18 to 34 year olds. Redmond’s application called for a contemporary country music format. CKIK-FM Ltd. would be 80% owned by Calgary residents. The station would broadcast on a frequency of 107.3 MHz and have an effective radiated power of 100,000 watts.


CKIK-FM signed on the air April 15. The station used a Harris FM-25K transmitter.

CKIK was ordered to reduce power from 100,000 to 10,000 watts by the Department of Communications after pilots of small aircraft complained the station was interfering with air traffic communications at the city’s airport. CKIK operations manager Yves Mayrand said it was doubtful the station was at fault. It was expected different frequencies would be assigned for air traffic.


On August 1, approval was given for the issuance of 107,150 common voting shares from the treasury of CKIK-FM Ltd. to two new shareholders. The new shareholders were Calgary businessmen Steve Kaganov (21.5%) and W. B. Yarrow (8.5%). As a result of the issuance of new shares, Robert K. Whyte’s interest dropped from over 50% to 36%. Also approved: the transfer of Whyte’s shares to a holding company, 80% owned by himself, and the transfer of Harvey Glatt’s shares to a holding company, owned by himself and members of his family. Some of these transfers took place without prior CRTC approval. Whyte remained President and CKIK’s largest shareholder. The new shareholders were brought in because of financial difficulties CKIK had been encountering. Following the changes, the holdings of the existing shareholders would be: founder Robert Whyte 36.4%, CHEZ owner Harvey Glatt 14.6%, Alan Singer 9.7%, Yves Mayrand 5.4% and Chuck Azzarello 3.9%.


On January 11, the CRTC renewed CKIK-FM’s licence until September 30, 1985.


On April 11, the CRTC approved the transfer of effective control (75.7%) of CKIK-FM Ltd., from Robert K. Whyte, Stephen B. Kaganov, Just Investments Ltd. and a numbered company to Paper Bag Holdings Inc. (in trust for CHEZ-FM Inc.). CHEZ-FM Inc. was controlled by Harvey Glatt of Ottawa and owned 50.7% of the voting shares. The ownership structure of CKIK-FM Ltd. would now look like this: Paper Bag Holdings Inc. (in trust for CHEZ-FM Inc.) 75.7%, Paper Bag Holdings Inc. 14.6%, and Alan Singer 9.7%.


Chuck Azzarello became president and general manager and Gary Waldron was named general sales manager.


On May 1, an application by Selkirk Broadcasting Ltd. to acquire CKIK-FM Ltd. was denied by the CRTC. Selkirk Broadcasting was a division of Selkirk Communications Ltd. and owned CFAC-AM in Calgary. If the sale had gone through, Selkirk proposed to move CKIK-FM into CFAC’s three-year-old, state-of-the-art radio building. It also proposed to construct a separate transmitter building for CKIK-FM, complete with all the necessary standby and protective equipment, to assure reliable operation and to provide the fulltime engineering staff that CKIK-FM has not been able to afford up to now. The CRTC considered these benefits to be minor other than to Selkirk. Even though the station continued to operate at a loss, the Commission noted that a turnaround may have begun and suggested that CHEZ-FM Inc. had other options open to it to resolve the difficulties of managing CKIK from its headquarters in Ottawa.


On September 21, the CRTC approved the sale of CKIK-FM by CHEZ-FM Inc. to Westcom Radio Group Ltd., a division of WIC Western International Communications Ltd. WIC owned CHQR-AM in Calgary.

Studios and offices were noted at 1107 – 7 Avenue S. W.


On April Fools Day, the morning teams at Country 105 and CJAY-FM switched places. CJAY’s Gerry Forbes, Jake Taylor and Joe Sports went to CKIK-FM for the morning while the country’ station’s Doug Veronelly, Dan Carson and Robyn Adair hosted the CJAY morning show.

Ted Farr became operations manager of CKIK/CHQR on May 1. He had held the same position at Winnipeg’s CJOB/CJKR-FM.

CKIK-FM became Power 107 (Today’s Best Music) at the end of September/early October. The format changed from Country to Contemporary Hits.

Rob Mise became program director at CKIK (Rock 107). Al Anaka left CKIK/CHQR as president, to become general sales manager at CKNW/CFMI-FM in Vancouver.

The corporate name changed to WIC Radio Ltd.


The Griffiths family holdings in WIC Western International Communications Ltd. were sold, subject to CRTC approval, to Shaw Communications Inc. and CanWest Global Communications Corp.

Brad Kelly became Power 107’s evening announcer. He had been with sister station Power 92 (CKNG) in Edmonton.

Rick Sadler, who had been working part-time at Power 107 Calgary, was now doing afternoon drive at KISS-FM. Roger Rhodes and Christina Rowsell handled Power 107’s morning show.


Following months of negotiation, agreements were filed with the CRTC on the split of WIC assets between CanWest Global, Corus Radio Company (formerly Shaw Radio), and Shaw Communications.

Evening announcer Brad Kelly left Power 107 for CISS FM in Toronto. Power 107’s new evening host and music director would work under the name, Maz McFly. He was formerly known as Kris Mazurak, in Swift Current.

Roger Rhodes and Christina Rowsell hosted Power 107’s morning show. The Woodman (John Woodlock) joined Power 107 as mid-day host. He had been with Z95 Vancouver.


In January, Power 107 – Today’s Best Music became The Peak 107.3 – Today’s Best Music Mix.

Following an April hearing in Vancouver, in July, the CRTC announced the approval of the purchase of WIC Radio by Corus Radio Company, which included CKIK-FM and CHQR-AM in Calgary. On August 10, CKIK was given approval to add an FM transmitter at Banff, operating on frequency 100.1 MHz, with an effective radiated power of 92 watts.

