CKJR-AM, W1440, Wetaskiwin

Stingray Group Inc.

CKJR-AM2018144010,000Stingray Group Inc.
CKJR-AM2002144010,000Newcap Inc.
CKJR-AM1999144010,000Telemedia (West) Inc
CKJR-AM1998144010,000Okanagan Skeena Group
CJOI-AM197114401,000Parkland Radio Ltd.


On July 22, Parkland Radio Ltd. was licenced to operate a new AM station at Wetaskiwin on 1440 kHz with power of 1,000 watts (same directional pattern day and night).

CJOI signed on the air later in the year.


On December 4, approval was granted for the transfer of 26,000 common shares of Parkland Radio Ltd. from J.D.J. Millar to E.A. Toshach.


On May 2, CJOI was authorized to increase power from 1,000 watts to 10,000 watts (directional at night).


NL Holdings Ltd. was given permission to acquire 80.44% of the common shares and 38.8% of the preferred shares of Parkland Radio Ltd.


New appointments at CJOI included Gord Chandler (manager) and Jay Lapidus (news director).


Rob Berg, former program director at CFOK Westlock, was named manager of CJOI.


CJOI had its licence renewed for only a short term (October 1, 1987 to March 31, 1989) due to the licensee’s non-compliance with the Radio Regulations, 1986 as they pertain to the maintenance of clear and intelligible logger tapes and a 30% level of Canadian content musical selections. 


On March 30, CJOI Enterprises Ltd. received approval to acquire CJOI from Parkland Radio Ltd. CJOI Enterprises was owned equally by Vold Communications Ltd. and 332540 British Columbia Ltd. Vold was owned by Roger Vold and 332540 was owned by Marco Holdings Ltd. (Neil McKinnon 50%, Gene Daniel 25% and Len Novak 25%). Marco Holdings Ltd. and Gene Daniel were also shareholders of Parkland. By virtue of the equal ownership between Vold and 332540, the licensee company would be in a situation of negative control. Vold has held shares in the station since its inception. He would become more involved in the station’s day-to-day operation.

Len Novak became managing director, overseeing the operations of CFOK, CKNL/CFNL, CHLW, CILW, CKWA and CJOI. He had been CFOK’s general manager.


Ray Telford became CJOI’s general manager.

On August 24, approval was granted for the transfer of effective control of CJOI Enterprises Ltd., through the transfer of 50% of the common voting shares from Vold Communications Ltd. (a holding company wholly owned and controlled by Roger Vold) to Nor-Net Communications Ltd. On completion of the transaction Nor-Net would own 100% of CJOI Enterprises Ltd. 


CJOI recived approval July 5 to broadcast some programming on sister station CFNL in Fort Nelson, B.C.


CJOI became CKJR.


On May 7, the CRTC approved the application for authority to acquire the assets resulting from the winding up of CJOI Enterprises Ltd. A new licence for CKJR was issued to Nornet Broadcasting Ltd. CJOI Enterprises was a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nornet.


On November 18, Okanagan Skeena Group Ltd. received approval to acquire Nornet Broadcasting Ltd. (including CKJR).


On October 7, approval was given for Okanagan Skeena Group Ltd. to effect an intra-corporate reorganization. OKS would transfer the assets of its television and radio stations in British Columbia and Alberta to 3537412 Canada Ltd., one of its wholly-owned subsidiaries.

On October 18, approval was granted for the transfer of ownership and control of Okanagan Skeena Group Ltd. through the transfer of all of its issued and outstanding shares to Telemedia Radio Inc. a wholly-owned subsidiary of Telemedia Communications Inc. Initially, Okanagan had applied for the transfer of its shares to TCI Acquisition Corporation. However, on August 31, by letter of authority, the CRTC approved the merger of Okanagan with TCI. The resulting company kept Okanagan’s name. Also, Telemedia advised the Commission that, effective September 1, 3581713 Canada Inc. amalgamated with Telemedia Radio. As a result of these mergers, Telemedia Radio was now the company that acquired the shares of Okanagan.

Changes at Nornet Alberta: Royal Watson moved from CKSQ Stettler to manage CKJR Wetaskiwin. Brian Hepp moved from Q-91 Drumheller to manage CKSQ. CKVH High Prairie manager Brian Stevenson gave up his morning show to concentrate on sales.


On April 19, the CRTC approved the sale of a number of radio and television stations in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia by Telemedia Radio Inc. and Telemedia Radio (West) Inc. to Standard Radio Inc. Standard was then allowed to sell certain of these stations to Rogers Broadcasting Ltd. and 3937844 Canada Inc. (subsidary of Newcap Inc.). Newcap acquired 15 Alberta radio stations and related transmitters (Newcap 76.34%, Standard 23.66%). CKJR was one of the 15 stations that would now be owned by Newcap.


On September 29 at 2:40 p.m., CKJR 1440 switched from country (“Cat Country”) to an oldies format (“W1440”).


On November 30, CKJR’s licence was renewed by the CRTC to August 31, 2017.


Retail Sales Manager Kelly Walter was promoted to General Sales Manager at Newcap’s Edmonton Radio Group. Stepping in to his RSM role at Capital FM and K97 was Doug McCulloch, promoted from Senior Account Manager. Leo Pilon continued as RSM for CFCW, CAM and W1440.

Jackie Rae Greening, who had the multitasks of being Program Director at CFCW Camrose, Station Manager at CFCW-FM and Station Manager at W 1440 (CKJR) Westaskawin, was promoted to the newly-created position of Newcap’s Manager, Edmonton Operations.

June Meeboer was the new Station Manager at CAM FM/W1440 Camrose/ Wetaskiwin. Her previous experience was with Telus in sales management. She began December 10.


On October 23, the CRTC approved an application by Newfoundland Capital Corporation Limited, on behalf of Newcap Inc. and its licensed broadcasting subsidiaries, for authorization to effect a change in the ownership and effective control of various radio and television broadcasting undertakings in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador, so that effective control of the undertakings would be exercised by Eric Boyko (Stingray Digital Group Inc.). Stingray took ownership of the stations just a few days later.

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