CIUP-FM, Up 99.3, Edmonton

Pattison Media Ltd.

CIUP-FM201499.3100,000Jim Pattison Broadcast Group Limited Partnership
CIUP-FM201099.3100,000Rawlco (Edmonton) Ltd.
CHMC-FM200599.3100,000Rawlco (Edmonton) Ltd.


On April 5, Rawlco (Edmonton) Ltd. was awarded a licence for a new Smooth Jazz Specialty FM staton at Edmonton. Rawlco had intended to operate the station at 89.3 MHz with an effective radiated power of 100,000 watts. The CRTC instructed the applicant to seek an alternate frequency.


On July 20, Rawlco was given permission to operate its new station on 99.3 MHz with an ERP of 100,000 watts.

On November 3, the corporate reorganization transferring the effective control of Rawlco Edmonton (CHMC-FM Edmonton) from Rawlco Capital Ltd. to Rawlco Inc. was approved. Following the transfer, Rawlco Edmonton and Rawlco Radio Ltd. amalgamated to continue the operation of CHMC-FM under the name of Rawlco Radio Ltd.

CHMC-FM “Magic 99” signed on the air December 8 at 2:00 p.m. Studios and offices were located at 5241 Calgary Trail (Suite 700) in Edmonton. Transmitter and antenna were located at the CKUA-FM tower site.


Ross Hawse, General Sales Manager at Newcap Radio Edmonton, joined Rawlco Radio Edmonton on November 30.


Dave Warawa was now general sales manager at Newcap Edmonton. He had been retail sales manager. Kelly Walter, formerly of Magic 99.9 Edmonton, was now Newcap retail sales manager.


On August 31, the CRTC approved the request to amend the licence for CHMC-FM Edmonton in order to delete the conditions of licence related to its operation as a specialty format station. The Commission also renewed the licence for CHMC-FM from 1 September 2010 to 31 August 2017. [Show content] MORE…

Magic 99.3, which launched December 8, 2005 and programmed Smooth Jazz-Soft Adult Contemporary, was superseded by the new up! and a Soft Pop/Rock format. It was now known as “Edmonton’s Feel Good Station” up! 99.3. The format was now Classic Hits-Oldies. The call sign changed from CHMC to CIUP. The new sound launched on the evening of October 19 and was carried live on Global Edmonton’s News Hour. Magic’s jazz formula was not successful in attracting enough advertisers nor listeners. The husband and wife team of Jamie & Dan left Rogers Radio North Bay to take on mornings at up!


On August 17, the CRTC approved the application by Rawlco Radio Ltd. to change the technical parameters of CIUP-FM by increasing the effective height of antenna above average terrain from 148.4 to 272 meters and by relocating its transmitter. All other technical parameters would remain unchanged. Rawlco, also the licensee of CKNO-FM Edmonton, stated that the relocation of CIUP-FM’s transmitter would allow it to house the technical facilities of both stations at the same location. 


On December 16, the CRTC approved the application by Jim Pattison Broadcast Group Ltd. (the general partner) and Jim Pattison Industries Ltd. (the limited partner), carrying on business as Jim Pattison Broadcast Group Limited Partnership, for authority to acquire from Rawlco Radio Ltd. the assets of the following radio stations: CKNO-FM Edmonton, CIUP-FM Edmonton, CKBI Prince Albert and its transmitters CKBI-FM La Ronge and CKBI-FM-1 Big River, CFMM-FM Prince Albert and its transmitter CFMM-FM-1 Waskesiu Lake, CHQX-FM Prince Albert and its transmitters CHQX-FM-1 Waskesiu Lake, CHQX-FM-2 La Ronge and CHQX-FM-3 Big River, CJCQ-FM North Battleford and its transmitter CJCQ-FM-1 Meadow Lake, CJHD-FM North Battleford, CJNB North Battleford and CJNS-FM Meadow Lake.

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