When the Banff transmitter went on the air, it was known as CKIK-FM-2.


James Stuart, program director of Power 92 (CKNG) Edmonton, added PD duties at Power 107 (CKIK). Rhubarb Jones moved from Power 92 Edmonton to Power 107 Calgary to take up assistant program director duties and PM Drive. Rob Mise had been CKIK’s program director. He left the station to succeed Eric Samuels as PD at CKZZ/CISL Vancouver.

Ted Farr, operations manager for CKIK-CHQR left the company March 16.


In January, Power 107 – Today’s Best Music became The Peak 107.3 – Today’s Best Music Mix.


On February 19 at 1:07 p.m., Calgary’s Peak 107.3 dropped its Hot A/C format and flipped to Classic Hits Q-107.

After changing format earlier in the year, CKIK-FM changed its call sign to CFGQ-FM on September 15.


On August 22, Chuck Azzarello passed away at the age of 60.

Natasha Rapchuk, News Director at Corus Radio Calgary, resigned after 10 years with the company. She moved to Toronto for family reasons. Her last day on the job at QR77 was December 11.


Stacey Walyuchow was the new National Account Manager at Corus Radio Calgary. Her previous experience was outside of broadcasting.


“Peppermint” Patti MacNeil, co-host with Terry Dimonte on the Q107 morning show, did not have her contract renewed. She and DiMonte were previously partnered at CHOM-FM Montreal for a number of years.

Gerry Pigeon, who’d been with Corus Radio Calgary the past nine years, the last six as Retail Sales Manager, moved August 3 to NL Broadcasting in Kamloops to become General Sales Manager for NL’s three stations there – CHNL, CKRV-FM and CJKC-FM.

Joe McFarland, News Director at 102.1 FM The Lounge Medicine Hat since its launch in 2008, left at the end of July to join Corus Radio Calgary as a reporter.

There were a number of changes at Corus Entertainment related to its organization review to streamline decision-making and clarify roles and mandates. Among the changes: Reporting to Hal Blackadar, Executive Vice President and interim President of Corus Radio was Doug Rutherford, VP/GM, Corus Radio Alberta (now GM at Calgary). Garry McKenzie, GM of Corus Radio Calgary, now held the same post at Corus Radio Vancouver.

On October 27, the CRTC renewed the licence for CFGQ-FM Calgary and its transmitter CFGQ-FM -2 Banff from 1 December 2010 to 31 August 2014. This short-term renewal would enable the Commission to review, at an earlier date, the licensee’s compliance with the Radio Regulations, 1986 and its conditions of licence.

Kathy Thompson joined the Vista Radio management team November 29 in the combined role of Jet FM Retail Sales Manager and as Vista’s Regional Sales Manager. She moved from Corus Calgary where she has been a Senior Account Manager for the past 12 years.


Jeff Brown and Sarah Crosbie joined Q107 as the new morning show team. The pair had been with K-Rock 105.7 in Kingston.

In mid-August, 102.1 the Edge program director Ross Winters returned to the West Coast to become PD for Rock 101 Vancouver and Q107 Calgary. He would also assist Chris Duncombe as assistant program director at CFOX Vancouver.

While Terry DiMonte remained at Q107, continuing to fulfill his six-month contractual obligation after handing in his resignation, he now had an official start date at CHOM-FM Montreal – January 9 (2012). His last on-air date at Q107 was set for December 9.

Tim Morgan was promoted to Program Director at Q107. He had been Assistant PD and Music Director, and joined the station four years ago. Last August, Tim joined Terry DiMonte on the Q107 morning show. Before moving to Calgary, he was with CHOM Montreal, Rock 101 Vancouver and The Fox Vancouver.

Niki Harris moved from the Corus Interactive department to Promotions Director at Corus Radio Calgary.


Corus Entertainment announced the appointment of Garry McKenzie as regional general manager for Corus Radio Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg, effective April 2. In his new role, Garry would provide leadership, strategic direction and vision to the three markets, bringing over 20 years of solid operating experience, a strong sales and marketing background and results-driven success to 10 radio stations. Most recently, Garry was general manager of Corus Radio Vancouver.

Doug Rutherford, after a combined 38 years with WIC/Shaw/Corus, left his vice president and general manager post with Corus Radio Alberta at the end of March. Rutherford was President/CEO of WIC in Vancouver from 1998 to 2000. In 2000, Shaw purchased the company and Rutherford was retained in the position of VP for the West and held that role when Shaw’s broadcast properties were moved under a Shaw-held new company, Corus.

Q107 Calgary announced that Jeff Woods would be the afternoon drive host starting on August 20. The Jeff Woods Show would air weekdays from 3 to 7 p.m.

On the afternoon of July 11, Shaw Court, home to QR77, Country 105 and Q107, was evacuated due to an explosion and fire. The power had to be shut off and the stations were unable to broadcast. The fire forced the relocation of the three stations, at least temporarily. QR77, Q107 and Country 105, said General Manager Garry McKenzie, would likely be out of the Shaw building for about a year.

Following the fire that hit Shaw Court, Corus Calgary (CFGQ, CHQR, CKRY) announced it would temporarily move the stations to Eau Claire Market on November 5.

While Q107 signed Jeff Brown and Sarah Crosbie to become the new morning show hosts earlier this year, contractual obligations they had with K-Rock 105.7 Kingston slowed the process. The pair began at Q107 June 18.


CFGQ-FM rebranded from Classic Rock to Classic Rock-Classic Hits, keeping the Q107 name.

Corus Entertainment’s three Calgary stations began broadcasting from the second floor of the new Corus Centre at 200, 3320 17th Avenue S.W. in the fall. Corus was using all of the 24,000-square-foot second floor, plus a reception area, meeting and board room and street-level studio.

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